It’s time for anoth­er BGLH com­pi­la­tion series! This time we’re dis­cussing edges; how they thin out and what you can do to restore them. Read the first por­tion by Geniece. Next up is Ijeo­ma.
I didn’t even real­ize that I had strug­gling edges until I cut my hair in Feb­ru­ary and noticed that my hair­line was look­ing a lot more full and promis­ing. I then went and took a look at some old pic­tures and good Lord my edges had been miss­ing for years and nobody thought to even tell me!
When I start­ed to think about what could’ve pos­si­bly done my edges in, I quick­ly real­ized that I had worn my hair in a puff on aver­age two days out of the week for at least a year. As soon as my hair became long enough for a puff (cir­ca Nov 2011), trust and believe the lazy nat­u­ral I am threw it up in a puff by the 4th or 5th day of a twistout that I was unwill­ing to retwist. Between being in school and not hav­ing time to twist, and the fact that a puff is the eas­i­est way to quick­ly pro­tect your hair while exer­cis­ing, it became one of my sig­na­ture looks. I nev­er real­ly stressed lay­ing down my edges with a brush and some gel, so I assumed that my puff wasn’t doing harm to my edges. How­ev­er, there were times of sev­ere des­per­a­tion when I would go to sleep with my hair in a puff for sev­er­al nights straight, so in ret­ro­spect, I was stress­ing the heck out of my edges!
Puff - July 2013
Puff — July 2013 (oh and Chris Rock!)
Puff - August 2013
Puff — August 2013 (Yikes!!)
Puff - July 2014
Puff — July 2014
I do know that cas­tor oil is a tried and true edge replen­ish­er and it worked very well when my mom used Trop­i­cal Isle’s whole pro­duct line exclu­sive­ly for about six months. While I vague­ly recall apply­ing cas­tor oil to my own edges every so often, I nev­er did it with pur­pose or inten­tion. So my edge game was rec­ti­fied pure­ly by acci­dent when I cut my hair.
A few weeks into the long tapered fro look that I now have, I noticed some fine and ten­der hairs grow­ing along the edge of my scalp, sig­ni­fy­ing that they were in fact miss­ing at some point. Since my hair is short­er, I can no longer pull it back into a puff or an updo, so I have not been putting any stress on my edges as I used to. This just goes to show anoth­er poten­tial ben­e­fit of choos­ing to rock short­er hair vs. longer hair!  As my hair gets longer (if I decide to grow it out, which is still up in the air), I’m going to be more care­ful about the stress and ten­sion of puffs and oth­er updos, and will lim­it myself to those styles only one time a week. I’ll also be rely­ing on more inno­v­a­tive options for puffs that cause way less ten­sion than stretched out goody bands fold­ed over 3 times (I know I’m not the only one who did this), like the Snappee Hair Tie, and fold­ing over large scarves for a more pineap­ple look than a puff. I know that my edges still have some grow­ing in to do, but now that I know that they were strug­gling and they’re capa­ble of grow­ing back, I’m com­mit­ted to mak­ing them great!
Rod Set- April 2015
Rod Set- April 2015
Rod Set- April 2015
Rod Set- April 2015
Rod Set- April 2015
Edges are com­ing in!
Ladies have you dealt with thin­ning edges? How did you restore them?

Klassy Kinks founder and edi­tor, Ijeo­ma Eboh, is on a mis­sion to change per­cep­tions of kinky tex­tured hair around the world. You can find her on social media @klassykinks.

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Candra Candigirl Kennedy
Candra Candigirl Kennedy

Did I total­ly miss the process of how you actu­al­ly regrew them? LOL. Are you say­ing you used JBCO? If so, what was your reg­i­men?


Love the rod set look!! Tuto­ri­al please. ..


I real­ly like this series. I have weak edges from all the years of relax­ing and weav­ing I was put through.