A word of warn­ing… the video below is very dis­turbing.

Details are still com­ing out about what exact­ly tran­spired at the Craig Ranch Com­mu­ni­ty, a gat­ed com­mu­ni­ty in the Dal­las area, but a video of the events is shock­ing peo­ple nation­wide. A diverse group of teens were hav­ing a par­ty at Craig Ranch’s pool when McK­in­ney Tex­as police were called after a fight broke out, and because some res­i­dents felt the teens were tres­pass­ing. Accord­ing to news reports police arrived after the fight end­ed and attempt­ed to round the teens up. By the time the cam­era starts rolling, the police are simul­ta­ne­ous­ly round­ing up teens and telling oth­ers to dis­perse.

One young black wom­an seems to ques­tion the offi­cer and what fol­lows is quite dis­turbing. He grabs her by the hair and arm and slams her to the ground. He then pins her there with his knee in her back and push­es her head down when­ev­er she lifts it. Sur­round­ing teens are bewil­dered and vis­i­bly upset by the officer’s actions. Per­haps even more dis­turbing there are adults there who sim­ply watch and mean­der as the cop is over­ly aggres­sive with the young wom­an, who is sob­bing on the ground.

The cov­er­age of this event is equal­ly trou­bling. If you Google the head­li­nes, a lot of the focus is on the cop pulling a gun on two unarmed teen boys. Few specif­i­cal­ly ref­er­ence how law­less­ly aggres­sive he was with a petite, bikini-clad (and clear­ly unarmed) young black wom­an. I even read a sto­ry where the girl’s “mouthi­ness” is set forth as pos­si­ble jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for the officer’s action. But in an inter­view with CNN legal ana­lyst and tri­al attor­ney Paul Callan made it clear that the officer’s actions are way out of line;

“The officer’s treat­ment of the girl “appears to be pun­ish­ment for her atti­tude rather than for the com­mis­sion of any crime and does not appear to be sup­port­ed by prob­a­ble cause or even rea­son­able sus­pi­cion,” he added. “It appears to be an ille­gal and uncon­sti­tu­tion­al arrest and deten­tion.””

A few weeks back we post­ed about a group of black wom­en who marched top­less in San Fran­cis­co to protest the killing of unarmed black wom­en by police. Some peo­ple felt their actions were unnec­es­sary and crass, but when police vio­lence again­st a young, black girl does not war­rant focused cov­er­age, it becomes clear why many black wom­en feel that des­per­ate mea­sures are nec­es­sary to call atten­tion.

Anoth­er trou­bling aspect of this video is the treat­ment of black teens ver­sus white and non-black teens. The young man who shot the video, Bran­don Brooks, is a white teen who attend­ed the pool par­ty. In an email inter­view with NBC he not­ed that only black kids were tar­get­ed:

“When I start­ed the video was right after all the kids who got put on the ground had got­ten up and ran away. The cop was chas­ing after all those kids just putting every black per­son he saw on the ground.”

Ryan Nave, a news edi­tor at the Jack­son Free Press who often cov­ers police and crime, gave his insight on the clear racism on dis­play in the video;

“Notice how close the offi­cers let white peo­ple get to them. First, it was the pre­sum­ably white cam­era oper­a­tor who walked up and hand­ed the offi­cer his flash­light, which was met with thanks. Then there’s the larg­er gen­tle­man who seems to be by the officer’s side at every step. Based on the khaki shirt, I guess he could be a deputy but he doesn’t seem to be per­form­ing any law enforce­ment duties. There’s a white par­ent who’s talk­ing to some of the chil­dren who are seat­ed. By con­trast, every sin­gle thing with brown skin (which there’s a lot of because every­one is wear­ing bathing suits) that gets with­in 15 feet of this guy is yelled at, ordered to go across the street, lec­tured, roughed up or, MOST HORRIFYINGLY, point­ed a load­ed weapon at.”

Very trou­bling.

Ladies, what are your thoughts on all this?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­lis­te, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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This tru­ly makes me sad. This is clear­ly police bru­tal­i­ty and quite pos­si­bly racism. We all know darn well that white 14-year-old girls of the sub­urbs are nev­er aggres­sive­ly han­dled like this when cops come to break up a white par­ty (if cops would even come to break up a white par­ty, that is). This girl and her fam­i­ly need to file a law suit. They have poten­tial for a case.


Inter­est­ing that your word choic­es are the same as the poster “Daniela” below, and that you com­pared Black peo­ple to crazy ani­mals.

Ein­stein said that a lack of jus­tice for one group even­tu­al­ly leads to a lack of jus­tice for all. I can’t wait until White Amer­i­ca gets theirs

This is indeed very sad to see yet anoth­er white cop assault­ing a black young girl at that. She is obvi­ous­ly a very peti­tie stature and her prob­lem was her mouth. She should not have been back talk­ing to the offi­cer but peo­ple of all races talk back. If the offi­cer could not han­dle her attit­de then he should not be an offi­cer. She was unarmed and did not cause any crime. He treat­ed her like she was a crim­i­nal pulling her hair, toss­ing her to the ground, and putting his knee on top of her head. This man is… Read more »
If you notice all.the white peo­ple are not run­ning around like crazy ani­mals in this video. This girl was told sev­er­al times to get out of there, which she obvi­ous­ly felt the need to dis­re­gard. She was very rude, atti­tudy, non com­pli­ant, and dis­re­spect­ful. She should have just done as she was told and all of that would of been pre­vent­ed. But no of course she feels like she doesn’t have to lis­ten to.authority, which is clear­ly wrong. She was resist­ing arrest as well, which makes the police offi­cer have to use more force to appre­hend her. I’m sor­ry but… Read more »


How is it that White peo­ple online are so com­fort­able say­ing racist and misog­y­nis­tic things, but in-per­son, they’ll deny their big­otry til king­dom come?


Was this sar­casm? You don’t actu­al­ly think that right?

Martha Ashwood
This is real­ly dis­turbing. But I’ll say some­thing that is very true and I know because I am black and I know black ppl. Our key prob­lem is our atti­tude, how we han­dle sit­u­a­tions like this. We are wayyy too aggres­sive and con­fronta­tion­al for our own good. I bet that girl said some­thing inflam­ma­to­ry to the police­man. When an offi­cer con­fronts a white per­son that white per­son is often very com­pli­ant. The black per­son how­ev­er is often not. We get aggres­sive and con­fronta­tion­al. That’s the prob­lem. Next prob­lem also is we are vic­tims of what too many black ppl have… Read more »

So the police offi­cer just couldn’t keep him­self from ASSAULTING the girl! Also, what does melan­in have to do with aggres­sion?


You are too dumb too to be alive…God help us.

So very true! If you notice all.the white peo­ple stepped back and were not run­ning like crazy ani­mals. It’s fun­ny when black peo­ple think they can get aggres­sive and atti­tudy, but then play the vic­tim when they get han­dled. She was told sev­er­al times to leave, which she felt she had no need to lis­ten to author­i­ty. Per­son­al­ly I don’t feel sor­ry for her, because she was very mouthy, dis­re­spect­ful, rude, and non com­pli­ant. Who­ev­er, gave her the idea to dis­re­spect author­i­ty is obvi­ous­ly wrong. She was also resist­ing arrest and was not allow­ing her­self to be restrained, which obvi­ous­ly… Read more »
Are you seri­ous? You’re spout­ing Racist Tropes 101, and you’re going to act like you speak for all Black peo­ple? We’re not nat­u­ral­ly aggres­sive, our cul­ture embod­ies a lack of fear for con­fronta­tion, unlike pas­sive-aggres­sive White cul­ture. I have watched White peo­ple be non­com­pli­ant with police. I have watched videos of them riot­ing and loot­ing and destroy­ing prop­er­ty over a sports game.  She said noth­ing inflam­ma­to­ry, and even if she did, how the hell is that grounds for being thrown to the ground and bru­tal­ized by a sup­posed offi­cer of the law? What 14 y/o do you know that doesn’t… Read more »
I was primed to take the cops’ side before watch­ing this video. After I watched the whole thing and real­ized that this guy was on some sort of pow­er trip. Just look at how his col­leagues respond­ed com­pared to him. Notice how they had to stop him from shoot­ing that boy. And it was the big girl in shorts that yelled at him so why tack­le lit­tle bikini girl except to make an exam­ple of her? You’re prob­a­bly a troll, but in case you are reps pend­ing seri­ous­ly, go look at the video again. Also, lis­ten to the account given by… Read more »

This offi­cer was get­ting off on that young girl. Oth­er footage shows him on top of her with both knees, cop­ping a feel and suf­fo­cat­ing her. Men like him are sex­u­al­ly aroused by females they hate, S&MBondagekkkcop


There’s been an update to the sto­ry: I just read an online NY Times arti­cle where there’s a state­ment from the cop’s lawyer/solicitor and appar­ent­ly he’s resigned fol­low­ing threats… With full pen­sion and ben­e­fits of course.

Turtle Heart
Yes, who is the big fat white guy in shorts push­ing peo­ple around and shad­ow­ing the cop…it would be a great ser­vice to iden­ti­fy him and open him up to some com­ments from the free world…he real­ly gross­es me out..and LISTEN, it is NOT again­st the law to say some­thing to a cop or even to yell at a cop…a lot of the absolute loser com­ments here think the young wom­an giv­ing “mouth” to the cop deserved to be assault­ed as she was…you must be kid­ding or you are just to stu­pid about the law, as it is NOT again­st… Read more »

bot­tom line: If you can’t han­dle 14 year old kids… may­be you shouldn’t be a cop. Just like if you can’t han­dle some­one who you find “men­ac­ing”, I’m sure you can find a job as a secu­ri­ty guard in a retire­ment com­mu­ni­ty. The­se peo­ple should be trained bet­ter on how to car­ry them­selves to fos­ter reli­a­bil­i­ty and trust in the ENTIRE com­mu­ni­ty. peri­od. Think­ing you are enti­tled to treat kids or minori­ties, or wom­en etc. as if they are not peo­ple is just…
I’m in Chi­na right now and I’m not sure I feel safe com­ing back

Robert Gehrking

Pro­duct of EBT pro­gram.
That 14 year old girl was HUGE!
She looked to be at least 6 feet tall, prob­a­bly 160 pounds.
With those long arms and legs and her fer­al, hood upbringing.…she could kick most peo­ples ass­es!
I wouldn’t want to get near her…SCARY!

Kerisha Thomas
Which part are you not in agree­ment with,filing com­plaints again­st an offi­cer is your right.if you have been harmed suing is the Amer­i­can way . peo­ple often file law­suits again­st the munic­i­pal­i­ty, which we all pay for with our tax­es. File suit again­st the indi­vid­u­al they will get it.i don’t care how many go fund me accounts are set for the­se racist cops.even there white knights don’t have deep pock­ets, if we keep brin­ing them to court civil­ly since we can’t get jus­tice crim­i­nal­ly. Being sassy does not war­rant police brutality,nor a vio­la­tion of your civil rights.

Thank you, just thank you. I was begin­ning to think I was crazy and dreamed I saw all that

What were you watch­ing?? This girl was “sassy” I’m your words AFTER she had been vio­lent­ly flung to the ground say­ing to “call my mom­ma” repeat­ed­ly. Any one would be upset. Before the we only see her being grabbed and thrown from a dis­tance, you can­not hear her at all so how would you know she was rude and deserved it. Btw no unarmed harm­less teenager deserves this treat­ment. Many of the teens ar hang­ing around because their friends of fam­i­ly mem­bers are being mis­treat­ed and they don’t want to leave them. You can clear­ly hear a boy say­ing “that… Read more »
Robert Gehrking

Go watch some “knock out game” videos of you unarmed black kids, and see if you think black kids are harm­less!!!

Antoinette Marie Cooper-Martin
Antoinette Marie Cooper-Martin

YOu could not have watched the WHOLE video. The man han­dled young lady actu­al­ly walked away from the scene. The police offi­cer ran up on her while she was leav­ing.

Ebony Lakiya

I do not think she watched the whole video.. She sees what she wants to see.

Krystal Kemp

This is tru­ly sad and yet we have indi­vid­u­als debat­ing on the duty of the police was to bring order in fact there was no order being brought only I high strung officee who clear­ly was already tar­get­ing the youth. He even pulled a weapon on kids and a fel­low offi­cer on tape grabbed his hand and told him to calm down. And for those that are agree­ing with the sopho­moric behav­ior then you need to wake up because you are clear­ly in a state of igno­rant sleep


“Aggres­sive­ly man­han­dled” and “girl” should not even be used in the same sen­tence. Even if she was mouthy she clear­ly was not a threat to the offi­cers life. Inex­cus­able.



Are you a troll? How can police bru­tal­li­ty be so nor­mal to you? I’m just asking…I read an arti­cle on dig­i­tal black face so that got me won­der­ing..

Ebony Lakiya

Ignore zankiea.. Seems like a house &&&&

Wooooowwwwww Zenkiea Hjer­pe, I don’t even know where to start. I just can’t believe you would even try to jus­ti­fy police bru­tal­li­ty towards unarmed under­aged teens! I’m even more DISGUSTED at the way you try to put the blame on the­se kids! The­se are teens! They are obvi­ous­ly young and imma­ture, and even if they talked back at the offi­cer no one dis­erves to be treat­ed that way, to be dragged on the floor like that,having an arm point­ed at them! If it were white kids hav­ing a pool par­ty, we all know non of this abuse, humil­i­a­tion and vio­lence… Read more »
I am hor­ri­fied at what I just wit­nessed in this video and ANYONE, jus­ti­fy­ing the actions of that police offi­cer need to seek ther­a­py and sched­ule them­selves in for an eye test PRONTO. That is a clear exam­ple of police bru­tal­i­ty. It is not a crime to “talk back” or “have an atti­tude” espe­cial­ly when one is all of 14 years of age and clear­ly not a threat to any­one. Push­ing any­one down, man, wom­an or child is NOT accept­able in this man­ner UNLESS, they have been phys­i­cal­ly aggres­sive or are car­ry­ing a harm­ful weapon. I am so dis­gust­ed by… Read more »

If they were white, no one would care.

Krystal Kemp

If they were white black green yel­low I would care this is a human being just as the man in Cal­i­for­nia the per­son in Ari­zona race is that traf­fic it is only when we focus on the col­or of the cars that we lose sight to the prin­ci­ples that impacts our human­i­ty


True–’cause the cops would have nev­er treat­ed them the same way.

Jessica Bailey
I dis­agree Zenkiea. The first instant where the teen boys are told to sit their a**es in the grass which is COMPLETELY dis­re­spect­ful and uncalled for, the boys are being extreme­ly polite. Even using the word sir out of respect. Just because they are police doesn’t give them the right to be dis­re­speft­ful and unruly. We expect them as the pro­tec­tors of our soci­ety to be bet­ter than the sit­u­a­tions they are faced with. The­se police offi­cers were not. And where do you hear him telling the teenage girls to please leave? He clear­ly says “get your a** gone”. He… Read more »

The police offi­cer was not calm or respect­ful. He was very foul mouthed, except when talk­ing to the white teenager that hand­ed him a flash­light. He then said “thank you”. Are we com­ment­ing on the same video? I don’t know what’s sick­er, white suprema­cy in this coun­try, or the blacks (like you) that take up for and excuse their behav­ior. .….smh.….


Hmm…when did phys­i­cal­ly restrain­ing some­one because of their mouth become okay? The bot­tom line is that the sit­u­a­tion could have been han­dled bet­ter. We all have a right to speech. Noth­ing in this video was jus­ti­fied by the cops’ action.


If that girl was white that offi­cer would have nev­er treat­ed her so harsh­ly. Zenkiea, you must be wear­ing a spe­cial pair of rose col­ored lens­es to view the video. Please take them off and review the video. Thanks.



Zenkiea Hjerpe
Total­ly dis­agree Ker­isha. Alisa your right on. The­se police were there to bring order from a chaotic sit­u­a­tion. Some of the kids had no respect what­so­ev­er for elder ship and for author­i­ty. Those Police were being so calm and respect­ful as pos­si­ble to dis­re­spect­ful teenagers who were mouthing off and not being com­pli­ant at all. The Girl that was pinned down was quite sassy. The Offi­cer asked her repeat­ed­ly “You need to please go home.” She refused and pulled atti­tude and turned into being rebel­lious. Even the black old­er gen­tle­men came to the girl while she was pinned down ‘To… Read more »
Zenkiea Hjerpe
Total­ly dis­agree Ker­isha. Alisa your right on. The­se police were there to bring order from a chaotic sit­u­a­tion. Some of the kids had no respect what­so­ev­er for elder­ship and for author­i­ty. Those Police were being so calm and respect­ful as pos­si­ble to dis­re­spect­ful teenagers who were mouthing off and not being com­pli­ant at all. The Girl that was pinned down was quite sassy. The Offi­cer asked her repeat­ed­ly “You need to please go home.” She refused and pulled atti­tude and turned into being rebel­lious. Even the black old­er gen­tle­men came to the girl while she was pinned down ‘To calm… Read more »

Total­ly dis­agree Zenkiea. Are you even from the U.S.? How dare you try to jus­ti­fy bru­tal­iza­tion and threats by say­ing “we need to be more respect­ful to cops.” Why? Because they respect us by beat­ing and killing our wom­en and chil­dren?

I don’t know if you’re mis­guid­ed or a Storm­front troll, but go post your self-hat­ing door­mat log­ic else­where.

Kerisha Thomas

This will con­tin­ue to happen,we need to file com­plaints on the­se officers,and file suit again­st the­se guys, not the city ‚hit them in the pock­et Even if you nev­er col­lect a dime,put them in finan­cial hell.Whats dis­turbing is the white folks feel like there the police espe­cial­ly that big fat pig,standing as body guard, wtf×10.

The girl wasn’t being com­pli­ant. She resist­ed him, talked back, and that is why he was rough with her. When the same offi­cer asked the young men in the begin­ning of the video to sit, they obeyed him and did as they were told. They didn’t get the same treat­ment as the girl because they were com­pli­ant. Com­pli­ance is cru­cial when deal­ing with the police. I’m not say­ing that the offi­cer was right for man­han­dling her, nor am I say­ing that the girl got what she deserved. I’m say­ing that because of her non-com­pli­ant actions, she was treat­ed the way… Read more »
Ebony Lakiya

Telling her to “sit” she’s a human not a dog

Antoinette Marie Cooper-Martin
Antoinette Marie Cooper-Martin

Alisa…the girl actu­al­ly did WALK away from the scene. WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO. The office actu­al­ly went after HER.

I’m so dis­gust­ed at your com­ment try­ing to put the blame on us. It’s our respon­s­abil­i­ty to avoid police bru­tal­ly now? Hum­m­mm not,Maybe the police should not use exces­sive vio­lence towards us. May­be we should be treat­ed like human beings. May­be the african amer­i­can pop­u­la­tion should not be oppressed and bru­tal­ized under any and every cir­com­stances. Your com­ment sounds like some white suprema­cy jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for police bru­tal­li­ty. He was bru­tal and vio­lent, just look at the video! The­se were unarmed teens in bathing suits again­st armed adult white cops! Hel­lo! All this for a pool par­ty! Why didn’t they just… Read more »

The­o­ret­i­cal­ly this makes sense and should be the case, but it’s not.


You are a com­plete idiot to think up this trash let alone type it out. She was walk­ing away when he went after her and grabbed her! What on earth jus­ti­fies him treat­ing her like that?
Are you even human?

gtfo with that repectabli­ty pol­i­tics bull shit. The boys where dis­re­spect­ed and treat­ed like crim­i­nals as well. Did you even watch the video? The offi­cer was on a pow­er trip and had no grounds for the way he treat­ed the­se chil­dren and to act as if all that is required is com­pli­ance and sur­ren­der­ing your cit­i­zen rights is a bunch of horse shit on so many lev­els. I can’t believe you can sit there and be like “well she wasn’t com­pli­ant when her rights were vio­lat­ed and thats why” No. As soon as you start rea­son­ing why he assault­ed a minor… Read more »
Zenkiea Hjerpe

Dis­agree Aman­da. The offi­cer was not on a pow­er trip! Those kids were told to dis­perse and go home a looooong time before. By stay­ing there and mouthing off the offi­cers saw that as being antag­o­nis­tic. I do agree with Alisha. The boys were not aggres­sive­ly man han­dled while the girl was. Why? Because they boys were being com­pli­ant and coop­er­a­tive while the girl was not. All of those kids includ­ing the girl had many oppor­tu­ni­ties to get out of dodge from the sit­u­a­tion but they decid­ed to engage and place them­selves under thumb hold of author­i­ty figures.Point said.


did.…did you even watch the video?
are we all watch­ing the same video???
the video where this offi­cer who is “not on a pow­er trip”
enters the scene rolling and throw­ing chil­dren on the ground?
Starts cussing at peo­ple to leave and go home? Chil­dren who are wait­ing or need to be picked up are rspond­ed with “I don’t fuck­ing care”
The same offi­cer who pulls a gun on the kids?
the same offi­cer who does­nt just throws this lit­tle girl to the ground once but drags her by her hair and shoves her face into the dirt while plac­ing his body weight on her? 

Are you shit­ting me right now?


You know some peo­ple are stu­pid. The police offi­cer was lucky the girl didn’t have epilep­sy or asth­ma. Had he done that to a young suf­fer­er like myself I’d be dead. And young chil­dren are being sat on, it’s abuse, there were no par­ents to safe­guard the poor girl or any­thing. Amer­i­ca is one RACIST, STUPID & EVIL coun­try!

Ebony Lakiya

He should def go down for abuse of a minor! The cop act­ed like a thug, I hon­est­ly feel like he may of been On some­thing, I mean he did a back flip in the begin­ning of the video. What a joke! And then he pulls out a gun? He’s an ani­mal


How was it that the police­man was lucky? He looked like he want­ed to rape her there and then. Looked like she was for­tu­nate that he didn’t.

Zenkiea Hjerpe

Dis­agree Mum­my.


I saw the vid and I was like what the actu­al “fuck”. Just because you resist arrest doesn’t mean you have to be tack­led like a fuck­ing dog, con­sid­er­ing the fact that she wasn’t armed or any­thing

I agree. Except for the mod­ern-day cloth­ing and set­ting, this could so eas­i­ly be a scene from a white slave own­er round­ing up the n*ggers on his plan­ta­tion, while those who know it’s wrong look on in help­less­ness and those in agree­ment watch uneasi­ly but with a sense of ‘jus­tice’ being done as they strong­ly believe “the­se blacks need to be shown their place”. You can sense the adren­a­l­in rush he’s on (the cop) which is the state they all seem to go in just when on the brink of killing some­one as they’re so lit­er­al­ly eas­i­ly trig­gered — hence… Read more »