Ugh, dry­ness! It is the Achilles heel of curly haired women every­where. The coily, wiry strands that enable us to cre­ate some of the dopest hair styles on the plan­et, also con­tributes to the not so pleas­ant task of try­ing to main­tain mois­ture in our hair. You’ve seem­ing­ly tried every­thing and no mat­ter what, your hair still feels dry, brit­tle. You think to your­self: “Well, maybe this is the way my hair will always be. Why both­er?” I’m here to tell you that before you throw in the tow­el (and sev­er­al bot­tles of cost­ly hair lotions in the trash) that your seem­ing­ly mois­ture resis­tant hair may not be the impos­si­ble obsta­cle that you think it is. There’s no “mag­ic bul­let” but there are things that you can do to make sure your hair is get­ting what it needs.


Con­trary to the adver­tis­ing of hair prod­uct com­pa­nies your hair doesn’t need their prod­ucts. You may want their prod­ucts but you hair can do just fine with­out them. The best prod­ucts, how­ev­er, pos­sess ingre­di­ents that con­tain the ele­ments essen­tial for hair health. The most impor­tant prod­uct you can use to tack­le dry­ness is water. Yes, that sounds sim­ple but before you roll your eyes, I don’t only mean water on your hair but water intake in your body. Do you have dry skin? Or do you have small bumps (not pim­ples) on your fore­head? This may be an indi­ca­tion that you aren’t drink­ing enough water. Your hair isn’t an essen­tial organ, so your body will allo­cate any water you drink to oth­er parts of your body, leav­ing your hair dry and brit­tle.


Okay, so you’re drink­ing enough water (about 8 glass­es per day), you have a bal­anced diet and you mois­tur­ize your hair reg­u­lar­ly but it still feels dry. If after apply­ing a mois­tur­iz­er to your hair it feels mois­tur­ized 20 min­utes lat­er (or when the prod­uct has dried), then you may then need to con­sid­er seal­ing your hair with a light oil to main­tain your hair’s mois­ture through­out the day.

Aloe Vera + Oil

“But, Geniece” you say, “I’ve done all of these things and my hair still feels dry!” Okay, now we’ve moved away from issues that may be caus­ing dry­ness to rea­sons that may be caus­ing your hair to feel dry. There is a dif­fer­ence. For exam­ple, if the cuti­cles of your hair don’t lie flat if can make your hair feel scratchy and coarse which can imi­tate a feel­ing sim­i­lar to dry­ness. At this point your hair shouldn’t be at risk of break­age, but there are things that you can do to dimin­ish the feel­ing of dry­ness. For exam­ple, whole leaf aloe vera juice or gel (the kind you store in a refrig­er­a­tor not the kind you use for styling) can help your cuti­cle to lie flat. Damp­en a sec­tion of your hair with aloe vera juice or gel, then apply a dime sized amount of cas­tor oil or grape­seed oil. Twist that sec­tion and in 2–3 hours com­pare it to the oth­er sec­tions of your hair. The hair should feel smoother and soft­er in com­par­i­son.

When all else fails…

You’ve tried every­thing men­tioned above and more and still, your hair feels dry. If your hair is not break­ing and you are reg­u­lar­ly retain­ing length, then the answer may be quite sim­ple: Your hair isn’t deprived of mois­ture but the tex­ture of your hair makes it feel like it is. Case in point: I can be just as dili­gent with my hair care in the sum­mer as I am in the spring. My hair will still feel dry­er in the sum­mer due to expo­sure to heat. The same applies to the dif­fer­ence in my hair dur­ing the win­ter vs. the fall. Exces­sive­ly dry hair (bar­ring health issues) can usu­al­ly be resolved with sim­ple changes to your rou­tine. But if you’re doing every­thing right and your hair is thriv­ing in every oth­er respect then embrace your tex­ture even it doesn’t feel soft to the touch.

What are your favorite meth­ods of com­bat­ting dry hair?


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Jay | Relaxed Thairapy

Great info! Bag­gy­ing helps my hair tremen­dous­ly.