If you are into skin­care and spa treat­ments, then you’ve prob­a­bly heard of the der­ma roller or had a treat­ment your­self. For those of you who aren’t aware, a der­ma roller is a skin care tool used to treat acne, scars, cel­lulite, stretch marks, and oth­er skin imper­fec­tions. The roller is filled with dozens of sur­gi­cal-grade nee­dles. It looks like a tor­ture device, but I’ve read that the der­ma roller’s appear­ance is scari­er than the pro­ce­dure.

How it Works
You roll the device over the affect­ed area (face, arms, legs, stom­ach, etc.). As you roll, the nee­dles gen­tly pierce the skin and cre­ate tiny holes. The holes the der­ma roller cre­ates are actu­al­ly tiny wounds. The wounds stim­u­late col­la­gen and heal­ing – just as if you were cut on your arm. Every time you use the der­ma roller, your body cre­ates new skin. Makes sense, right? Imme­di­ate­ly after using the der­ma roller, you are sup­posed to apply what­ev­er creams you would reg­u­lar­ly use, to the area. The “wounds” allow the prod­uct to seep direct­ly into the skin, thus caus­ing the prod­uct to be more effec­tive.

Now onto an even big­ger “Aha!” moment. If the der­ma roller can cre­ate new skin on the face and body, can’t it do the same for the scalp? The answer is, yes! Many have tried and proved that the der­ma roller brings back hair that was lost or helps recov­er thinning/receding hair lines. Yes ladies, that includes your pre­cious edges.

The Results
The same con­cept that was pre­vi­ous­ly men­tioned, applies to your scalp as well. YouTu­ber, Minao18, used the der­ma roller to re-grow her thin­ning edges in just 10 weeks. Her hair loss was the result of a skin issue, but she com­bat­ted that issue with a com­bi­na­tion of the der­ma roller and pure emu oil.

June 2012 before Youtu­ber Minao18 start­ed using the Der­ma Roller
Sep­tem­ber 2012 after hair loss
Decem­ber 2013 after using the Der­ma Roller
Jan­u­ary 2013 after using the Der­ma Roller. Her edges are almost restored.

Amaz­ing right? She went from a prac­ti­cal­ly non-exis­tent hair­line, to hav­ing it almost com­plete­ly restored. Minao18 said that she pur­chased her der­ma roller on Amazon.com. I’m not sure how often she used the der­ma roller, but from what I’ve read, you’re only sup­posed to use it once per month.

Now that we know the der­ma roller works for hair loss, here are a few tips before try­ing it out:

1. You don’t need a der­ma roller with nee­dles larg­er than .75
2. The nee­dles should be very thin because they need to punc­ture the skin effort­less­ly
3. If you are using the der­ma roller to stim­u­late hair growth, apply oil that stim­u­lates hair growth imme­di­ate­ly after using the der­ma roller.
4. Always keep the der­ma roller clean by ster­il­iz­ing it (direc­tions come with the der­ma roller)

Some of you may be skep­ti­cal about using such a tool on del­i­cate skin. Believe me, I have those same con­cerns. Most admit that your skin is red and ten­der after using the der­ma roller, but what do you expect after you just rolled dozens of nee­dles over it? One of my major con­cerns with the der­ma roller use is ster­il­iza­tion. Even after you clean the der­ma roller with alco­hol and boil­ing hot water (per instruc­tions) is it ster­ile enough to use repeat­ed­ly? One can nev­er be too sure. If you are con­cerned with doing the pro­ce­dure your­self, you can always go to a licensed der­ma­tol­o­gist and have the treat­ment done.

Have you used a der­ma roller to stim­u­late hair growth? Is this some­thing you would try?

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Ulrikke O

Hel­lo, I read on http://derma-roller.dk that you need small der­marollers for under the eye, which one do you think is the best?

Perfect Body

great review on the Der­maRoller.
You write that it is not rec­om­mend­ed to use over 0.75mm, I would rec­om­mend 1.0mm for cel­lulite and 1.5mm for deep scars :)
Best regards
Patrick Kro­n­holm


I have read a guide in dan­ish about der­maroller: http://agirls.dk/eksklusiv-dermaroller/. But i did­nt know that it could be used on loss of hair. Maybe its dif­fer­ent for men?


When I’m real­ly into it for my face, I use my der­maroller once or twice a week, hav­ing seen real­ly good results in that there was a wrin­kle between my eye­brows I had been deal­ing with for years, that is no long vis­i­ble. I’ve nev­er tried it on my hair where I have thin­ning, but it is an inter­est­ing thought!


mine does­nt hurt my face ive tried it on my hair line with min­i­mal results ( but i pulled a braid out years ago i mean like over 10 yrs ago). But the area was com­plete­ly bald before, and im not that con­sis­tent lol. oh and i believe my nee­dles are .50. HTH :)


My only ques­tion is how painful is it?


Yes indeed, there is pain involved with the der­ma roller. It’s a sting­ing sen­sa­tion like you’ve been poked with a thou­sand nee­dles. LOL! Over time, you become less sen­sative to it and it’s not so bad.

Suzanne sugarbaker

I just start­ed using a der­ma roller on my edges. I have the 0.5mm size. It’s not painful but it ain’t pleas­ant either. It just feels like lit­tle pin pricks