Does Constant Washing Make Natural Hair Grow Faster?

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I am definitely not the first natural to notice what appears to be faster hair growth with more frequent washing. In the beginning of my journey, it was a question that came up periodically on the hair care forums I visited. A recent video by Naptural85 (Whitney) made me revisit that question again. In this post, we look at Whitney’s theory and present some possibilities for why it may be true.

The “theory”

If you follow Whitney’s main hair care channel, Naptural85, then you’ve probably seen the video she released a few weeks ago entitled “My Hair Growth Plan + Theory” (posted below). She discussed her new hair growth regimen, which includes co-washing more frequently – every 3 days to be exact. In short, her “theory” is that washing more frequently will lead to faster hair growth based on two observations:

1. That straight and wavy hair appears to grow longer faster than curlier or kinkier textures

2. Those with straight and wavy hair tend to wash their hair more often than those with curlier or kinkier textures

The logic behind her theory is that more washing equals more root stimulation and moisture, both of which equal faster hair growth and more retention.

Massages for faster hair growth

“Therapeutic massage increases circulation (helping bring more blood to the scalp) and reduces stress” – University of Maryland Medical Center on Alopecia

Many of us already know, that scalp massages can aid in hair regrowth. A proper massage can stimulate blood circulation, thus inducing the anagen (growth) phase by delivering more nutrients to the follicle. Additionally, it can reduce stress, which may prematurely induce the catagen (regression) phase of the follicle. So increased scalp massages due to more frequent washing can help with hair regrowth and possibly reaching one’s optimal growth rate.

Moisture and length retention

Many of us are aware of how length retention is adversely affected by dryness. Parched strands lead to brittle strands, which lead to increased susceptibility towards breakage. It is no secret that our hair thrives and retains length better when it is adequately moisturized. So wetting the hair via washing has its benefits as well – in the form of hydration.

But what about over-manipulation?

There is such a thing as “too much of a good thing” and this can apply to washing. Washing too frequently can result in excessive handling of the hair and lead to increased breakage over time. For some, washing can also lead to dryness, but that can be mitigated by using conditioners or solely water to wash. As for what it means to wash too frequently? That is something that you have to determine for yourself.

For further reading:
Study on stress and hair loss in mice (2003)


So what are your thoughts and/or experiences? Do you notice faster hair growth with frequent washing?



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49 thoughts on “Does Constant Washing Make Natural Hair Grow Faster?

  1. This sounds like a good idea but I don’t think its for me because every time I put water in my hair but hair shrinks like crazy, then I have to spend time stretching it out.

  2. Drying quickly is a sign of normal to high porosity. Low porosity takes a long time to dry. For me air drying alone is a whole day.

  3. Nah I don’t believe in washing everyday because I don’t want shrinkage and tangles but spraying with a water bottle really helps your hair ALOT. I protective style with a braided updo and I spray with water to my roots then seal with olive oil . When I take my braided updo down I also use shea butter . People with straight hair and wavvy hair have to wash everyday because there hair is really oily and greasy . While our hair tends to be dry that’s why we always use oils moisturizers and butters .

  4. I think only people with a really short twa can wash everyday . When I had a twa I use to cowash all the time now that it has grown to my shoulders ( when stretched ) I can’t cowash all the time because I’ll have shrinkage and crazy tangles . I have to protective style . I love my braided updos though .

  5. I’m definitely not in the wash everyday bandwagon, but I do think more frequent washes has scalp, moisture, and detangling benefits, like Whitney noted in her video. When my natural hair was at neck length, i washed every 3 days or so and definitely had less tangles and **faster** hair growth. I definitely need to revisit some old habits.

  6. I think this method could potentially work for some but not all. As for someone with a head full of fine hair, frequent washing is just WAY too much manipulation. when I wash, I can’t get past having to do some form of detangling. If i’m ever going to reach my hair goals, I have to minimize how much.

  7. I co wash everyday. My hair is always moisturizer and I have minimal shedding. I don’t deep condition either. I’ve been doing this constantly for about a year now.

    • How on earth do you style wet hair daily? Someone with a looser texter could probably manage, but for us 4’s I imagine it would be a nightmare, especially with longer hair.

  8. I started washing my hair weekly with shampoo, and deep conditioning, but also, right in between those weekly washes, co washing. This made my hair much more softer…ends too.

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