Have you recently big chopped?  Are you currently transitioning?  Are you in the awkward in-between natural stage?  Whatever your situation, check out these inspirational photos of natural hair journeys around the web.

This photo shows Corrie‘s journey from long and relaxed to big chop to long and natural.


Here is another relaxed to natural collage.  ShyFlyQTPie‘s natural hair is looking full, healthy, and fly three years into her natural journey.


Next up is Sweetpeajessie and her transformation from relaxed tresses to three years of natural.  Check out her big hair!


Aisha Finnih big chopped in 2009.  Her natural journey below spanned three years at the time.

Aisha Finnih

Check out Deepimpact403‘s 3.5 year natural journey in the following collage.


This collage shows Dominque‘s transition from relaxed hair to big chop to a little over two years natural.


Ebony’s (or eclark6) gorgeous mane is all over social media.   This photo shows her seven years worth of growth (with trims in between).


Next up is Kelsey and her three years worth of growth while natural.  (She has recently chopped again.)


Here is a composite of Whitney’s (Naptural85) journey from big chop to approximately five years natural at the the time.


Here is another relaxed to big chop to years (three, in this case) of being natural. (If you know who this lady is, please let us know in the comments below.)  Update: It’s Annettemint! You can find her on Instagram @annettemint.


Where are you in your natural hair journey?


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[…] 10 Inspirational Photos of Amazing Natural Hair Journeys – Whatever your situation, check out these inspirational photos of natural hair journeys around the web. This photo shows Corrie‘s journey from long and relaxed to big chop to … shows her seven years worth of growth (with trims in between). […]


[…] Wassup wassup wassup my fellow naturalistas. I can ‘t believe it’s finals week like whaaaaaaaa??!!! Hope everyone has been preparing. I really haven’t too much, especially since I saw Beyoncé in concert this weekend. It was literally a dream come true. The fact that it was in her hometown, Houston, was the icing on the cake. I’m kind of sad this is technically my last blog post of the semester. Therefore, I’m gonna make it about my natural hair journey. […]

Ana Lúcia

I just did my big chop omg cant wait to see my natural hair growth

I am really jealous of these amazing natural hair-having goddesses, and I am glad I’m not the only one that hasn’t seen this kind of growth! I’ve been natural for nearly 6 years and my hair barely reaches my shoulders. It’s got a very tight curl pattern and I am still dealing with a lot of stress related breakage. It also definitely grows up, not out or even down, so it looks more shorter. I’ve kind of embraced this, but I’m also frustrated with the constant breakage. I know I could do better in my regiment in some places (like… Read more »
Soffy Peart

Check your diet. Does it have a lot of inflammatory foods like meat, dairy, gluten etc?


out of all of those just meat because i have got a lot of allergies so i cant have diary and gluten. I think imy anaemia and allergies do greatly affect my hair growth though


Is it necessary to do a big chop to see that kind of growth? I transitioned my natural hair (kept cutting off the permed ends over time) and after 5+ years of being natural I don’t even see bra strap length. Another thing to note I guess is that during undergrad (4 years) my hair was in braids 90% of the time.

Vivian Jackson

Aww thank you for featuring me (annettemint). 🙂


I’m at that awkward stage of short/medium length fro that doesn’t seem to grow, but I’m trying to be patient. Plus, I feel utterly confused and am lost in hair care taking. HELP!


haha pictures like this make me so sad because ive started taking care of my natural hair for about two years and my hair has grown about the length of her 1 year of the third one lol. So unfair. I do everything im supposed to haha


I’ve been going at this thing for 4 yrs and I’m not even at armpit length. My hair grows slow i don’t know when it will take me to get to armpit length.


Have you tried multivitamins and drinking water? They can help if your at a standstill


I’m 3.5 years along and arm-pit length blownout, probably BSL straight


Very inspiring. I think Naturally High and GeraldinetheGreat should be on here too. They both went from twa to waist length in a matter of 3-4 years.


Absolutely love it. Here is mine. All it takes is patience and loving care.


Wow! How inspirational!!!! Keep at it Phoxxie 🙂


Thanks. I definitely will. Its been in mini twists for the last 3 weeks and i’m missing it already lol.


Wow, this is super motivating! My hair is growing relatively fast, but I haven’t been natural long so I’ve been sooooo impatient, but this ladies did it, I can too.


I’m not sure but I think that is YouTuber annettemint.