This is what hap­pens when you say ‘F con­ven­tion’ and live life on your own terms. Instead of spend­ing mon­ey on a “lav­ish one-day wed­ding” Ami­rah Cook and hus­band Jar­rell decid­ed to see the world. They left their jobs in cor­po­rate Amer­i­ca, sold all their pos­ses­sions and began trav­el­ing about a year after mar­ry­ing. Here’s the crazy thing; they’ve been on this hon­ey­moon since Octo­ber 2013! And their trav­els include three months in the Ital­ian coun­tryside, two months in the Eng­lish coun­tryside, and three months on Bas­ti­men­tos Island in Bocas Del Toro, Pana­ma!

My hus­band and I decid­ed that instead of spend­ing our mon­ey on a lav­ish one-day wed­ding, we would prefer to take an extend­ed hon­ey­moon. So that’s what we did. We left the states on Octo­ber 1, 2013 and have been trav­el­ing ever since. So far we’ve vis­it­ed over 30 cities in Pana­ma, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Hon­duras, El Sal­vador, Guatemala, Belize, Mex­i­co, Italy, Eng­land, France and Spain. Enjoy­ing extend­ed stays on an island in Pana­ma, a man­sion in Can­cun, a vil­la in Italy, sev­er­al homes in Eng­land and two months on the beau­ti­ful island of Major­ca, Spain. Many peo­ple will read that or hear of our sto­ry in gen­er­al and assume we’re trust fund kids, but that is not the case. We have dis­cov­ered that there are so many dif­fer­ent com­mu­ni­ties and oppor­tu­ni­ties for trav­el­ers to save. Our flights to Pana­ma were only $120 and we caught a flight glitch that got us both tick­ets to Italy for $300, total.

When we were vis­it­ing Pana­ma, our first coun­try, we met a wom­an from Brook­lyn that had just bought a guest­house and found our­selves run­ning the busi­ness. Liv­ing on the Caribbean Sea, we man­aged her guest­house on a remote island, for two months. In Italy we stayed in a beau­ti­ful Ital­ian vil­la with a gor­geous view of Tus­cany, in exchange for learn­ing Ital­ian recipes and cook­ing for guests of the B&B four nights a week. Oh, and we had to drink a lot of wine to pick a house wine (hard work). We dog sit two shih tzus in Lon­don in exchange for free accom­mo­da­tion for a mon­th, which includ­ed Oys­ter cards (metro/bus cards), gro­ceries and a stipend. We’ll be liv­ing in a gor­geous house on a Greek island for three months this sum­mer, look­ing after the prop­er­ty while the own­er vacays in anoth­er part of Greece. By mix­ing in the­se gigs between rent­ing apart­ments (usu­al­ly on Airbnb), we’re able to cut our costs down tremen­dous­ly.

When we left, we real­ly didn’t have a plan or even a bud­get, we were just wing­ing it. Nei­ther of us had ever been out of the coun­try, I didn’t even own a pass­port. In our first year we focused on devel­op­ing our crafts into careers. My hus­band is an artist; he has paint­ed murals in Pana­ma, Italy and Eng­land, and cre­at­ed illus­tra­tions for clients around the world. I am a writer and run a blog detail­ing our jour­ney, as well as writ­ing for oth­ers. By cre­at­ing our ide­al careers, we have become loca­tion inde­pen­dent, able to work from any­where in the world (as long as there’s WIFI). Trav­el­ing the world is life alter­ing. Expe­ri­enc­ing new places and ways of life expands your men­tal­i­ty in the most beau­ti­ful way pos­si­ble. Every new place makes us eager to see more and ques­tion if we will ever return home. This year we are head­ed to Paris, Eng­land, Ams­ter­dam, Moroc­co, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and India.


You can read more of their incred­i­ble sto­ry here. And be sure to check out Amirah’s trav­el blog Cool Young His­to­ry and Insta­gram account.

Ladies, what are your thoughts?

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This is so very inspir­ing, clev­er, care free and adven­tur­ous. Pure Inde­pen­dence. Amaz­ing!!


They are liv­ing my dream. Hap­py safe trav­els, lucky cou­ple!


Amazing!…would love to do some­thing like this.…travel for 6mths…work for 6mths.


My mot­to has always been: Life is short and the world is big. God­speed to you both!


Must be nice! Sounds so cool! I’m going to check out their blog. Though I real­ly want to trav­el lots, I think I’d get tired of a lifestyle like this. lol Besides, the shakes that are my #stu­dent­loans would not let me just up and leave. haha


I’ve been lucky enough to see a great part of the world for work but god­damn not like this. This is amaZHING and is what hap­pens when you choose to live what you love! Expe­ri­ences trump mate­ri­al things any day! #life­goal

Amirah Cook

Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked our sto­ry!

Jodian Campbell

Amaz­ing! Pay­ca­tion Trav­el would be great for peo­ple doing and try­ing to do this! Let me show you how to get Paid trav­el­ing.

Greg Mitchell

Im jeal­ous


This is so amaz­ing.

Amirah Cook



I read their sto­ry a while back, inter­est­ing and free way to live

Amirah Cook

Wow! Thanks so much for the fea­ture! I hope we can inspire some­one to take their leap of faith.

Karen Reed

Hope y’all get to vis­it the moth­er­land before decid­ing to return to the states…Have a blast!!

Amirah Cook

We just fin­ished 3 months in Moroc­co and fell in love with the peo­ple, the cul­ture and the coun­try. You can read about it on my blog. We’re plan­ning to see more of the con­ti­nent on our jour­ney.

Amirah Cook

We just spent three months in Moroc­co and fell in love with the coun­try, the cul­ture and the peo­ple.


Love this won­der­ful idea. I pray God’s bless­ings, favor, grace and mer­cy over your trav­els and life.

Amirah Cook

Thank you so much!


You guys are tru­ly blessed; plz con­tin­ue to do what you love n keep lov­ing on each oth­er… May God con­tin­u­al­ly bless you guys n keep you each safe in your beau­ti­ful trav­els… the best way to live life, being wor­ry free n not hav­ing to con­form to what soci­ety says one has to do b4 they can trav­el… you guys are an inspi­ra­tion, esp to young mar­ried cou­ples around… I know when u have ur babies they’ll have an amaz­ing sto­ry to hear!!!!! Much love to you guys all the way from Long Beach, Ca n God bless!! ????????


this is pret­ty much what i think about every…dang…day i spend in work sigh­hh

Amirah Cook

Ahhh, I know the feel­ing! It took me a while to just go!


This is just too cool. Very hap­py for them that they get to do life on their own term. #school­inglife.

Amirah Cook

Thank you!

Detra Sheppard

So how do you find your in between gigs?