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Before I became a bonafide nat­ur­al (my def­i­n­i­tion for a nat­ur­al who sub­scribes to a com­plete­ly nat­ur­al, wholis­tic way of liv­ing) my reg­u­lar stash of hair prod­ucts includ­ed the likes of Nexxus Humec­tress, Luster’s Pink Lotion mixed in with a lit­tle Dax and/or some Indi­an brand oil — all laden with min­er­al oil. For the record, my hair thrived. I con­sis­tent­ly got super shiny locks that stayed mois­tur­ized for a few days until my next appli­ca­tion.

Fast for­ward to Jan­u­ary 2015. A cou­ple of months of heavy duty flat iron­ing left my ends trashed so I cut off about 6 inch­es and there began my return to the basics. I start­ed explor­ing the use of min­er­al oil in my reg­i­men to keep my hair mois­tur­ized for longer peri­ods of time.

Most of our beef with min­er­al oil is because it is derived from crude oil (it’s 100% nat­ur­al and is com­posed of ancient organ­ic mat­ter and hydro­car­bons) which is asso­ci­at­ed with all kinds of ‘unnat­ur­al’ indus­tries. Cos­met­ic grade min­er­al oil though is not the same as the organ­ic, crude oil that comes from the earth. It is refined by boil­ing and vapor­iza­tion to achieve max­i­mum puri­ty.

Min­er­al oil doesn’t con­tain a lot of the good­ies that oth­er organ­ic oils do, but it cre­ates an intense bar­ri­er on what­ev­er mate­r­i­al it is applied to, mak­ing it per­fect as a seal­ing agent. While oth­er oils pen­e­trate the hair shaft, min­er­al oil doesn’t and lasts longer on the hair as a mois­ture seal­er and repel­lant. Also, it’s not a heavy oil so it doesn’t weigh hair down.

I’ve found the best way to incor­po­rate min­er­al oil is in com­bi­na­tion with some of my oth­er favorite oils. This way I get the nour­ish­ing ben­e­fits of those oils in com­bi­na­tion with the seal­ing prop­er­ties of min­er­al oil. Below is a recipe I’ve been using since the start of the new year to gain shiny, long last­ing mois­tur­ized hair.

You’ll need:
2 tbs baby oil
2 tbs now brand jojo­ba oil
2 tbs now brand cas­tor oil
2 tbs extra vir­gin olive oil

Mix these oils into a cup with a spout and then pour it into a bot­tle of your choice (you can find two ounce prod­uct con­tain­ers at Wal­mart, Wal­greens, CVS and many phar­ma­cies that sell trav­el sized bot­tles).

Check out the video below for more details:


Would you try to incor­po­rate min­er­al oil in your nat­ur­al hair reg­i­men? How does min­er­al oil effect your hair?

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I would nev­er buy it from a beau­ty store or as a prod­uct labeled for nat­ur­al hair. I also gen­er­al­ly avoid prod­ucts designed for black women or nat­ur­al hair coz I don’t trust them. I just buy reg­u­lar prod­ucts from brands mar­ket­ed to all types of hair and they work just fine. You can get ‘food grade’ min­er­al oil from the phar­ma­cy sec­tion of most stores. It’s in the lax­a­tive sec­tion as in it’s pure enough to drink and is labelled as such. This is what I got when I was exper­i­ment­ing with it for my hair.  Peo­ple use vase­line on their… Read more »
African Naturalistas Products
African Naturalistas Products

Min­er­al Oil caus­es me to break out in acne


Speak­ing sole­ly for myself and my 4b coils: Noth­ing but NOTHING repels humid­i­ty like min­er­al-oil based pomades. If I were crazy enough to do a press-and-curl in the sum­mer­time the only way it would last longer than a day would be if I applied some good old-fash­ioned grease. It worked back in the day and it still works today…The only rules for nat­ur­al hair care are those that work for YOU and YOUR hair.


Those twists are a killer.


I don’t think there are good and bad ingre­di­ents. Just dif­fer­ent things work for dif­fer­ent peo­ple.


Be care­ful. Min­er­al oil con­tains an ingre­di­ent called pris­tane which has been linked to lupus. Black women use more min­er­al oil laced prod­ucts than any oth­er demo­graph­ic and we’re also most like­ly to suf­fer from lupus.


I’ve nev­er made that con­nec­tion before, but since I’ve been read­ing labels I noticed that many prod­ucts that are “spe­cial­ly for us” are just full of min­er­al oil. I don’t use min­er­al oil in my hair but I’ve been lov­ing it in cold cream for my face. After read­ing about the poten­tial con­nec­tion at, I’m going to look for a new cleanser.

Tennitra L Scott

Did not know that about baby oil. Thank you for info. Do you use on scalp?