How One Woman Regrew Her Edges in Under 2 Months With a Derma Roller


If you are into skincare and spa treatments, then you’ve probably heard of the derma roller or had a treatment yourself. For those of you who aren’t aware, a derma roller is a skin care tool used to treat acne, scars, cellulite, stretch marks, and other skin imperfections. The roller is filled with dozens of surgical-grade needles. It looks like a torture device, but I’ve read that the derma roller’s appearance is scarier than the procedure.

How it Works
You roll the device over the affected area (face, arms, legs, stomach, etc.). As you roll, the needles gently pierce the skin and create tiny holes. The holes the derma roller creates are actually tiny wounds. The wounds stimulate collagen and healing – just as if you were cut on your arm. Every time you use the derma roller, your body creates new skin. Makes sense, right? Immediately after using the derma roller, you are supposed to apply whatever creams you would regularly use, to the area. The “wounds” allow the product to seep directly into the skin, thus causing the product to be more effective.

Now onto an even bigger “Aha!” moment. If the derma roller can create new skin on the face and body, can’t it do the same for the scalp? The answer is, yes! Many have tried and proved that the derma roller brings back hair that was lost or helps recover thinning/receding hair lines. Yes ladies, that includes your precious edges.

The Results
The same concept that was previously mentioned, applies to your scalp as well. YouTuber, Minao18, used the derma roller to re-grow her thinning edges in just 10 weeks. Her hair loss was the result of a skin issue, but she combatted that issue with a combination of the derma roller and pure emu oil.


June 2012 before Youtuber Minao18 started using the Derma Roller


September 2012 after hair loss


December 2013 after using the Derma Roller


January 2013 after using the Derma Roller. Her edges are almost restored.

Amazing right? She went from a practically non-existent hairline, to having it almost completely restored. Minao18 said that she purchased her derma roller on I’m not sure how often she used the derma roller, but from what I’ve read, you’re only supposed to use it once per month.

Now that we know the derma roller works for hair loss, here are a few tips before trying it out:

1. You don’t need a derma roller with needles larger than .75
2. The needles should be very thin because they need to puncture the skin effortlessly
3. If you are using the derma roller to stimulate hair growth, apply oil that stimulates hair growth immediately after using the derma roller.
4. Always keep the derma roller clean by sterilizing it (directions come with the derma roller)

Some of you may be skeptical about using such a tool on delicate skin. Believe me, I have those same concerns. Most admit that your skin is red and tender after using the derma roller, but what do you expect after you just rolled dozens of needles over it? One of my major concerns with the derma roller use is sterilization. Even after you clean the derma roller with alcohol and boiling hot water (per instructions) is it sterile enough to use repeatedly? One can never be too sure. If you are concerned with doing the procedure yourself, you can always go to a licensed dermatologist and have the treatment done.

Have you used a derma roller to stimulate hair growth? Is this something you would try?


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8 thoughts on “How One Woman Regrew Her Edges in Under 2 Months With a Derma Roller

    • I just started using a derma roller on my edges. I have the 0.5mm size. It’s not painful but it ain’t pleasant either. It just feels like little pin pricks

    • Yes indeed, there is pain involved with the derma roller. It’s a stinging sensation like you’ve been poked with a thousand needles. LOL! Over time, you become less sensative to it and it’s not so bad.

  1. mine doesnt hurt my face ive tried it on my hair line with minimal results ( but i pulled a braid out years ago i mean like over 10 yrs ago). But the area was completely bald before, and im not that consistent lol. oh and i believe my needles are .50. HTH :)

  2. When I’m really into it for my face, I use my dermaroller once or twice a week, having seen really good results in that there was a wrinkle between my eyebrows I had been dealing with for years, that is no long visible. I’ve never tried it on my hair where I have thinning, but it is an interesting thought!

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