Is nat­ur­al hair blog­ger IgboCurls on to some­thing?

She recent­ly post­ed three side-by-side pho­tos of her hair over the course of two and a half years, but instead of high­light­ing the length she ref­er­enced the vol­ume.

“I love #length­checks but I’m obsessed with #vol­ume #nat­u­ral­hair #progress #healthy­hair #nat­u­ralvol­ume #igbocurls”

I love #length­checks but I’m obsessed with #vol­ume #nat­u­ral­hair #progress #healthy­hair #nat­u­ralvol­ume #igbocurls

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We are lov­ing this and it makes so much sense. Although length can be an indi­ca­tor of hair progress, vol­ume might be more accu­rate for many hair types since curls and coils grow out instead of straight down. And if you con­sid­er how shrink­age obscures the length of nat­ur­al hair while con­tribut­ing to full­ness, it makes even more sense. 

What are your thoughts ladies? Do you think vol­ume checks make more sense than length checks? Why or why not?

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Crmy Coco

Great goobly­gobs! Look at all of that hair!


Per­son­al­ly my hair just nev­er “mea­sured up” to the length checks and now vol­ume checks. Com­par­ing my very kinky thin hair to some of these gor­geous heads made me feel that after 4 years I had achieved zilch so I relaxed my hair????

Nicole L. Mack

Why do things have to be one or the oth­er? Vol­ume check or length check they both track the pro­gres­sion of a healthy hair jour­ney.


I’m total­ly with her on the vol­ume train. I’ve been try­ing to achieve more vol­ume with my styles because my hair is kinky coily and the only way I’ve found to do that is by styling with my leave-in & seal­ing with oil, ALONE. Oth­er­wise, any styling creams, but­ters, or gels, give me great def­i­n­i­tion, but no volume…*sIgh* nat­ur­al hair woes.

Robin Jackson

that shot of May 2015 is just BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin Jackson

that may 2015 shot is just BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugonna Wosu

This is basi­cal­ly still a length check. Her hair is big­ger, because it got longer.


Lola B.
I men­tioned this mat­ter the oth­er day… I was say­ing how my hair seems to be get­ting thick­er rather than grow­ing. I’ve been nat­ur­al for 4 years now and was a lit­tle wor­ried as to why it seemed that my hair wasn’t grow­ing! So, now it all make sense and IT’S OKAY! LOL!


that’s my new mantra — think BIG not long! since i don’t plan to straight­en my hair ever again it works for me!

Natural Power of Her Blog

Good idea!! If you hard­ly wear your hair straight it makes more sense for vol­ume checks. I love that our hair has vol­ume and def­i­nite­ly anoth­er way to show progress!! but as stat­ed pre­vi­ous­ly if your hair doesn’t have vol­ume don’t let that get you down. Reg­u­lar length checks are just as good


I like big fros and I can­not lie. You oth­er nat­u­rals can’t deny. lol
The Lord knew what He was doing by giv­ing me tight curls instead of loose or straight hair. They have to work so hard to get vol­ume.


I love this. I nev­er thought to take pic­tures. I have always known my hair grows out first then down from the sheer vol­ume of my hair. Trade­mark lady trade­mark!

Amy Limb

Very good dis­cus­sion and arti­cle. Very pos­i­tive feed­back over­all HOWEVER, I share in @lolaaikins:disqus com­ment on den­si­ty of hair over­all and of indi­vid­ual strands. I have coily hair but also fine strands and medi­um den­si­ty. I have defi­nate­ly seen my hair appear thick­er as it has been grow­ing but “vol­ume checks” would be dis­cour­ag­ing if I looked to that as a major indi­ca­tor of health. I ensure there are no split ends, it isn’t dry, my scalp is looked after, etc. Those are my hair health checks.


Just as we have rede­fined the method­ol­o­gy, so must we also rede­fine the vocab­u­lary we use for Afro-tex­tured hair. I think this is a great lit­tle step towards estab­lish­ing the val­ue of this hair tex­ture inde­pen­dent­ly of any oth­er hair tex­ture.


This is such a great per­spec­tive! Thanks for shar­ing this!


Inter­est­ing per­spec­tive. Instead of judg­ing growth by length stan­dards that require stretch­ing or straight­en­ing, we can exploit a volu­mi­nous tex­ture and judge it by that char­ac­ter­is­tic instead. That might help nat­u­rals strive for health­i­er, fuller hair instead of hair thinned by manip­u­la­tion that hap­pens to be long.


Well said!! My daughter’s long type 4 hair has an insane amount of shrink­age and while she loves her big fluffy hair she also desires for her true length to show at times. Espe­cial­ly with class­mates who are very curi­ous about her hair and how it would look straight­ened. I will def­i­nite­ly share this per­spec­tive with her. Great dis­cus­sion.

Milos Mom

Yes. Yes. Yes. After hav­ing dread­locks for 15 years and cut­ting my hair to start a new unmod­i­fied with 1/2 an inch­es, I have come to real­ize that I can’t look at length the say way because of my gor­geous coils, but rather body and full­ness is my indi­ca­tor of growth and health. I want BIG hair because that is exact­ly with my hair is in it’s absolute nat­ur­al state. So I am total­ly game for vol­ume checks. Bring it!


I think they do make more sense because if you rarely or nev­er wear your hair straight length is not real­ly notice­able, but your hair will notice­ably get big­ger as it grows.

Lola Aikins

With vol­ume some peo­ple don’t have hair as dense or strands as thick as some so some peo­ple might not get vol­ume like in that pic­ture . Though I thinks good peo­ple shouldn’t wor­ry is their hair doesn’t have that much vol­ume


I cer­tain­ly can tell my hair grows by mea­sur­ing its vol­ume. My hair has major shrink­age and it’s hard try­ing to accu­rate­ly mea­sure using tape. There’s no guess­ing in vol­ume. My hair grows up and out, too. I can see the growth with­out all the guess work.