Disturbing: Video of Police Officer Brutally Restraining 15-Year-Old Black Girl Goes Viral


A word of warning… the video below is very disturbing.

Details are still coming out about what exactly transpired at the Craig Ranch Community, a gated community in the Dallas area, but a video of the events is shocking people nationwide. A diverse group of teens were having a party at Craig Ranch’s pool when McKinney Texas police were called after a fight broke out, and because some residents felt the teens were trespassing. According to news reports police arrived after the fight ended and attempted to round the teens up. By the time the camera starts rolling, the police are simultaneously rounding up teens and telling others to disperse.

One young black woman seems to question the officer and what follows is quite disturbing. He grabs her by the hair and arm and slams her to the ground. He then pins her there with his knee in her back and pushes her head down whenever she lifts it. Surrounding teens are bewildered and visibly upset by the officer’s actions. Perhaps even more disturbing there are adults there who simply watch and meander as the cop is overly aggressive with the young woman, who is sobbing on the ground.

The coverage of this event is equally troubling. If you Google the headlines, a lot of the focus is on the cop pulling a gun on two unarmed teen boys. Few specifically reference how lawlessly aggressive he was with a petite, bikini-clad (and clearly unarmed) young black woman. I even read a story where the girl’s “mouthiness” is set forth as possible justification for the officer’s action. But in an interview with CNN legal analyst and trial attorney Paul Callan made it clear that the officer’s actions are way out of line;

“The officer’s treatment of the girl “appears to be punishment for her attitude rather than for the commission of any crime and does not appear to be supported by probable cause or even reasonable suspicion,” he added. “It appears to be an illegal and unconstitutional arrest and detention.””

A few weeks back we posted about a group of black women who marched topless in San Francisco to protest the killing of unarmed black women by police. Some people felt their actions were unnecessary and crass, but when police violence against a young, black girl does not warrant focused coverage, it becomes clear why many black women feel that desperate measures are necessary to call attention.

Another troubling aspect of this video is the treatment of black teens versus white and non-black teens. The young man who shot the video, Brandon Brooks, is a white teen who attended the pool party. In an email interview with NBC he noted that only black kids were targeted:

“When I started the video was right after all the kids who got put on the ground had gotten up and ran away. The cop was chasing after all those kids just putting every black person he saw on the ground.”

Ryan Nave, a news editor at the Jackson Free Press who often covers police and crime, gave his insight on the clear racism on display in the video;

“Notice how close the officers let white people get to them. First, it was the presumably white camera operator who walked up and handed the officer his flashlight, which was met with thanks. Then there’s the larger gentleman who seems to be by the officer’s side at every step. Based on the khaki shirt, I guess he could be a deputy but he doesn’t seem to be performing any law enforcement duties. There’s a white parent who’s talking to some of the children who are seated. By contrast, every single thing with brown skin (which there’s a lot of because everyone is wearing bathing suits) that gets within 15 feet of this guy is yelled at, ordered to go across the street, lectured, roughed up or, MOST HORRIFYINGLY, pointed a loaded weapon at.”

Very troubling.

Ladies, what are your thoughts on all this?

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56 thoughts on “Disturbing: Video of Police Officer Brutally Restraining 15-Year-Old Black Girl Goes Viral

  1. Yes, who is the big fat white guy in shorts pushing people around and shadowing the cop…it would be a great service to identify him and open him up to some comments from the free world…he really grosses me out..and LISTEN, it is NOT against the law to say something to a cop or even to yell at a cop…a lot of the absolute loser comments here think the young woman giving “mouth” to the cop deserved to be assaulted as she was…you must be kidding or you are just to stupid about the law, as it is NOT against any law to “talk back” to a police officer, even in Texas. Those of you who think that girl saying something to that stupid cop means that she should have been beaten down and arrested are as stupid at least as that stupid cop…sing this song to the tune of “I’m to sexy”…sing “I’m to stupid to make comments”…because really, you are.

  2. There’s been an update to the story: I just read an online NY Times article where there’s a statement from the cop’s lawyer/solicitor and apparently he’s resigned following threats… With full pension and benefits of course.

  3. This officer was getting off on that young girl. Other footage shows him on top of her with both knees, copping a feel and suffocating her. Men like him are sexually aroused by females they hate, S&MBondagekkkcop

  4. I was primed to take the cops’ side before watching this video. After I watched the whole thing and realized that this guy was on some sort of power trip. Just look at how his colleagues responded compared to him. Notice how they had to stop him from shooting that boy. And it was the big girl in shorts that yelled at him so why tackle little bikini girl except to make an example of her?

    You’re probably a troll, but in case you are reps pending seriously, go look at the video again. Also, listen to the account given by the boy who shot the video.

  5. This is really disturbing. But I’ll say something that is very true and I know because I am black and I know black ppl. Our key problem is our attitude, how we handle situations like this. We are wayyy too aggressive and confrontational for our own good. I bet that girl said something inflammatory to the policeman. When an officer confronts a white person that white person is often very compliant. The black person however is often not. We get aggressive and confrontational. That’s the problem. Next problem also is we are victims of what too many black ppl have done in the past and our natural aggression would never help us. Now if someone wants to dispute that black ppl by nature are not aggressive they are in denial.

    • Are you serious? You’re spouting Racist Tropes 101, and you’re going to act like you speak for all Black people?

      We’re not naturally aggressive, our culture embodies a lack of fear for confrontation, unlike passive-aggressive White culture. I have watched White people be noncompliant with police. I have watched videos of them rioting and looting and destroying property over a sports game.

      She said nothing inflammatory, and even if she did, how the hell is that grounds for being thrown to the ground and brutalized by a supposed officer of the law? What 14 y/o do you know that doesn’t talk back, Black or White?

      You sound like yet another White troll in Blackface, and I hope that somehow, you overcome your mindnumbing ignorance.

    • So very true! If you notice all.the white people stepped back and were not running like crazy animals. It’s funny when black people think they can get aggressive and attitudy, but then play the victim when they get handled. She was told several times to leave, which she felt she had no need to listen to authority. Personally I don’t feel sorry for her, because she was very mouthy, disrespectful, rude, and non compliant. Whoever, gave her the idea to disrespect authority is obviously wrong. She was also resisting arrest and was not allowing herself to be restrained, which obviously the cop had to use more force to handcuff her. Black people set a bad reputation for themselves and unfortunately these are the consequences. You wanna be big and bad, well don’t cry now baby girl!!

    • So the police officer just couldn’t keep himself from ASSAULTING the girl! Also, what does melanin have to do with aggression?


    How is it that White people online are so comfortable saying racist and misogynistic things, but in-person, they’ll deny their bigotry til kingdom come?

  7. If you notice all.the white people are not running around like crazy animals in this video. This girl was told several times to get out of there, which she obviously felt the need to disregard. She was very rude, attitudy, non compliant, and disrespectful. She should have just done as she was told and all of that would of been prevented. But no of course she feels like she doesn’t have to listen to.authority, which is clearly wrong. She was resisting arrest as well, which makes the police officer have to use more force to apprehend her. I’m sorry but black people set the stage for this type of abuse to happen to them, by acting the way they act and maintaining this attitude towards white people or cops in general. They feel as though they don’t have to respect authority, and then when they get handled they wanna play the victim role and scream racism. She should of took her little unruly a** home, and put some clothes on, instead she chose the hard route. You wanna be big and bad and disrespectful, don’t cry now baby girl!

  8. This is indeed very sad to see yet another white cop assaulting a black young girl at that. She is obviously a very petitie stature and her problem was her mouth. She should not have been back talking to the officer but people of all races talk back. If the officer could not handle her attitde then he should not be an officer. She was unarmed and did not cause any crime. He treated her like she was a criminal pulling her hair, tossing her to the ground, and putting his knee on top of her head. This man is obviously racist, as he was only targeting black people at this function. Only black people were yelled at aggressively with foul language and told to “move their asses” and treated like vermin. This man shall reap what he sows. He will be a plague to his family and karma will find him. He has to answer to God for his wrongdoing. I pray for those individuals and families that fall prejudice to this type of treatment. This world is coming to an end.

  9. Interesting that your word choices are the same as the poster “Daniela” below, and that you compared Black people to crazy animals.

    Einstein said that a lack of justice for one group eventually leads to a lack of justice for all. I can’t wait until White America gets theirs

  10. This truly makes me sad. This is clearly police brutality and quite possibly racism. We all know darn well that white 14-year-old girls of the suburbs are never aggressively handled like this when cops come to break up a white party (if cops would even come to break up a white party, that is). This girl and her family need to file a law suit. They have potential for a case.

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