Tiny Buns?

In today’s cul­tur­al appro­pri­a­tion news, Mane Addicts, a pret­ty pop­u­lar hair relat­ed blog, thought that Marc Jacobs’ fash­ion show hair­styl­ist Guido Palau invent­ed ban­tu knots, and decid­ed to give them a new name: twist­ed mini buns. The fail is that Mane Addicts didn’t real­ize (or chose to ignore) that black folks been wear­ing ban­tu knots/chiny bumps since the begin­ning of time. To add insult to injury, the blog tuto­ri­al also rec­om­mend­ed to  “pair the hair­style with ‘trib­al inspired make­up’”.

This isn’t the first, nor will it be the last time, that white Amer­i­ca has tried to take a his­tor­i­cal­ly black hair­style and pre­tend to have invent­ed it (remem­ber Marie Claire + Kendall Jen­ner?), but this might be the first time they actu­al­ly real­ized their mishap. Appar­ent­ly #Black­Twit­ter (and #Black­In­sta­gram) scared the hell out of Mane Addicts, because they’ve since tak­en down their orig­i­nal post.

What the heck is next with the beau­ty indus­try cop­ping our hair­styles with­out giv­ing us cred­it?! Kim Kar­dashi­an is going to get some cro­chet braids and white Amer­i­ca is going to call them Kim­my Exten­sions. #you­heardithere­first

Ladies, what are your thoughts on this fias­co?

Klassy Kinks

KlassyKinks.com founder and edi­tor, Ijeo­ma Eboh, is on a mis­sion to change per­cep­tions of kinky tex­tured hair around the world. You can find her on social media @klassykinks.

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wait­a­min­ute: the­se are not ban­tu knots, those are “twist­ed mini buns”. that shag­gy, wispy mess–with chop­py bangs, no less–is atro­cious. Palau and Jacobs can have it.

.…..but when you stop to think about it? are ban­tu knots real­ly ours, or did they devel­op simultaneously/independently in Asia and Africa? I mean, why did we call them “Chi­na bumps” in the first place? are the­se proven to have Ben­nett a pre-colo­nial African hair­style? where did Asian wom­en get this style? they are known for very elab­o­rate styling too.

Hair Styles

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The Darling Kinkshamer
The Darling Kinkshamer

Ban­tu knots look so much more chic on us, but that’s just my per­son­al opin­ion. They don’t trans­late into straight thin hair very well for styling pur­pos­es.


If white peo­ple con­sid­er black peo­ple igno­rant and sav­age why are you so obsessed with us? You go to com­plain to the world that you invet­ed every­thing, then why cer­tain always you try to appro­pri­ate the black figure?The truth you hate us but you’re obsessed with us ! If white peo­ple feel so omnipo­tent in this world you must have at least the dig­ni­ty of not being so hyp­o­crit­i­cal!

Jessica mark

What piss­es me off is that the own­er of that blog is kim kar­dashi­ans make­up artist and her son is half black. Just to show you the­se white wom­en want noth­ing more from black men but s3x. You lay on your back for a black man and have his child but you don’t teach your self about black cul­ture etc.

Jessica mark

What piss­es me off is that the own­er of that blog is kim kar­dashi­ans make­up artist and her son is half black. Just to show you the­se white wom­en want noth­ing more from black men but s3x. You lay on your back for a black man and have his child but you don’t teach your self about black cul­ture etc.


Oh please…until marc jacobs, and all the oth­er white high end brands start sell­ing foun­da­tion dark­er than a paperbag, buzz off #team­no­to­pressed­bymy­hairany­more


White peo­ple are too exhaust­ing I swear.

Euro­peans have a his­to­ry which goes back cen­turies for cul­tur­al appro­pri­a­tion. This was my top­ic for my dis­ser­ta­tion when doing my degree in Fash­ion. They descend on our clubs to find out the lat­est dance craze. They vis­it our neigh­bour­hoods to see what we are wear­ing on the streets. They go to our(what use to be)record stores to hear what music we are lis­ten­ing to. They lis­ten to the way we talk, our accents, lin­go, the way we sing then appro­pri­ate those things. The hair­styles the wom­en are wear­ing in the post already did it’s round when Bork Bjorn and… Read more »

And it goes beyond culture–I ran into a White man the oth­er day that was under the impres­sion that White peo­ple invent­ed Med­i­cine, Astron­o­my, Writ­ten Word, and a pletho­ra of oth­er things. This is what they are taught of them­selves, and what they are taught of us! We are worth far more than our aes­thet­ic, which they hate to admit they want!


Omg—someone actu­al­ly knows about Chiney Bump!!!


This whole thing is hys­ter­i­cal to read. My mom used to cal them that!


The­se fash­ion mags do this over and over and over and over again.

They.do.not.care. and I’m glad their ass­es get called out for it. They could not do more to show that they do not val­ue black peo­ple and espe­cial­ly black wom­en, just what­ev­er fea­ture or style we cre­ate and even­tu­al­ly tick­les their fan­cy. I used to be pret­ty inter­est­ed in fash­ion but I was done when I final­ly real­ized how racist and messed up the indus­try is.




Lol Kim­my exs­ten­tions ????????.…too fun­ny

Vinnie Eve

Fuck­ing white peo­ple. smh.


And to think… I used to hear peo­ple say that Black peo­ple have no culture.……I guess that’s because every­one else tries to steal it


Whites have always White­washed, or stolen our cul­ture we should have learned this the moment they told you Whites are native to North Africa LMAO!! This just proves their thiev­ing nature.


Soon they gonna “dis­cov­er a picked out afro and dark skin, put it on white bod­ies as “oh so fash­ion­able ” but ugly on us. White peo­ple stop. Just stop.

Lauren Walker

You called it! Lol You’ve post this 6 months ago..Lol since then a mag­a­zine has done the afro and twist I think..Lol Look at the beau­ty mar­ket now. But­ters and oils are in every­thing because black wom­en are embrac­ing their beau­ty more than ever now and they of course FOLLOW along. It’s crazy that ppls actu­al career is to stalk us. I know they be on YouTube obsess­ing over us. I won­der how much they make. #stalkingisaca­reer­swhile­be­ing­white


They’ve done that already with the perms and spray tans


I don’t know if you guys know this, but after the ini­tial back­lash a lot of nat­u­rals post­ed self­ies wear­ing ban­tu knots to Mane’s fb page. Go there now and they have delet­ed all past posts and com­ments to their page! It’s crazy that instead of acknowl­edg­ing their mis­take, they are try­ing to make it seem like it nev­er hap­pened.


You’re right! I nev­er heard of Mane Addict until now. I went to the site to see if the orig­i­nal post was back, but it’s gone. There was an old­er post about the beau­ty of afros, though. Appar­ent­ly, “Blondes and brunettes alike have sport­ed this look” (fol­lowed by two white mod­els in fash­ion shows). Inter­est­ing.

Frugivore Clarissa

Marc Jacobs didn’t “inspire” ban­tu knots any­more than he inspired corn­rows, or any oth­er hair­style that black peo­ple have been wear­ing for cen­turies. Any­one claim­ing oth­er­wise is clear­ly run­ning out of their own ideas. squint emoti­con

tristan morris

Well i saw an arti­cle yes­ter­day cit­ing white wom­en as the fron­tier forg­ers of the nat­u­ral hair move­ment and of their final­ly embrac­ing their curvy bod­ies and full lips. I can’t make this up.

Lauren Walker

Huh? I know this post is old..but how? The­se ppl are delu­sion­al.


Wow! The­se peo­ple are insane.


WHAT?! Where?


May­be it’s bet­ter we don’t know.


Typ­i­cal, I’m not sur­prised any­more. They did the same things about Tim­ber­lands and corn­rows and Kendall Jen­ner..

R Says

I say round of applause for the com­mu­ni­ty shut­ting it down. Though off top­ic, I’d love to see our voic­es have the same affect on movies and shows that white wash our cul­ture