In June, we featured 10 Inspirational Photos of Amazing Natural Hair Journeys. Now we are back with eight more.

First is Jess of Mahoganycurls.  Check out her 2009 to 2014 growth.


Next is another growth collage of Ebony.


Mariah‘s journey from 2008 to 2014 is shown in the following photo.


Healthy living vlogger Nicole went from short to super voluminous in just under a year.


Here is another collage of Tammy‘s natural hair journey from 2012 to 2014.


Next is this natural hair beauty.  Do you know who she is?  (Let us know in the comments.) Updated: Thanks, ladies. It’s Pashtash on Youtube!


Scarlett, of Wonder Curls, shares four stages of her natural hair.


Finally, Montina of Sparkwisdom, went from a TWA to long in three years.


Ladies, how has your growth journey gone?  Do you have any tips?  Share below!


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Ashley Kristina Anderson
Ashley Kristina Anderson

Can someone tell me what’s the best product to get your curl pattern back. If I straighten my hair one day then my ends remain straight. Right now my hair doesn’t look natural. It just looks nappy. Hair needs help!

Welcome Koussoukama
nice hair journeys but i can ‘t see a proper 4c lady. I also believe we should encourage people to enjoy their hair no matter the length, not everyone can achieve such length you have shown us; what about those sisters who have done their hair journey but didn ‘t achieve the length these ladies got but have healthy hair; we need to be real DNA has a lot to do with hair. I do hair remedies on my channel, I encourage people to work hard to improve the state/health of their hair, instead of looking on ways how to… Read more »

Wow. What are they using? I’ve been growing mine out for almost 2 years now and while I’ve seen some growth, it’s nothing like those pics. I’ve been told that because I comb out and twist up my hair every night (yes, every night) that it’s not growing as fast. ? My hair is just so incredibly thick that I can’t NOT comb it through every night though. Suggestions?

Crmy Coco

You can always scrounge Youtube yourself. There a lots of ladies with long 4c hair there.


So inspirational. Thank you.


Is it possible to show also kinky coily fine hair ?

YourBelovedPandora .

Check out Ebony Clark’s page more closely….her hair is kinkier than you think. Its deceiving when though, mine is the same way. Also, if you go on YouTube and look up 22nd century woman. 4c and do to her butt!!!! There are a few more but I will have to take the time to list them. Hope this helps


Not really 4c, but they have great hair!

Elodie Careme

These journeys are truly inspirational especially for women at an early stage in their journey or suffering a throwback. The message is very positive: don’t give up, keep going!


Nice hair…all of them. I miss my ‘fro!

Am I the only one who has a terrible time with this website loading? It takes forever. I don’t know if it’s just my computer or not…


No its no just you. Everytime I get on this site my computer crashes. I don’t know what’s up with the website cause I have no problems with any other site except this one.

Christina J

Thanks for posting progress pics! It’s great to be inspired by others who show that black hair can grow long. I do love the volume pics of the naturalistas. So inspiring!




Hi ! The sixth one is the UK vlogger pashtash. ^^


She’s not British – She’s American and she’s Southern.


Wow these ladies are inspiring. I’ve been on a natural hair journey for almost 4 years and my hair is collarbone length. I hope to get to my goal, armpit length soon.


Hey hey, I know who she is. Her youtube name is pashtash. She calls her hair the hair monster. hahaha


Natural hair growth is the truth! Thankfully, I have been able to grow really long hair too!


#6 is LadyT/Pashtash on Youtube


Hey #6 is LadyT/Pashtash from Youtube!


The natural hair beauty you are referring to is Pashtash of YouTube. She hasn’t made videos for a while now. 🙁


The natural beauty is Pashtash from YouTube, she hasn’t made videos for a while. I ready did enjoy her channel when she was making them.

Truth Hurts

Notice none of these ladies have 4c hair…..most have loose hair types.

A Simple Thing

The unknown blogger is called pashtash. You can find her on youtube and instagram.