Today in totally random hair news… Michelle Obama made an appearance on the trivia show Jeopardy back in March, and apparently the lighting angle had people freaking out and thinking she was bald… Peep the picture below:


After the First Lady’s appearance people took to Twitter to find out whether Michelle Obama had thinning hair or was rocking a new ‘do. Of course neither are true… It was just a combo of harsh lights and pulled back hair. The First Lady’s hair is still luscious…



What do you think ladies? Would you have been fooled by the picture?

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5 Comments on "Optical Illusion: People Freak Out When Lighting on Jeopardy Makes Michelle Obama Look Bald"

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Bi Trexual

And the funny thing is, she still looks good bald. Regal 😀


What if her hair wasn’t luscious? So what? She still FAB. ..I know this is a hair blog, but geez!


At least now we know she could rock da hell out of a twa and look on point.

Ashley .O.



i was fooled when i watched that episode of jeopardy. i dont know the state of her hair, but i know for me if your hair is really slicked back you could look bald.