Even though cro­chet braids usu­al­ly only last a few weeks, you may be able to stretch the dura­tion of the pro­tec­tive style even more if you wash and con­di­tion your scalp with them in. It may seem like an impos­si­ble task due to the frag­ile nature of the style, but it can be done. The idea of not being able to wash my hair was the only thing keep­ing me from try­ing cro­chet braids. Now that I know I can clean my scalp and not ruin the style, I’m like­ly to try it soon. Here are two help­ful tuto­ri­als on wash­ing and con­di­tion­ing your hair and scalp, while still main­tain­ing your cro­chet braids.

Spray and Cleanse


This tuto­r­i­al by Youtu­ber, Bel­la Deeyah, specif­i­cal­ly deals with wash­ing your scalp. She uses a leave-in spray sham­poo by Stylin’ Dreds to cleanse her scalp while it’s in sec­tions. Next, she sprays her scalp and then takes a rag and rubs vig­or­ous­ly, remov­ing grime and build up. She repeats the process on her entire head. After cleans­ing, she sprays her hair and scalp with a mix­ture of water and essen­tial oils to restore mois­ture. After air dry­ing, the hair is ready to see the world again.

Co-Wash and Sham­poo

Fun­miloves has a more intense wash rou­tine for her cro­chet braids. First, she co-washed her scalp, mak­ing sure to apply it to most of her corn­rows under­neath the syn­thet­ic hair. Next, she wet her entire head from scalp to ends and rinsed out the con­di­tion­er. After rins­ing, she sham­pooed the syn­thet­ic hair (not the scalp) and rinsed. She deep con­di­tioned her syn­thet­ic hair (not the scalp) and rins­es again. After air dry­ing her hair, she cut out the tan­gles.

Detan­gle and Revive


TastePink cre­at­ed this wash/maintenance rou­tine tuto­r­i­al specif­i­cal­ly for syn­thet­ic cro­chet braid hair styles. The kind of hair she uses is Twin Deep Bulk Hair and it is quite long, but she stat­ed that her rou­tine will work for any kind of wavy/curly do. She didn’t wash her scalp, but she did wash the actu­al hair. She start­ed off apply­ing con­di­tion­er on her dry syn­thet­ic hair and worked her way up toward the scalp.

Next, she added luke­warm water to bring mois­ture back to her hair. After apply­ing the water, she detan­gled the hair with a Den­man/pad­dle brush. As you detan­gle, you may notice knots, it’s okay to cut them out. Next, in medi­um sec­tions, she two strand twist­ed the hair. After twist­ing, she snipped any frayed hair stick­ing out of the twists and gath­ered all of the hair into a hair tie.

TastePink left the con­di­tion­er in overnight, but I’m sure you can just leave it in for a half hour and then rinse. She let the hair dry and then unrav­eled and gen­tly detan­gled the twists. Her curls were revived and good as new. Excel­lent tuto­r­i­al if you’d like to bring life back to you cro­chet braids.

How do you main­tain and wash your cro­chet braids?

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I think that the best thing to do is to wash your hair . just do it in a way that wouldn’t cause ten­sion. You don’t need to do it often maybe like once a month or some­thing. Idk I just feel like a com­plete rinse once in a while is bet­ter than the dry sham­poo etc…I remem­ber hav­ing a sew in and I washed my hair like every two weeks and I had that sew in for almost 3 months. When I took it down my hair was still incred­i­bly soft and did not matt but yes it had… Read more »
I have been wear­ing cro­chet braids for years. They are noth­ing new. I don’t wash my hair when in cro­chet braids any­more. The rea­son being is that years ago , I had a sew -in, washed it , and I guess it didn’t dry com­plete­ly so it mildewed and made me ter­ri­bly sick. THAT Scarred ME Men­tal­ly SO Bad Since then. .…..So what I do is use Sea Breeze in an appli­ca­tor bot­tle every week on my scalp to help with dirt and odor then apply a mois­tur­iz­er and some oils with anoth­er appli­ca­tor bot­tle afterwards..Both my health and hair… Read more »