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In the begin­ning of my nat­ur­al hair jour­ney, I big chopped and my hair was short. There­fore, there real­ly wasn’t much to detan­gle. As my hair grew, it required a lot more main­te­nance and I wasn’t exact­ly sure of how to deal with my new hair. Instead of detan­gling while con­di­tion­ing my hair, I didn’t detan­gle at all. I just washed, con­di­tioned, rinsed and styled. I also didn’t sleep with any­thing (bon­net/scarf) on my head and I wasn’t using a satin pil­low case. My hair just kept rub­bing up against cot­ton pil­low cas­es and that left it very dry. This led to tons of knots and break­age. Addi­tion­al­ly, I washed my hair with sham­poo almost every day. I didn’t know how to get my curls back after the first wash day, so I just kept wash­ing it. Even though I was using con­di­tion­er after wash­ing, the sham­poo was still dry­ing my hair out severe­ly. I knew as a relaxed girl that you couldn’t wash your hair every day or it would dry out. As a nat­ur­al girl, I thought the rules had changed. In some ways the rules did change, but not in every way. It didn’t take me long to real­ize that I had to do some­thing dif­fer­ent.

My Aha! Moment

I wouldn’t say I had any rev­e­la­tions. I knew from almost the begin­ning that I was doing some­thing very wrong in order for my hair to be so tan­gled and knot­ty. I also knew that if I want­ed healthy, grow­ing hair then I need­ed to make some adjust­ments. I start­ed with going back to wear­ing a satin scarf on my head at night. Even though my hair wasn’t that long, it was still nec­es­sary in order to keep my hair from rub­bing and break­ing. Back then, there was very lit­tle infor­ma­tion about nat­ur­al hair care, but I did as much research as I could and I dis­cov­ered that co-wash­ing was much bet­ter than sham­poo­ing every day. I also start­ed to use wide tooth combs to detan­gle and comb through my con­di­tion­er after wash­ing. This made my curls pop and stopped break­ing while I styled it. I also includ­ed dif­fer­ent oils in my deep con­di­tion­ers since my hair is so nat­u­ral­ly dry.

Prod­ucts That Keep Me Knot Free

I love using cas­tor oil in my deep con­di­tion­ers now. Jamaican black cas­tor oil strength­ens, adds mois­ture, and thick­ens the hair. I’ve used it in the past before, but stopped for some rea­son. For the past 6 months, I’ve been using it con­sis­tent­ly and I’ve noticed a dif­fer­ence. My hair holds mois­ture bet­ter which leads to less break­age for me. I also have gone back to using a Den­man brush. I stopped using it for a while because it was tear­ing through my hair. How­ev­er, now I first detan­gle my hair with a wide tooth comb, then I go back and use my Den­man brush. The brush real­ly gets rid of all those tan­gles and loose hairs that the wide tooth comb may miss. I also love love love to deep con­di­tion with Shea Moisture’s Deep Treat­ment Hair Mask. It real­ly has kept my break­age to a min­i­mum.

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My Hair Craves Mois­ture

My hair has always been a tan­gle and knot zone since I was a child. That was always my mother’s num­ber one com­plaint. Her num­ber two com­plaint was how dry my hair was and how it soaked up any prod­uct she put in it. My hair is dry and high in poros­i­ty, which means it tan­gles and becomes frizzy very eas­i­ly. Even though it absorbs mois­ture eas­i­ly, it los­es it very quick­ly. I don’t know about you, but my moth­er didn’t style my hair every day and make sure it was mois­tur­ized. She put a scarf on it at night and styled it every few days. She didn’t know that my hair need­ed mois­ture more often and that was why my hair was so ter­ri­bly dry all the time. If my hair becomes too dry, it will knot and tan­gle like nobody’s busi­ness. This is why I’m reli­gious with deep con­di­tion­ing, hot oil treat­ments, seal­ing in mois­ture, and using heavy but­ters on my hair. These are the things my hair will always need in order to stay mois­tur­ized and tan­gle free.

Styles That Pre­vent Break­age

I like to wear my hair free. I don’t do a lot of updo’s and hair styles through­out the week because that means I have to comb, brush, pull and tug – which leads to tan­gled hair and break­age. I wear twist outs most of the time and leave it be. I may throw in a bob­by pin or two or wear my hair in a puff, but it ends there. To keep my twist out through­out the week, I re-twist every oth­er day using shea but­ter and my styler. On the days that I don’t twist, I wear my hair in a pineap­ple and put on a satin scarf. I always fin­ger style and nev­er use a comb until its wash day. If I do find myself need­ing a comb, I make sure I spritz my hair with water first, then apply my prod­ucts, then twist. Water makes your hair pli­able, which means less break­age. To keep my ends from knot­ting dur­ing the week, I fin­ger comb.

My Night­time Rou­tine

If I didn’t use my satin scarf and satin pil­low­case at night, my hair would feel like steel wool and fall out in clumps. Ok, maybe not clumps, but you get the idea. It wouldn’t be pret­ty. I need silk and satin to keep the mois­ture in my hair. Like I said pre­vi­ous­ly, if my hair remains too dry for too long, it will knot up. Also, gath­er­ing all of my hair into a pineap­ple helps a lot. My hair does much bet­ter if it’s gath­ered and pulled up in one place, then it would if I were to let it loose and just sleep on a satin pil­low­case. When I sleep with my hair loose, it knots and tan­gles very eas­i­ly, espe­cial­ly in the back of my head.

How do you keep your ends tan­gle and knot free?

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Great arti­cle! I learned the hard way that I have to detan­gle well and use a satin cap.


I have hair that behave exact­ly like that but it’s real­ly time con­sum­ing espe­cial­ly the night before sleep­ing because i can’t pineap­ple my hair just stays upward the day after it’s real­ly annoy­ing so i have to twist every sin­gle night

Nicole's Naps

Thanks for shar­ing. Cas­tor oil has been fan­tas­tic on my hair too! I always apply it after I spritz my hair with water. I can’t believe how great it makes my strands glide. It’s a great detan­gler. My silk pil­low­cas­es didn’t last for long, so I stick to silk/satin scarves only.


Love­ly hair and great arti­cle. how did you achieve the style above in the blue and white top??