The tem­per­a­tures seem to be get­ting worse, not bet­ter, as we get closer to spring. Last week clocked in dew points below zero on the East Coast, and we aren’t even done with snow for the year. Of course, with tem­per­a­tures so low, we don’t want to walk around every­day with soak­ing wet hair. At the same time, it’s impor­tant to thor­ough­ly mois­tur­ize your hair when it’s this cold — espe­cial­ly with the harsh winds whip­ping into your ten­drils.

I look for two main things when choos­ing a mois­tur­iz­er to use on dry (as in, not wet) hair. First, the pro­duct must set­tle or absorb into dry hair fair­ly quick­ly — some mois­tur­iz­ers with a more con­di­tion­er-like con­sis­ten­cy take a while to absorb and can leave white flakes through­out your hair. Sec­ond, the pro­duct should be heavy enough to provide ade­quate mois­ture, but not be so heavy that it caus­es build-up that will make your wash day much more dif­fi­cult. If you have too many oils and/or but­ters built up on your hair, it will be increas­ing­ly dif­fi­cult to wash out and cleanse your scalp thor­ough­ly. The­se are the things I keep in mind when I’m choos­ing my mois­tur­iz­ers for con­sis­tent results.

I apply my mois­tur­iz­er either by “fluff­ing” my hair (light­ly fluff­ing my curls from all angles after apply­ing mois­tur­iz­er, pic below) or sep­a­rat­ing the hair into four sec­tions for a more thor­ough mois­tur­iz­ing process. Whether you’re rock­ing a five-day wash and go or bun­ning it, the­se mois­tur­iz­ers will keep your hair soft and sup­ple in the win­ter tem­per­a­tures.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.56.24 PM

Oyin Whipped Pud­ding
As a very ver­sa­tile pro­duct, Oyin Whipped Pud­ding is ide­al for not only hair, but also your body to keep dry skin at bay dur­ing the harsh win­ter months. In addi­tion to my hair, I use it on my face and body most days. The for­mu­la feels heavy but isn’t over­ly waxy, so it’s easy to rub in.

Coco Curls Mois­tur­iz­ing Styling Cream
Ingre­di­ents: Aloe Vera Juice, Cetearyl Oli­vate and Sor­bi­tan Oli­vate, Shea Butter,Cocoa But­ter, Jojoba Oil,Coconut Oil,Glycine Betaine (Beta vul­gar­is (Beet)) Sug­ar Extract, DL-Pan­thenol, Hydrox­ypropy­lt­ri­mo­ni­um Hon­ey, Glu­cono­lac­tone (and) Sodi­um Ben­zoate, Scle­rotium Gum, Car­bomer, Fra­grance Oil.

Packed with a nice com­bi­na­tions of sealants and mois­tur­iz­ers, this styling cream absorbs into hair quick­ly, mak­ing it ide­al for fluff­ing wash and gos or using for dry twist/braid out styles. Bonus: It smells like but­ter­scotch.

KBo Escen­tu­als Hair and Body Oil

Ingre­di­ents: Shea but­ter, water, pep­per­mint oil, coconut oil, fra­grance, extra vir­gin olive oil.

This nifty lit­tle oil blend gives a bit of mois­ture while keep­ing your hair dry enough to use on set styles as long as you don’t over­do it. It soft­ens the hair and pro­vides some frizz con­trol with­out leav­ing any build up.

SDOTBEAUTY Curl­Friend Smooth­ie
Ingre­di­ents: Dis­tilled Aqua, Organ­ic Aloe Bar­badenis Leaf Juice, Organ­ic Althaea Officinalis/Marshmallow Root, Organ­ic Ulmas Rubra/Slippery Elm Bark, Behent­ri­mo­ni­um Methosulfate/Cetearyl Alco­hol, Helianthus Annuus/Sunflower Seed Oil, Hydrox­ypropy­lt­ri­mo­ni­um Hon­ey, Cetyl Alco­hol, Pro Vit­a­m­in B5, Aleu­rites Moluccana/Kukui Nut Oil, Mag­nifera Indica/Mango Seed But­ter, Silk Amino Acids, Fra­grance, Psid­i­um Guajava/Guava Extract, Phe­noxyethanol, Capry­lyl Gly­col

One of my favorite things about the Curl­Friend Smooth­ie is that aloe vera is the sec­ond ingre­di­ent. I absolute­ly adore aloe vera in my hair — it not only hydrates your hair, but also helps bal­ance its pH and can pre­vent clogged scalp pores. Com­bined with a healthy dose of con­di­tion­ers and sealants, this pro­duct has grown on me a lot this win­ter. It’s also depend­able for var­i­ous uses such as a leave-in con­di­tion­er.

Bei­ja Flor Nat­u­rals Cre­me Brulee
Ingre­di­ents: Organ­ic Shea But­ter, Organ­ic Coconut Oil, Organ­ic Aloe Vera, Dis­tilled Water, Muru­mu­ru But­ter, Net­tle, Bur­dock, Rose­mary, Marsh­mal­low Root, Grape­seed Oil, Veg­etable Based Emul­si­fier, Stearic Acid, Xan­thum, Paraben Free Preser­v­a­tive, Fra­grance

I’m still a lit­tle bit salty that I didn’t have this pro­duct grow­ing up, main­ly because it smells like Cin­na­mon Toast Crunch. The con­sis­ten­cy is slight­ly deceiv­ing in that it seems like it would be tough to emul­si­fy, when it’s actu­al­ly very creamy, kind of like a heav­ier body but­ter. I also use this to seal my ends because the base ingre­di­ent is shea but­ter. And remem­ber, seal­ing ends not only, pre­vents break­age, but also helps min­i­mize sin­gle strand knots!

Camille Rose Nat­u­rals Almond Jai But­ter
Ingre­di­ents: Deion­ized water, behent­ri­mo­ni­um metho­sul­fate, cetearyl alco­hol, prunus dulcis/almond milk, prunusdulcis/almond oil, cucur­bita pepo/pumpkin seed oil, sesa­mum indicum/sesame seed oil, sim­mond­sia chinensis/jojoba seed oil, oryza sativa/rice bran oil, macadamia ternifolia/macadamia nut seed oil,olea europaea/olive fruit oil, cannabis sativa/hemp seed oil, ulmus ful­va bark extract/slippery elm, rici­nus communis/castor seed oil, aloe barbadensis/aloe leaf juice, hon­ey, camel­lia sinensis/green tea leaf extract, phenoxyethanol/caprylyl glycol/optiphen. sor­bic acid, scent and LOVE!

Nat­u­ral hair prod­ucts that you can pur­chase on the ground? Sign me up! Camille Rose Nat­u­rals is becom­ing a fast favorite for many nat­u­ral­is­tas due to the high qual­i­ty of their ingre­di­ents and avail­abil­i­ty. The prod­ucts are avail­able at Tar­get and some Whole Foods — so yay, need some mois­ture in a pinch? Make your way to Tar­get. Mois­ture lev­els are off the charts with the­se prod­ucts, mak­ing them ide­al for harsh temps and to give more weight to your hair.


I will like­ly do a full review on the Camille Rose and Bei­ja Flor at a lat­er date on my per­son­al chan­nel — both of the­se are either going to be on my HG or HG hon­or­able men­tions list, which is locat­ed at

Bonus Tip: Anoth­er thing I like to do dur­ing win­ter is keep a dry oil spray in my purse for quick refresh­ers or a splash of pro­tec­tion. The wind is NO joke and oil sprays can soft­en hair while plac­ing a bar­ri­er between your hair and the ele­ments.

What mois­tur­iz­ers do you love dur­ing win­ter?




Elle is the edi­tor and cre­ative direc­tor of the YouTube chan­nel and blog, Quest for the Per­fect Curl at Her chan­nel focus­es on nat­u­ral hair, beau­ty, and fit­ness. She loves prod­ucts that smell like dessert, yoga, and glit­ter. Fol­low her @qftpc.

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Deb G

I have only pur­chased it online.

I think it is impor­tant to note that with moisture…water is key, but you have to find a pro­duct or sub­stance that helps retain that water in your hair: like a but­ter or oil, or heavy cream depend­ing on the fine­ness or thick­ness, and den­si­ty of your hair . Anoth­er com­po­nent that is impor­tant, prob­a­bly more impor­tant than any oth­er is mak­ing sure you wash off any pro­duct build-up. I learned that lesson the hard way. Pro­duct buildup is usu­al­ly the first thing that pre­vents any mois­ture from get­ting into your strands. Any deep con­di­tion­ing or LOC method done after… Read more »

I don’t like Almond Jai But­ter, makes my hair feel like straw and dry

I use the fol­low­ing com­bos in rota­tion: Carol’s Daugh­ter Monoi line to pre­vent break­age, anti break­age leave in, healthy Hair But­ter, seal with Blue Mag­ic grease. Shea Mois­ture Manuka mafu­ra line . THIS IS THE BOMB.COM, esp the masque; apply SCurl ‚AVJ, or Infu­sium 23 mois­ture replen­ish­er as leave in,then a lit­tle Hot Six Oil & seal with Blue Mag­ic WEN sham­poo ( fig or pome­gran­ate) SheaMois­ture manuka mafu­ra rin­se out condish,Carols Daugh­ter anti break­age spray, & Jane Carter Nour­ish & Shine mixed with a lit­tle Hot­SixOil, seal with BlueMag­ic. Sham­poo of choice, Carol’s daugh­ter or Infu­sium 23 mois­ture replen­ish­er,… Read more »

I am on a quest to find a pro­duct or method to mois­tur­ize stretched hair that lim­its rever­sion. I stretch my 4a/b hair to reduce tan­gling and ease styling but I dread mois­tur­iz­ing because the LOC or LCO method undoes the stretch­ing. I’m not look­ing for per­fec­tion just some­thing that doesn’t take my APL stretched hair back to chin length when I apply it. :-/
It’s get­ting expen­sive to keep try­ing new prod­ucts but I am still hope­ful there is some­thing out there for me. * Sigh * Fin­gers crossed that one or two of the above men­tioned prod­ucts will work.


You may want to try oil based prod­ucts or but­ters. Those are not wet prod­ucts which means your hair is less like­ly to revert.

Deb G
Hi Tai, My Hon­ey Child is a very rich mois­tur­iz­er and I use very lit­tle using the LOC or LCO on my wash day. I use it right before my styler. My coils stay mois­tur­ized for a cou­ple of days. I bought the pro­duct in the sum­mer when I had a micro TWA and I found it too greasy. How­ev­er in the win­ter my hair was feel­ing like straw and I decid­ed to try it again and it has left my hair shiny and mois­tur­ized. You can’t even notice the pro­duct on my fin­ger but that’s all that is need­ed.… Read more »

Where can you find My Hon­ey Child prod­ucts? I’ve only seen them online


what ever hap­pened to reg­u­lar extra vir­gin olive oil and coconut oil? whats the point of being nat­u­ral if we have to keep buy­ing into anoth­er “indus­try” that com­mod­i­fies our hair? kind of dis­ap­point­ed :( but thanks for shar­ing!

Why wor­ry about that? Don’t get caught up in that con­tro­ver­sy !Your only con­cern should be to find what works best for YOUR HAIR no mat­ter what the nat­u­ral hair nazis & pop cul­ture say ! What works may or may not be “nat­u­ral”, depend­ing on your hair type,its tex­ture & poros­i­ty .I use those oils all the time,but in cold dry win­ter air they’re not enough, so I use prod­ucts plus my own shea but­ter mix. I even went back to using hair grease over my prod­ucts to seal in mois­ture bet­ter… con­trary to the advice of the nat­u­ral… Read more »

I don’t think there is any­thing wrong with using prod­ucts, I per­son­al­ly love beau­ty prod­ucts of all kinds. The key is know­ing what you need and what you sim­ply want. Also, all of the prod­ucts I men­tioned are from small, black-owned busi­ness­es, so I would prefer to pur­chase from them than main­stream indus­try brands.


I’ve been think­ing about that late­ly. When my nat­u­ral hair jour­ney began, I remem­ber that the resources (the few that were around) taught black wom­en how to make their own prod­ucts with EVOO, shea but­ter, etc. Now there are so much to choose from. The move­ment is now less about self love and auton­o­my and more about the $.

Miss Thang

Why is it that “being nat­u­ral” to you means not using prod­ucts?


Gio­van­ni Leave in con­di­tion­er works well, cas­tor oil and also dark and love­ly new beg­gin­nings oil mois­tur­iz­er. Don’t for­get to spray your hair with water, damp hair helps absorb the pro­duct. You don’t have to pay a lot of mon­ey for a good mois­tur­iz­er.


The­se mois­tur­iz­ers are for 3c hair. They aren’t heavy enoigh for 4c hair.


I have a com­bo of 4a/4b hair and the SDOT­beau­ty Curl­friend Smooth­ie works great on my hair. It is ultra mois­tur­iz­ing and I live in a very cold cli­mate.

Deb G

Two mois­tur­iz­ers that I have tried on my 4c hair late­ly that have helped me is Frobut­ter with Emu Oil and My Hon­ey Childs Type 4 Hair Cream. They are not water based but work well with oth­er prod­ucts or alone.


How do you use the My Hon­ey Child Type 4 Hair Cream. I have it and Have quite fig­ured out how to use it best.

Chaunta Black

What is dry oil spray?


Oh thank god. Just when I need­ed it too. I had to stop water/leave in spritz­ing in the morn­ing because when I leave for work my head freezes and I’m left shiv­er­ing all day. This post was real­ly help­ful.