From being the youngest of the tal­ent pow­er­house Smith fam­i­ly to a hair-whip­ping it-girl, Wil­low Smith is carv­ing out her own lane. The 14-year-old recent­ly posed in Puc­ci and Saint Lau­rent for a spread in an upcom­ing issue of CR Fash­ion book and talked every­thing from style to her love of her nat­u­ral hair.

On her ever-evolv­ing style:

“I think my look changes all of the time and right now it’s a bit more messy, kind of grungy.” 

On accept­ing her nat­u­ral hair:

“I just want to have dreads. I want to embrace my full self, as nat­u­ral as I can be,” Smith said.

We com­mend you, girl! It’s often hard for many teens to find self-accep­tance in a world full of metic­u­lous beau­ty stan­dards and peer pres­sure. So it’s very refresh­ing to hear young Wil­low pro­claim the impor­tance of embrac­ing her nat­u­ral self.

Peep the rest of the gor­geous pic­tures from her spread…

willow smith cr fashion book 2015





This girl isn’t play­ing any games! We wish we could’ve been that cool at the age of 14. Some of us reg­u­lar folks were des­tined to rock velour track suits and Baby Phat sneak­ers to their 3rd peri­od World Geog­ra­phy class.

What do you think of Willow’s spread?

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Wil­low is beau­ti­ful young wom­an com­ing into her own, she doesn’t care about other’s opin­ions of her and she is self assured and con­fi­dent at a young age, she will be some­one to con­tend with in the future.


Aside from know­ing she is a girl, see­ing her for the first time deludes you of her gen­der. Male or Female? The same goes for her broth­er. About three quar­ters of their pho­tos and videos fall in the­se gen­der ben­der cat­e­go­ry.


Ya those nat­u­ral nails are very inspir­ing


What’s “nat­u­ral” but her hair? Hang thou­sands and thou­sands of dol­lars all over her, includ­ing “green” nails, not much nat­u­ral but her hair. Beau­ti­ful yes, but Nat­u­ral?????


Too young to be so sexualized…perpetuating the sex­u­al­i­sa­tion of black girls…she looks good though

Beauty Is Diverse

Wil­low looks great.

Youngin girl

I like the 3rd pic­ture. I like how she stands out with this style. Is what she wear­ing african influ­ence?

Natural MiMi

She is a pret­ty young girl find­ing her way in this crazy world.…Love the pic­tures

Michelle Spice

She looks fab­u­lous! The more she keeps her hair nat­u­ral the more she’ll embrace her­self and her nat­u­ral beau­ty!


Good for her on be nat­u­ral . But her par­ents shld be more like those celebri­ty who wait til there kids have grown. B4 we real­ly know who they are. Jada shld know that young girls will want to fol­low Wil­low (dress and all) so be appro­pri­ate

Queefer Sutherland

She looks like her father in drag.


Crazy pic­tures for a 14 Year Old! God…

I’m a par­ent of a teenager. My son is soon to be 17. While I applaud this young lady’s con­fi­dence, I’m con­cerned about the over expo­sure. I’ve always won­dered why Will and Jada don’t allow their kids to be kids. I under­stand that they are rich and famous, and I’m not hat­ing on any­one for that. God has tru­ly blessed them. I’m just say­ing that I feel every stage of life should be enjoyed. It all pass­es us by so quick­ly that it’s easy to look back and think “where did the time go?” I’m curi­ous to know if the­se… Read more »

Because they are sci­en­tol­o­gists and they are taught not to treat chil­dren has chil­dren but as adults. Know­ing they are sci­en­tol­o­gists answers so many ques­tions on their child rear­ing habits


I under­stand what you are say­ing. I feel the same way too. Seems their kids are way too grown for their ages. The­se are pret­ty pho­tos, but she def­i­nite­ly doesn’t look like the KID she is. Peo­ple are try­ing to make some kids grow up faster than they should.


I wish we would all get out of refer­ring to them as ‘dreads’ or ‘dread­locs’. This term unfor­tu­nate­ly was imposed on us by the colo­nial whites who thought they were ‘DREADFUL’ and called them as such and some how got short­ened to the now ‘dreads’ or ‘dread­locs’ for short.


Dread­locks get their name from Jamaican tra­di­tion. Those with ‘nat­ty’ locks in their hair were to be dread­ed, or feared. When slav­ery was abol­ished in the US, it was no longer legal to enslave African Amer­i­cans. — See more at:


so what do you call them???


I read about that some­where, I just remove dread and call them locs sim­ple.


you just call them locs. quite easy.

Lee Torrey

Very nice to see, she reflects the self-con­fi­dence and pride in her­self that her par­ent show. The nat­u­ral move­ment is in full effect. It’s great to see young girls embrac­ing their nat­u­ral selves. GREAT STORY!

Nehes Ba'a Rayay

I’m very impressed that she’s embrac­ing her “Nat­u­ral-Born Image”!!! I think it’s FANTASTIC!!! #WeAreInThe­Sun­Cy­cle


Toot­ing my horn, but I was that cool and con­fi­dent at 14. =)
I think it’s great that she is tak­ing con­trol of her look and not fol­low­ing the norm. Good for her. With Wil­low doing it may­be oth­er tweens and teens will fol­low suit. And I love that pea­cock dress!

The Yes Man

Her arti­cle was insight­ful and it is good that at such a young age she want to embrace and explore her nat­u­ral self, but I feel like the­se pic­tures are too mature for her age ( you know what I mean ). She’s very pret­ty the pos­es make me a tad uncom­fort­able and I do not think over-expo­sure to the media at such a young age is good.

Leah James

I’m glad she is embrac­ing her hair .

Wise Mocha

I am not con­cerned with whether she choos­es to wear her hair nat­u­ral or not. I want to know has she ever had a chance to just be a child. The­se pic­tures are just not age appro­pri­ate for a 14 year old. I don’t under­stand why media out­lets, includ­ing this site, sup­port the idea of this child parad­ing around like she is an adult. I wouldn’t expect any­thing bet­ter from the main­stream, but I thought that media sources led by our own would take a stand on how our young girls appear in the media.


Im only 12, i’ll be 13 lat­er on this year and i love Wil­low Smith, but in the­se pic­tures, i think she looked more like a boy than any­thing, real­ly. It’s not even as inap­pro­pri­ate as Miley Cyrus on Robin Thicke, or Ari­an­na Grande being fea­tured in Jesse J’s Bang song. I don’t know what the big deal is, just because she posed in some mature cloth­ing for a mag­a­zine. Adults always com­plain about teens being imma­ture, but when we are ready to be mature, it becomes a prob­lem.…


AMEN HUN!!! I was think­ing the same thing look­ing at the­se pics. I showed my Cau­casian col­league who thought she was 18/19 pos­si­bly 20!!! She even remarked on the pics where her legs are open in the pea­cock dress. Total­ly inap­pro­pri­ate!! Now oth­er 14 yr olds who may not have strong parental con­trol will want to fol­low suite. SMH!!!


When she dropped out of the remake of “Annie” she announced she was doing so because she want­ed to take time and just be a kid. What hap­pened?


She is gor­geous no doubt!


Love her atti­tude espe­cial­ly about embrac­ing her nat­u­ral self. If only all teens could get this mes­sage. And I got­ta say it-I see ALOT of her dad­dy in her looks lol


It’s always refresh­ing when a young lady who is black wants to embrace her nat­u­ral hair!!


As much as I admire her orig­i­nal­i­ty, unique­ness and her beau­ty, I think she is still very young and should not be that exposed to médi­as. It’s good to pro­tect children/teens for a while in order to avoid the Brit­ney Spears/Miley Cyrus syn­drome


That is one of the best edi­to­ri­als I have ever seen in my life :O