Vlog­ger Nap­tural85 gives the secret to soft­ness, mois­ture and shine with her 7-blend hot (or warm) oil treat­ment! She rec­om­mends that the treat­ment be kept in overnight and rinsed out the next morn­ing. The flexi-rod set above was done after she applied the treat­ment, and we can see the beau­ty and shine! Here are the ingre­di­ents:

2 large spoon­fuls coconut oil (mois­ture reten­tion, con­di­tion­ing, restore shine)
2 tea­spoons olive oil (seal mois­ture, antibac­te­r­i­al prop­er­ties, frizz con­trol, restore shine)
1/2 tea­spoon of sweet almond oil (mois­ture reten­tion, anti-break­age, fat­ty acids and pro­tein, restore shine)
1 tea­spoon of cas­tor oil (mois­ture reten­tion, hair growth, restore hair loss, anti-fun­gal)
1/2 tea­spoon of avo­ca­do oil (mois­ture reten­tion, soft­en­ing, strength­en­ing, anti-fun­gal)
1/2 tea­spoon of rose­hip seed oil (antiox­i­dant and anti-aging, treat scalp issues, mois­ture, restore shine)
20 pumps argan oil (antiox­i­dant and anti-aging, fight frizz, restore shine, heat pro­tec­tant, con­di­tion­ing, hair growth)
20 drops of net­tle extract (strength­en­ing, hair growth, restore hair loss, restore shine, treat scalp con­di­tions)
20 drops of horse­tail extract (strength­en­ing, hair growth, inscreased scalp health, antiox­i­dant)

And check out the tuto­r­i­al below…

Ladies, do you do hot oil treat­ments? What oils do you use? What are you results like?

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ruth Carr

Hi i am from South Africa and want to do the oil treat­ment but can find the
Horse­tail (Equi­se­tum Arvense) please let me know what else i can use.


i always do the hot oil treat­ment as a pre poo and i keep it for 2–4 hours but this time i slept and kept it overnight and i washed my hair the next day and my hair felt so soft and it was real­ly easy to man­age and detan­gling it was so much eas­i­er than it used to be and i just used olive oil,sweet almond oil and coconut oil :)


I find that when I sleep with my head cov­ered with plas­tic, that my sleep is real­ly not that good because of how hot my head feels. How do you deal with this is? or is that not a prob­lem?

That is a very long ingre­di­ent list! Here in the Nether­lands, it is quite dif­fi­cult and very expen­sive to get all these oils and extracts. I use coconut oil (heat­ing it in the microwave until it melts), sesame oil, olive oil and a bit of con­di­tion­er (whichev­er you pre­fer). I put on my show­er cap and sit under a hood­ed dry­er for 15 min­utes. When I rinse it out under the show­er, I detan­gle. It gives GREAT slip and my tan­gles just melt away with­out hav­ing to do much. I Always do this before wash­ing it with sham­poo and fol­low… Read more »
Claudette UK

Have you tried Ama­zon?


I’ve nev­er real­ly tried a hot oil treat­ment. Are there any ben­e­fits and if there are ben­e­fits what are they?


It helps me to detan­gle my hair eas­i­ly and it leaves my curls moister­ized when I do it before I sham­poo / deep con­di­tion.


It sounds expen­sive, espe­cial­ly if you (like me) have non of those oils.


Good qual­i­ty Rose­hip and argan oil can be pret­ty expen­sive and are amaz­ing for the skin (rose­hip is great for scars wrin­kles) I would nev­er use the pure oils on my hair unless it was a few drops here and there. It’s just too expen­sive imp and there are afford­able oils that are just as mois­tur­iz­ing.
All the oth­er oils are pret­ty afford­able. I just use EVOO and cas­tor oil since I’m very pro­tein sen­si­tive.


You don’t have to use all of the oils she used, just use what you have on hand.


I love this woman!


SAME!! Shes such an inspi­ra­tion to me and my hair jour­ney!