Spring is right around the corner and since you’re ready to free your hair from the protective styles you’ve had in all winter, you might be itching to try something new! A lot of natural bloggers (myself included) have been chopping their hair off left and right over the past year, so there is plenty of well-shaped haircut inspirations for naturals of every length and texture. Whether you decide to fully fade the back and sides for a dramatic look, have a more gradual shape or play with color, here are 25 looks to take to the hairdresser:

1. Goapele


2. Deena Campbell

Deena Campbell

3. Nikia Phoenix

Nikia Phoenix

4. Sadora Paris

Sadora Paris

5. Shine Struck

Shine Struck

6. Jouelzy


7. Diamond Mahone

Diamond Mahone

8. African Export

African Export

9. AliMara


10. Miss Kendra K

Miss Kendra K

11. Ms Danti

Ms Danti

12. Natural Belle


13. Beauty by Lee

Beauty by Lee

14. Eunique Jones

Eunique Jones

15. McKenzie Renae


16. PRoy

P Roy

17. Arielvscupcake_


18. Jenell B. Stewart

Jenell B. Stewart

19. Tima Samad


20. Kelsey Janae

Kelsey Janae

21. Danieandthebloom


22. Ianthé

photo 3

23. Ahsiek1118 (Keisha)


24. Adele Supreme

Adele Supreme

And just in case anyone is confused about who started tapered cuts, homegirl Vanessa Huxtable put us all on:


How do you feel about tapered natural hair? Did I forget any tapered hair inspiration?

Klassy Kinks

KlassyKinks.com founder and editor, Ijeoma Eboh, is on a mission to change perceptions of kinky textured hair around the world. You can find her on social media @klassykinks.

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Florida Evans!!


Now you know we can’t forget the one and only Grace Jones , Salt -n – Pepa, and ANita BAKER who all were rocking the tapered cuts back in the day.. Anyways, these ladies are very lovely and I follow a few on you tube. I’m in the process of growing my hair but I wore this look back in the 90’s. I may just grab some gel, slap it on the sides ,and fake the tapered look for a little bit..lol


Am I the only one who thought I would see 25 pics of proy’s delightful curls lol


Unfortunately my tapered fro is growing out into a mullet! The back of my hair is so loose it’s not even funny! And I don’t want to cut my hair again since I am trying to grow it out…but it’s so tempting!
I remember having a coarse kitchen when I was younger!


I have the same issue. My nape is very loose and if I wash and go my hair looks like a mullet. I find letting my hair dry on small perm rods creates a tighter curl


I have the same issue! I often shape mine with bobby pins. I will push the back of the hair up to my scalp and slide the pins in along the hair line. Instant tapered look! lol

Toia B.

Looks like I’ve got some more people to check out on Instagram! Great list.


I was wearing the tapered ‘fro 5 years ago; nice to see y’all catching up… 😉 Actually I’m still wearing a version of it: I have far more shrinkage up top than on the bottom, so when I air-dry I stretch only the top, creating a wedge shape.


Y’all killin’ me with Tempestt Bledsoe, but I’m loving this!!!


Thank you for this post! I’m trying to grow my hair out and everyday I want to run to the barber and get my hair cut again LOL this picture was taken 2 months before my last hair cut – I miss this look – but now I have some inspiration to keep the faith in this in-between stage!

Hair Anomaly

Yessss! I love all of these. As soon as I saw Goapele, I almost dropped my phone and ran to the salon.

Some day, I hope to have the guts to try to pull off one of the edgier styles.


The best thing to do is find a hairdresser who can cut and style hair, as each head of hair is individual and people do not have the same head and face shape.


I find it easier to go to a barber for the cut and the an actual stylist for the styling. Barbers don’t usually charge as much either!


True. Once you do find one its a really fun and versatile hair cut. I’ve been enjoying mine a lot.