For naturals like myself, who do not mind applying heat to their hair, flat ironing can be a real treat. Flat ironing not only shows the ‘true length’ of your hair, but it adds some versatility to hair styling. However, one of the downsides of flat ironing natural hair is it can often revert back to kinky/coily pretty quickly. As a result, many naturals find that their flat ironed hair only lasts for a very short time. Below are the five tips I used to help keep my type 4 hair straight for SIX weeks:

Go To A Professional

One of the most important things to consider for your next flat ironing session is seeing a professional hair stylist. Of course, the challenge of finding one that you can trust to properly handle your hair will be a bit difficult. However, the results of your flat-ironed hair will be a lot better if done professionally. If you cannot afford to go to a salon or have trouble finding a stylist you trust, then the next best option would be to invest in a good professional flat iron (preferably one with heat control settings).


Best Time Of Year To Flat Iron

I have had the ‘itch’ to flat iron my hair since early last year. However, I purposely waited until the end of the year to straighten my hair. Why? Because it was winter time! Living in a state where summer, fall, and even spring months can get extremely hot and humid, winter time provided the best weather for helping me to maintain my straight hair. Winter means less sweating and less sweating means slower reversion.

Sleeping With Flat Ironed Hair

Another important factor to maintaining straight hair for an extended period of time is how you protect your hair when you sleep. Some people choose to wrap their straight hair to go to bed. However, while my hair was straight, I would put my hair in pin curls or use flexirods to keep my hair smooth and protected. I found that doing this helped to keep my hair ‘straight’, while adding loose waves for a more full look and minimizing reversion back to its kinky/coily state.


Minimal Product Use

In its natural kinky/coily state, type 4 hair requires lots of moisture, butters, oils, etc. I find myself applying some kind of heavy butter or cream at least once or twice per week when my hair is in its kinky state. However, applying these heavy butters and creams to your straightened hair will only weigh it down and decrease the length of time your hair remains straight. Instead of heavy products, opt for a light oil such as grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, or sweet almond oil. I applied a dime-sized amount of oil to my hair daily to help prevent dryness without weighing down my hair.


Avoiding Humidity

Humidity is the main reason straightened natural hair reverts quickly. So, while my hair was straight I had to remind myself to keep away from humidity whenever possible. This meant:

– Using a shower cap when taking showers (I usually don’t).

– Using an umbrella on rainy days (again, I don’t always care if my natural hair gets wet in the rain).

– Doing low intensity workouts whenever possible to minimize sweating. Also, using a sweatband during workouts to keep your edges flat and allowing your hair to completely dry before removing.

– If you must go swimming or to the beach, pin up your hair.


If you really want to get the most out of your flat-ironed hair and extend the length of time it is straight, then these tips may help. They helped me keep my hair straight for SIX weeks.


How long does your flat ironed hair usually last?

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I’m not even natural and my hair doesn’t last longer than a day straightened


If y’all are dying to have straight hair for that long, Why not just get a wig or extensions? Going more than a month without washing your hair is careless and it makes you sound lazy. 2 weeks would be pushing it for me.


I use dry shampoo when I have straightened hair. I live in f
Florid, so I cant go longer than 1 week without washing year round. Dry shampoo absorbs any excess and dirt without water

Careless and lazy? That’s hardly fair to say when such kicky and curly hair type makes it very hard to manage, I spend hours in the morning just getting my hair ready and it’s not even as curly as a 4, weaves and extensions are expensive and can be uncomfortable, plus many wemon prefer to show their natural hair and not use other people’s, u should discourage people for working with what they have just because it doesn’t fit ur idea of a norm, black hair is also very dry and shouldn’t. Be washed tthat ofelten because it strips the… Read more »
Hilary Kelley

Did you go six months without washing??

Julia A



thank for your sharing, this guide is also good to read, check it ^^


What do flat-ironed natural hair ladies in Hotlanta, Houston, etc do to resist reverting during the summer?


Are there humectifiers for black hair that help it resist reverting during summer sweaty months, workouts? I expect my hair to thicken, lose some of its flowy texture and feel, which is actually preferred, but curled ends and totally fuzzed out sections kind of stole my joy today in this AZ heat.

Charlotte Brown

Very nice post. I completely agree with you that flat-ironed hair will be a lot better if done professionally. So I always get my hair done from professionals by booking appointment online with them through Unbooked Appointments. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

Keneesha Hodge

Am I slow to assume this is for a person who doesn’t wash their hair after straightening it? Cause even after the initial professional straightening, my hair is difficult to blow dry and flat iron myself.

Philly Jawn

easier said than done my head sweats if i think too hard i just did yoga class today and it looked like someone poured a bucket of water on me. my advice leave the scarf off it sees to me when i leave mine on it traps the heat


Terrible advice! Exercise is important! You’d do low intensity workouts to keep hair straight for six weeks? Shouldn’t shedding the extra pounds be a priority right now for OP? #GetPrioritiesInOrder


Working out and exercising isn’t solely about losing weight. If that’s your priority then great, but don’t call it terrible advice. Your priorities are your priorities, not everyone else’s.


I don’t know why everyone is complaining in the comments, but whatever. Your hair is beautiful and thank you for the lovely tips.


Gorgeous hair!!!!!!!! 🙂


What? She never said she preferred straight hair. This is simply her method to do so and how she gets the most out of it. Read first next time, Hun. Assumptions get annoying.

Joie Monique

I don’t see a problem with someone who’s hair is straight for six weeks. She seems to know her hair and what’s best for HER hair. Everyone knows keeping your hair natural is a job in itself so having your hair straight for 6 weeks is like taking a break, after all it can be time consuming. This is no different than wearing braids or weaves as a protective style in my opinion.


Dry shampoo is a thing that exists, sure, but six weeks is overkill.


I can’t believe someone prefers to have straight (and even smelly and oily) hair rather that a healthy body. I’d rather swet and do all my daily workouts with my kinky curly hair than stop my workouts and give up my healthy lifestyle to have a fake straight hair. I can’t see how can someone flat iron every week/month and claim to have natural hair.




Not everyone need high intensity workouts to have a heathy body, health largely depends on diet anyways so I think ur taking it a bit too far to say u would be sacrificing ur heath, wemon all over straighten or curl or style their hair, flat ironing I a style it doesn’t make ur hair fake or unatural, good for u that u like ur kinky hair, it doesn’t make it any more natural then someone who flat irons it.


Natural hair means there are no chemicals applied to permanently keep the hair straight or curly. Getting your hair flat ironed for versatility is still considered natural.

cynthia amos

how do you keep your hair from not smelling after 6 WEEKS?!


Like she said she’s not applying heavy products which has a lot to do with smells caused by build up.

Although I don’t tend to go longer then 3 weeks with flat ironed straight hair. I like to keep a fresh scalp by slightly dampening a wash towel with a little water and tea tree oil and wipe my scalp as I section my hair once a week.


When I saw the list of tips, this was the one I couldn’t do. Exercising without sweating seem pointless to me. I try to make my time in the gym count. I gots ta sweat! Lol


When you hair is straightened, the oils that your body naturally create can freely travel down the length of your hair due to the lack of curls and kinks. This eliminates your hair turning into straw lol. Yes, you should add some type of moisture into you hair as well but with those oils now being able to nourish you hair, it’s not that horrendous as far as moisture goes.


I have a 2 week max for maintaining blow-outs. My hair gets a greasy film on it soon after that point even though it still looks nice. A high ponytail and a sweatband are very helpful for keeping it straight. Also using as little product as possible.


You can do low impact exercise and sweat less.

Stephanie Palmer
I think to each their own. She mentioned she doesn’t do this often. She seems to know her hair and is not neglectful ( its probably not devoid of moisture when straight ) I understand wanting to keep a straight style as long as possible. It could be because of the time or money it takes to make it straight. If I’m doing no heat straightening… it takes almost a full week for my hair to stretch. You know a good blowout can be expensive. I don’t know any place that would charge her less than 40, after tips, she… Read more »



My hair will typically stay straight for a month or two if I do these things, however I live in a very humid area, so sometimes just walking outside is enough to make my hair start acting cray cray haha!


These tips are really helpful. My hair was heat trained until I started transitioning 2 years ago to restore my natural curls and get rid of my heat damaged ends. Since then I’ve had difficulty maintaining my straight hair as long as I was able to when it was heat trained so I’ll definitely be using these tips next time I straighten it.

Janell Marae

As long as I am not swimming or working out I can keep my straight about 4-6 weeks as well.


Righ back to our problem #1
hair over health…
I get it….she’s just giving a few tips..


Keeping your hair straight for six weeks and avoid swimming, working out and washing your hair. Why would someone do this? Why does someone need to keep their hair straight this badly? I’d rather just get a weave, at least I can wash my hair etc with that I think. I dont want any hairstyle that impacts my life that much for that long, a week sure maybe- but for me no, absolutely not.

“Keeping your hair straight for six weeks and avoid swimming, working out and washing your hair. Why would someone do this? Why does someone need to keep their hair straight this badly?” I straighten my hair maybe once or twice a year for a really good trim. If I go to a professional and spend $$, then I want to get my money’s worth and have my hair stay straight for as long as possible. I don’t think the author is advising people to avoid swimming, working out and washing their hair as a regular lifestyle, but it’s just things… Read more »

Yes, there’s a big wet elephant in the room… 😉

This article needed one more tip…on how to go six weeks without wanting to rip your scalp off your head because it itches so badly.

I haven’t straightened my hair in years. It’s just not my thing…BUT if someone offered me money to wear straight hair for six weeks I’d get a weave too.


Some people don’t like to wear other peoples hair sewn to their scalp. I’ll take some itchiness over that. weaves are as nasty as not washing your hair for 6 weeks is.


I couldn’t agree with you more.

Black women are dying due to their insistence on looking nice over doing exercise to maintain their health.


She never said not to exercise though. How do people read something, then turn it into something else. You can still get in you squats, sit ups, yoga, etc…

Good lawd people, read and comprehend correctly please..

I actually know a friend who does not exercise at all because she loves to keep her natural hair in a straight style all the time. And I’m the exact opposite. I think the times I do flat iron it, I kept my hair straight for maybe two days tops LOL. I love being in the rain, I love working out and getting sweaty, but most importantly I love the feeling I get when I co-wash my scalp! Trying to maintain straight hair reminds me too much of my perm days, and I always thought the point of me going… Read more »

Absolutely. ….


People are dying because they won’t wash their hair for a month so dramatic..


I think it’s the idea that people will go without exercising to maintain a hairstyle.


Not conditioning your hair for 6 weeks is a bad idea. It’s a great way for the cuticle to dry out especially since you can’t add moisture without ruining the blow out. I’d warn against doing this 6 week stretch too often because it will cause breakage and you’ll sacrifice length to remove the dead ends.


I agree! Also, the scalp needs to be cleansed and moisturized.


I do want to say that her hair is gorgeous!


Lovely…I remember pictures of your permed hair…how thin and lifeless it was….NOW! …lovely.

crown o' glory

Awesome tips! I can only keep mine a month before my scalp produces its own oils and weigh my hair down. Once that free and “flowy” look is gone, it’s time to wash mine.


These tips make practical sense; my real challenge is I’m a runner and while running in the winter produces less sweat I still sweat in my hair and once that happens my hair starts to revert. I think the key may be going to a professional. But I still remember how I used to press my hair in college and being on the track team and my hair did not revert. Good tips but I will keep searching.


cornrows, 2…or braids?


I was under the impression that those oils only seal/preserve moisture, rather than providing it.
I believe straightening depletes some moisture.
How will straightened hair receive any moisture for the entire 6 week period (esp if avoiding humidity, creamy moisturizers, etc.)?

Dorothy Ricot

It won’t. that is the price of preserving straightened hair. However, if your hair is already healthy then it shouldn’t be a big deal.


I don’t put any moisture in my hair when its straight… I guess it depends on your hair once again, my hair does break but its not significant enough for me to notice (or care for that matter) lol

Ang B

I had similar thoughts. I didnt see any form of water or moisture based anything listed. After 6wks, my hair would start breaking

Jaime Baker



My goodness Tori, your hair is GORGEOUS! It’s amazing that you were able to keep it straight for 6 weeks–but the thought of going that long without washing my hair makes my scalp itch. lol But I’m glad it worked for you. You’re my hair inspiration!