We’re back with anoth­er com­pi­la­tion piece! Last week four BGLH writ­ers shared how they went from TWA to back length. Now we’re talk­ing about oils and but­ters! Over the next two weeks our writ­ers will share how they incor­po­rate oils and but­ters into their reg­i­men. Be sure to read our first post from Geniece, sec­ond post from Chin­we, third post from Tori and fourth post from Ijeo­ma.  Next up is Por­tia.


Often, wom­en ask me what prod­ucts I use in my hair, why I use them, and how I use them. They’re prob­a­bly expect­ing a long list of com­pli­cat­ed prod­ucts, but just like my hair reg­i­men, my hair prod­ucts are quite sim­ple. In addi­tion to styling prod­ucts, I also like to incor­po­rate a lot of nat­u­ral hair but­ters and oils into my rou­tine.

When it comes to but­ters and oils, I like to keep them as raw and as organ­ic as pos­si­ble. I’m also a fan of heav­ier oils and but­ters for my hair and lighter oils for my scalp. My hair is very dry and frizzes eas­i­ly, so this has always worked for me. Because cer­tain key ingre­di­ents keep my hair mois­tur­ized and tan­gle free, my hair is able to grow and retain length.

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Shea But­ter

If you know me at all, then you know this is always at the top of my hair care list. I tried many but­ters and oils years ago when I first returned to nat­u­ral. I can hon­est­ly say that noth­ing locks the mois­ture into my hair like shea but­ter. I prefer raw and unre­fined shea but­ter, sim­ply because I like to keep things as nat­u­ral as pos­si­ble. I wear twist outs a lot and on wash day, it’s the first thing I put on my fresh­ly washed and con­di­tioned hair. I fol­low up with a styler and twist. My hair is always left feel­ing hydrat­ed. To keep my hair mois­tur­ized through­out the week, I re-apply the shea but­ter every oth­er night.

Man­go But­ter

I fell in love with man­go but­ter two sum­mers ago. Not only does it feel heav­en­ly on my skin, but it’s also a great for my scalp AND my hair. It’s rich in antiox­i­dants and vit­a­mins that pro­mote hair growth. Like shea but­ter, it’s pli­able and soft­ens when you rub it in your hands. It’s per­fect for the sum­mer because it isn’t too heavy and I apply it the same way that I apply shea but­ter to my hair. It’s more expen­sive and hard to find at times, so I don’t use it as often as shea but­ter. I usu­al­ly pur­chase raw man­go but­ter from ven­dors at flea mar­kets.

Extra Dark Cas­tor Oil

I’ve nev­er been a fan of using cas­tor oil dai­ly, but I loved using it as a hot oil treat­ment. Recent­ly, I’ve decid­ed to give cas­tor oil anoth­er shot and I’ve incor­po­rat­ed into my hair reg­i­men through­out the week. I now apply extra dark cas­tor oil to my scalp every three days. I use extra dark cas­tor oil because dark cas­tor oil pro­motes hair growth and thick­ness. Because it’s heavy, I don’t use it every day. If I did, my hair would become super oily. I espe­cial­ly love using it while I have in twists or braids and I cer­tain­ly have noticed a lot of growth.

Coconut Oil and Euca­lyp­tus Oil

Coconut Oil will always be a sta­ple for me. I use it as a hot oil treat­ment, but I also like to mix it with euca­lyp­tus oil and apply it to my scalp when it’s dry and itchy. So far, this com­bi­na­tion has worked well for my scalp and keeps it cool and flake free. Raw coconut oil real­ly pen­e­trates the skin and keeps it hydrat­ed and euca­lyp­tus oil stim­u­lates your scalp and gives it relief. I use this com­bo any time my scalp starts to give me a hard time.

Extra Vir­gin Olive Oil

I apply this oil direct­ly to my scalp every oth­er day. I know that coconut oil pen­e­trates the skin bet­ter, but extra vir­gin olive oil works bet­ter for MY scalp. For some rea­son, my hair loves heav­ier oils and but­ters. Olive oil pro­motes scalp health, fights of bac­te­ria, and it can be used as a deep con­di­tion­er all by itself. I also use it as a hot oil treat­ment. I do hot oil treat­ments week­ly and on the weeks I run out of coconut oil, olive oil makes the cut.

How do you use oils and but­ters in your hair reg­i­men?

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I still do not know my hair type. I think i am 4b.


You look like you’re 4b