3 Ways to Wash and Maintain Crochet Braids

Even though crochet braids usually only last a few weeks, you may be able to stretch the duration of the protective style even more if you wash and condition your scalp with them in. It may seem like an impossible task due to the fragile nature of the style, but it can be done. The idea of not being able to wash my hair was the only thing keeping me from trying crochet braids. Now that I know I can clean my scalp and not ruin the style, I’m likely to try it soon. Here are two helpful tutorials on washing and conditioning your hair and scalp, while still maintaining your crochet braids.

Spray and Cleanse


This tutorial by Youtuber, Bella Deeyah, specifically deals with washing your scalp. She uses a leave-in spray shampoo by Stylin’ Dreds to cleanse her scalp while it’s in sections. Next, she sprays her scalp and then takes a rag and rubs vigorously, removing grime and build up. She repeats the process on her entire head. After cleansing, she sprays her hair and scalp with a mixture of water and essential oils to restore moisture. After air drying, the hair is ready to see the world again.

Co-Wash and Shampoo

Funmiloves has a more intense wash routine for her crochet braids. First, she co-washed her scalp, making sure to apply it to most of her cornrows underneath the synthetic hair. Next, she wet her entire head from scalp to ends and rinsed out the conditioner. After rinsing, she shampooed the synthetic hair (not the scalp) and rinsed. She deep conditioned her synthetic hair (not the scalp) and rinses again. After air drying her hair, she cut out the tangles.

Detangle and Revive


TastePink created this wash/maintenance routine tutorial specifically for synthetic crochet braid hair styles. The kind of hair she uses is Twin Deep Bulk Hair and it is quite long, but she stated that her routine will work for any kind of wavy/curly do. She didn’t wash her scalp, but she did wash the actual hair. She started off applying conditioner on her dry synthetic hair and worked her way up toward the scalp.

Next, she added lukewarm water to bring moisture back to her hair. After applying the water, she detangled the hair with a Denman/paddle brush. As you detangle, you may notice knots, it’s okay to cut them out. Next, in medium sections, she two strand twisted the hair. After twisting, she snipped any frayed hair sticking out of the twists and gathered all of the hair into a hair tie.

TastePink left the conditioner in overnight, but I’m sure you can just leave it in for a half hour and then rinse. She let the hair dry and then unraveled and gently detangled the twists. Her curls were revived and good as new. Excellent tutorial if you’d like to bring life back to you crochet braids.

How do you maintain and wash your crochet braids?

2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Wash and Maintain Crochet Braids

  1. I have been wearing crochet braids for years. They are nothing new. I don’t wash my hair when in crochet braids anymore. The reason being is that years ago , I had a sew -in, washed it , and I guess it didn’t dry completely so it mildewed and made me terribly sick. THAT Scarred ME Mentally SO Bad Since then. ……So what I do is use Sea Breeze in an applicator bottle every week on my scalp to help with dirt and odor then apply a moisturizer and some oils with another applicator bottle afterwards..Both my health and hair have been fine since.??

  2. I think that the best thing to do is to wash your hair . just do it in a way that wouldn’t cause tension. You don’t need to do it often maybe like once a month or something. Idk I just feel like a complete rinse once in a while is better than the dry shampoo etc…I remember having a sew in and I washed my hair like every two weeks and I had that sew in for almost 3 months. When I took it down my hair was still incredibly soft and did not matt but yes it had some build up . I think I moisturised it twice a week. It grew so long but I cut it because I was transitioning. btw my hair is like 3c-4c im not sure somewhere in the middle ,but it tangles very badly. I can rarely leave my hair out . So I think its all how you take care of it and how well the hair was installed. sometimes people fail to see where they go wrong. I believe that u can stretch protective styles u just have to have a plan on how you going to properly take care of it. Yes it is possible . Too me taking it down after a month is defeating the purpose of protective styling which is perhaps length retention healthier hair or fuller hair. but at the end of the day we are all different cant pass judgement . Just giving my opinion as I have a lot of experience with protective styling and grew my hair very long and healthy. But as I said maybe I just live in my own world. lol

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