From being the youngest of the talent powerhouse Smith family to a hair-whipping it-girl, Willow Smith is carving out her own lane. The 14-year-old recently posed in Pucci and Saint Laurent for a spread in an upcoming issue of CR Fashion book and talked everything from style to her love of her natural hair.

On her ever-evolving style:

“I think my look changes all of the time and right now it’s a bit more messy, kind of grungy.” 

On accepting her natural hair:

“I just want to have dreads. I want to embrace my full self, as natural as I can be,” Smith said.

We commend you, girl! It’s often hard for many teens to find self-acceptance in a world full of meticulous beauty standards and peer pressure. So it’s very refreshing to hear young Willow proclaim the importance of embracing her natural self.

Peep the rest of the gorgeous pictures from her spread…

willow smith cr fashion book 2015





This girl isn’t playing any games! We wish we could’ve been that cool at the age of 14. Some of us regular folks were destined to rock velour track suits and Baby Phat sneakers to their 3rd period World Geography class.

What do you think of Willow’s spread?

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34 Comments on "‘I Just Want to Have Dreads’: Willow Smith Talks Embracing Her Natural Self"

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Willow is beautiful young woman coming into her own, she doesn’t care about other’s opinions of her and she is self assured and confident at a young age, she will be someone to contend with in the future.


Aside from knowing she is a girl, seeing her for the first time deludes you of her gender. Male or Female? The same goes for her brother. About three quarters of their photos and videos fall in these gender bender category.


Ya those natural nails are very inspiring


What’s “natural” but her hair? Hang thousands and thousands of dollars all over her, including “green” nails, not much natural but her hair. Beautiful yes, but Natural?????


Too young to be so sexualized…perpetuating the sexualisation of black girls…she looks good though

Beauty Is Diverse

Willow looks great.

Youngin girl

I like the 3rd picture. I like how she stands out with this style. Is what she wearing african influence?

Natural MiMi

She is a pretty young girl finding her way in this crazy world….Love the pictures

Michelle Spice

She looks fabulous! The more she keeps her hair natural the more she’ll embrace herself and her natural beauty!


Good for her on be natural . But her parents shld be more like those celebrity who wait til there kids have grown. B4 we really know who they are. Jada shld know that young girls will want to follow Willow (dress and all) so be appropriate

Queefer Sutherland

She looks like her father in drag.


Crazy pictures for a 14 Year Old! God…

I’m a parent of a teenager. My son is soon to be 17. While I applaud this young lady’s confidence, I’m concerned about the over exposure. I’ve always wondered why Will and Jada don’t allow their kids to be kids. I understand that they are rich and famous, and I’m not hating on anyone for that. God has truly blessed them. I’m just saying that I feel every stage of life should be enjoyed. It all passes us by so quickly that it’s easy to look back and think “where did the time go?” I’m curious to know if these… Read more »

Because they are scientologists and they are taught not to treat children has children but as adults. Knowing they are scientologists answers so many questions on their child rearing habits


I understand what you are saying. I feel the same way too. Seems their kids are way too grown for their ages. These are pretty photos, but she definitely doesn’t look like the KID she is. People are trying to make some kids grow up faster than they should.


I wish we would all get out of referring to them as ‘dreads’ or ‘dreadlocs’. This term unfortunately was imposed on us by the colonial whites who thought they were ‘DREADFUL’ and called them as such and some how got shortened to the now ‘dreads’ or ‘dreadlocs’ for short.


Dreadlocks get their name from Jamaican tradition. Those with ‘natty’ locks in their hair were to be dreaded, or feared. When slavery was abolished in the US, it was no longer legal to enslave African Americans. – See more at:


so what do you call them???


I read about that somewhere, I just remove dread and call them locs simple.


you just call them locs. quite easy.

Lee Torrey

Very nice to see, she reflects the self-confidence and pride in herself that her parent show. The natural movement is in full effect. It’s great to see young girls embracing their natural selves. GREAT STORY!

Nehes Ba'a Rayay

I’m very impressed that she’s embracing her “Natural-Born Image”!!! I think it’s FANTASTIC!!! #WeAreInTheSunCycle


Tooting my horn, but I was that cool and confident at 14. =)
I think it’s great that she is taking control of her look and not following the norm. Good for her. With Willow doing it maybe other tweens and teens will follow suit. And I love that peacock dress!

The Yes Man

Her article was insightful and it is good that at such a young age she want to embrace and explore her natural self, but I feel like these pictures are too mature for her age ( you know what I mean ). She’s very pretty the poses make me a tad uncomfortable and I do not think over-exposure to the media at such a young age is good.

Leah James

I’m glad she is embracing her hair .

Wise Mocha

I am not concerned with whether she chooses to wear her hair natural or not. I want to know has she ever had a chance to just be a child. These pictures are just not age appropriate for a 14 year old. I don’t understand why media outlets, including this site, support the idea of this child parading around like she is an adult. I wouldn’t expect anything better from the mainstream, but I thought that media sources led by our own would take a stand on how our young girls appear in the media.


Im only 12, i’ll be 13 later on this year and i love Willow Smith, but in these pictures, i think she looked more like a boy than anything, really. It’s not even as inappropriate as Miley Cyrus on Robin Thicke, or Arianna Grande being featured in Jesse J’s Bang song. I don’t know what the big deal is, just because she posed in some mature clothing for a magazine. Adults always complain about teens being immature, but when we are ready to be mature, it becomes a problem….


AMEN HUN!!! I was thinking the same thing looking at these pics. I showed my Caucasian colleague who thought she was 18/19 possibly 20!!! She even remarked on the pics where her legs are open in the peacock dress. Totally inappropriate!! Now other 14 yr olds who may not have strong parental control will want to follow suite. SMH!!!


When she dropped out of the remake of “Annie” she announced she was doing so because she wanted to take time and just be a kid. What happened?


She is gorgeous no doubt!


Love her attitude especially about embracing her natural self. If only all teens could get this message. And I gotta say it-I see ALOT of her daddy in her looks lol


It’s always refreshing when a young lady who is black wants to embrace her natural hair!!


As much as I admire her originality, uniqueness and her beauty, I think she is still very young and should not be that exposed to médias. It’s good to protect children/teens for a while in order to avoid the Britney Spears/Miley Cyrus syndrome


That is one of the best editorials I have ever seen in my life :O