When we discuss 4C hair it’s often cast as problematic, “It can’t do this. It needs to be made ‘presentable’. It can’t just ‘be’.” We assume that all 4C hair is thick, or coarse, or only grows out to a certain length. And it’s ironic because 4C natural hair may be the most common texture among black women. We wanted to dedicate a post to showcasing the beauty and diversity of this hair texture, which we are loosely defining as the tightest curl pattern.

When we think of ‘ideal’ 4C natural hair we often think of this… a thick mass of round, halo hair.

When you have absolutely NO idea what you're about to do to your hair…

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And although that it is absolutely beautiful, 4C hair doesn’t always form a perfect circle.

Afro angel

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It comes in all kinds of shapes.

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And it has its own curl pattern.

It can hold bigger curls.

And it doesn’t have to be long to look good.

If Lenny Kravitz and Lauryn Hill had procreate…. www.swankxtar.com

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It can be sleek

And it’s not always thick.

It locs beautifully.

Courtney http://blackgirllonghair.com/2014/06/courtney-4c-natural-hair-style-icon/
Courtney http://blackgirllonghair.com/2014/06/courtney-4c-natural-hair-style-icon/

And it is majestic.

All hail 4C hair!

Ladies, what are your thoughts?

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How can i make my 4c curl less tight to like a 4a

Okay… I’m a paste-white mama to a beautiful little girl whose hair I thought I had figured out. All of a sudden, the top of her hair, mostly on the left side, has changed from tightly coiled afro to coarse, open, wavy curls. This would be fine if her hair was still longer… unfortunately, recently, I was clipping an elastic band out of her hair and almost scalped her. I accidentally cut a chunk about 1″ square right in the front of her beautiful lil head. So now all of her hair is about 2″ long. Tonight in her bath… Read more »

Girl my best advice put it all in same length if it isn’t already and for a while just do tiny bantu Knots with thread or with tiny elastics it’s pretty on little guys and require low manipulation the hair will grow back if u give it some tLC


i love my 4C hair but i just cant get it to grow longer! ive tried GHE, and i always moisturize. its still been the same length for 3 years now! πŸ™ help please

Brandie Medina

If it’s still the same length that means that you aren’t retaining your hair. Your retention problems may be from the way that you handle your hair daily to your wash routine. Once you start retaining your hair then you’ll see length.


I think 4c is gorgeous and this is coming from a 3c/4a girl.


I am in love with the kinks and coils. Just beautiful!


I have 4c hair, I know they are so complicate, amazing,difficult to tame, I’ve hated it but at the same time I loved it! They are the ones it has more volume, mass of hair, in fact, nobody can see the beginning and the end of this type of hair! I want to dispel the myth that some people say the 4c can’t be long, in my life I have had several times the long hair! The 4c can be tamed if they are enough long, and if you have so much love and patience with this hair!


4c hair is very gorgeous and I have brothers , family members , and friends with 4c hair and I love it . It’s very diverse and you can a diversity of unique styles with 4c hair . I always admirred Eryka Badu who had gorgeous big 4c afro hair and Lauryn Hill with her dreadlocks. This is coming from a 3c/4a girl .


I have a question- it’s stupid but is it possible to have 4D or 5A hair???


Honestly I think that “the hair types rules” are too simple for black hair… and I have the same question lmao.


Yeah because especially some of the dubbed “4c textures”- are way too “diverse” to fit in one category


Love this. Such beautiful hair we have.



Natural Power of Her Blog

This is beautiful! Your shedding a light on how beautiful 4c hair is I love it

Amma Mama

Beautiful <3


Elle P.

Honestly I didn’t appreciate my thick type 4 hair. In all my years of being natural I hve have been trying to ‘manage’ my hair. Hair typing can be confusing! Whenever I wash my hair, I found my hair have the appearance of type 4b with loose type 3c like curls in the back (I secretly wanted it to be type 4a). Looking t these beautiful ladies with their beautiful type 4c hair, give me some encouragement! Thank you for that!


IMO 4C hair is the best hair texture. I love it. The reason I went natural was because I knew a girl with beautiful 4C hair and I thought I would have hair just like hers. Turns out I’m mostly 4A (even though I don’t remember having such curly hair growing up – I was natural until I was 14, but I mostly kept it hidden in braids), and I still love my hair, but I wish I was more 4C.
It’s a shame some people *cough*Glamfun*cough* don’t fully understand the beauty of 4C.


Perhaps, Glamfun doesn’t appreciate her because in our society 4C hair isn’t viewed as beautiful. It isn’t even viewed as beautiful in the Black community.