Have you recent­ly big chopped?  Are you cur­rent­ly tran­si­tion­ing?  Are you in the awk­ward in-between nat­ur­al stage?  What­ev­er your sit­u­a­tion, check out these inspi­ra­tional pho­tos of nat­ur­al hair jour­neys around the web.

This pho­to shows Cor­rie’s jour­ney from long and relaxed to big chop to long and nat­ur­al.


Here is anoth­er relaxed to nat­ur­al col­lage.  ShyFly­QT­Pie’s nat­ur­al hair is look­ing full, healthy, and fly three years into her nat­ur­al jour­ney.


Next up is Sweet­pea­jessie and her trans­for­ma­tion from relaxed tress­es to three years of nat­ur­al.  Check out her big hair!


Aisha Finnih big chopped in 2009.  Her nat­ur­al jour­ney below spanned three years at the time.

Aisha Finnih

Check out Deep­im­pact403’s 3.5 year nat­ur­al jour­ney in the fol­low­ing col­lage.


This col­lage shows Dom­inque’s tran­si­tion from relaxed hair to big chop to a lit­tle over two years nat­ur­al.


Ebony’s (or eclark6) gor­geous mane is all over social media.   This pho­to shows her sev­en years worth of growth (with trims in between).


Next up is Kelsey and her three years worth of growth while nat­ur­al.  (She has recent­ly chopped again.)


Here is a com­pos­ite of Whitney’s (Nap­tural85) jour­ney from big chop to approx­i­mate­ly five years nat­ur­al at the the time.


Here is anoth­er relaxed to big chop to years (three, in this case) of being nat­ur­al. (If you know who this lady is, please let us know in the com­ments below.)  Update: It’s Annet­temint! You can find her on Insta­gram @annettemint.


Where are you in your nat­ur­al hair jour­ney?


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[…] 10 Inspi­ra­tional Pho­tos of Amaz­ing Nat­ur­al Hair Jour­neys – What­ev­er your sit­u­a­tion, check out these inspi­ra­tional pho­tos of nat­ur­al hair jour­neys around the web. This pho­to shows Corrie‘s jour­ney from long and relaxed to big chop to … shows her sev­en years worth of growth (with trims in between). […]


[…] Was­sup was­sup was­sup my fel­low nat­u­ral­is­tas. I can ‘t believe it’s finals week like whaaaaaaaa??!!! Hope every­one has been prepar­ing. I real­ly haven’t too much, espe­cial­ly since I saw Bey­on­cé in con­cert this week­end. It was lit­er­al­ly a dream come true. The fact that it was in her home­town, Hous­ton, was the icing on the cake. I’m kind of sad this is tech­ni­cal­ly my last blog post of the semes­ter. There­fore, I’m gonna make it about my nat­ur­al hair jour­ney. […]

Ana Lúcia

I just did my big chop omg cant wait to see my nat­ur­al hair growth

I am real­ly jeal­ous of these amaz­ing nat­ur­al hair-hav­ing god­dess­es, and I am glad I’m not the only one that hasn’t seen this kind of growth! I’ve been nat­ur­al for near­ly 6 years and my hair bare­ly reach­es my shoul­ders. It’s got a very tight curl pat­tern and I am still deal­ing with a lot of stress relat­ed break­age. It also def­i­nite­ly grows up, not out or even down, so it looks more short­er. I’ve kind of embraced this, but I’m also frus­trat­ed with the con­stant break­age. I know I could do bet­ter in my reg­i­ment in some places (like… Read more »
Soffy Peart

Check your diet. Does it have a lot of inflam­ma­to­ry foods like meat, dairy, gluten etc?


out of all of those just meat because i have got a lot of aller­gies so i cant have diary and gluten. I think imy anaemia and aller­gies do great­ly affect my hair growth though


Is it nec­es­sary to do a big chop to see that kind of growth? I tran­si­tioned my nat­ur­al hair (kept cut­ting off the permed ends over time) and after 5+ years of being nat­ur­al I don’t even see bra strap length. Anoth­er thing to note I guess is that dur­ing under­grad (4 years) my hair was in braids 90% of the time.

Vivian Jackson

Aww thank you for fea­tur­ing me (annet­temint). :)


I’m at that awk­ward stage of short/medium length fro that doesn’t seem to grow, but I’m try­ing to be patient. Plus, I feel utter­ly con­fused and am lost in hair care tak­ing. HELP!


haha pic­tures like this make me so sad because ive start­ed tak­ing care of my nat­ur­al hair for about two years and my hair has grown about the length of her 1 year of the third one lol. So unfair. I do every­thing im sup­posed to haha


I’ve been going at this thing for 4 yrs and I’m not even at armpit length. My hair grows slow i don’t know when it will take me to get to armpit length.


I’m 3.5 years along and arm-pit length blownout, prob­a­bly BSL straight


Very inspir­ing. I think Nat­u­ral­ly High and Geraldinethe­Great should be on here too. They both went from twa to waist length in a mat­ter of 3–4 years.


Absolute­ly love it. Here is mine. All it takes is patience and lov­ing care.


Wow! How inspi­ra­tional!!!! Keep at it Phoxxie :)


Thanks. I def­i­nite­ly will. Its been in mini twists for the last 3 weeks and i’m miss­ing it already lol.


Wow, this is super moti­vat­ing! My hair is grow­ing rel­a­tive­ly fast, but I haven’t been nat­ur­al long so I’ve been sooooo impa­tient, but this ladies did it, I can too.


I’m not sure but I think that is YouTu­ber annet­temint.