We’re back with anoth­er com­pi­la­tion piece! Last week four BGLH writ­ers shared how they went from TWA to back length. Now we’re talk­ing about oils and but­ters! Over the next two weeks our writ­ers will share how they incor­po­rate oils and but­ters into their reg­i­men. Be sure to read our first post from Geniece, sec­ond post from Chin­we and third post from Tori. Next up is Ijeo­ma.

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For My Scalp: Tea Tree Oil

I exer­cise a lot and tea tree oil has been a life­saver in essen­tial­ly dis­in­fect­ing my scalp so my hair doesn’t smell bad, and sweat isn’t trapped in my scalp’s pores. Tea tree oil is antibac­te­r­i­al and anti­fun­gal, so this is the method I’ve relied on to keep my post-work­out hair extra clean since I don’t have the time or desire to cow­ash dur­ing the week.

For My Edges: Cas­tor Oil

I gen­er­al­ly don’t give a hoot about my edges because I have so much hair every­where else, but short­ly before I cut my hair I real­ized that my edges were look­ing — lack­lus­ter. Cas­tor oil is the reign­ing cham­pi­on of the edge reju­ve­na­tion game (real­ly, is there even any­thing else that works), so I use it when I wan­na give my edges a lit­tle bit of love.

To Pre-Poo: Coconut Oil

I know some nat­u­rals like to use coconut oil as their go to oil of life, but I find the scent to be too strong for every­day life. How­ev­er, coconut oil’s abil­i­ty to pen­e­trate the hair is one I can’t pass up, so I use it when I pre-poo, espe­cial­ly if I’m not going to deep con­di­tion, so I can make sure my hair gets extra love and mois­ture before I even start wash day.

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For Shine & De-Frizz: Jojo­ba Oil

I go through bot­tles of my Trad­er Joe’s Jojo­ba Oil real­ly, real­ly quick­ly. I use it sev­er­al times a week, when I’m tak­ing down twists or braids, when I’m fluff­ing out my hair, or just to give myself a scalp mas­sage. When com­pared to the strong scent of coconut oil and the uber thick­ness of cas­tor oil, jojo­ba oil wins for my go to, every­day oil of life.

For Imme­di­ate Mois­ture: Aloe Vera

Ear­li­er in my nat­ur­al hair jour­ney, I would make shea-aloe mix­es, because I knew that aloe vera had incred­i­ble mois­tur­iz­ing prop­er­ties per­fect for dry, nat­ur­al hair. While I don’t make my own prod­ucts any­more, I find myself grav­i­tat­ing towards hair prod­ucts that con­tain Aloe Vera as one of the first three ingre­di­ents when­ev­er my hair is dry beyond belief and is crav­ing a touch from heav­en. My ulti­mate favorite is Camille Rose Nat­u­rals Aloe Whipped But­ter Gel.

For Long-Last­ing Mois­ture: Shea But­ter

I’ve only met a hand­ful of nat­u­rals for whom shea but­ter is not life, and I real­ly feel for y’all. Luck­i­ly, my nat­ur­al hair has always loved shea but­ter. Because my hair strands are so thick and has more sur­face area to dry up, shea but­ter is incred­i­bly help­ful in real­ly lock­ing in mois­ture. While I don’t use it on it’s own fre­quent­ly, when I do, I make sure to coat my ends well because they’re often the dri­est part of my hair.

 Ladies, how do you use oils and but­ters in your reg­i­men?

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KlassyKinks.com founder and edi­tor, Ijeo­ma Eboh, is on a mis­sion to change per­cep­tions of kinky tex­tured hair around the world. You can find her on social media @klassykinks.

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Imade Iyamu

very help­ful. my go-to oils are cas­tor, coconut & olive oil. will be adding tea tree too :D


How is the tea tree oil applied? i.e. does it need to be dilut­ed?

Iruka Nnakwe

Very help­ful! Thank you! :)