Fall is offi­cial­ly here and, for many nat­u­rals, it is time to return to pro­tec­tive styling.  Today we are giv­ing four beau­ti­ful looks to inspire you this sea­son.  Who says pro­tec­tive styling has to be bor­ing?

1. Sim­ple Back Tuck (4C hair)


This first style is real­ly sim­ple to cre­ate in lit­tle to no time at all.  It works on most lengths of hair, so my nat­u­rals with short­er lengths, this may work for you.  No heat is need­ed either, so you don’t have to wor­ry about dam­ag­ing your hair this sea­son.

Descrip­tion: hair is tucked into head­band in the back
Prod­ucts used: hair but­ter
Tools need­ed: rat­tail comb (for part­ing), wide-tooth comb, hair tie, bra strap

2. Triple Twist­ed Updo

Nicole Webster

For this look, start with hair that has been pre­vi­ous­ly blow dried or, to avoid heat, use band­ing, rollers, African thread­ing, or braids.  The pro­tec­tive style is super chic and sim­ple, and guess what?  No gel is need­ed!  Rock your edges proud, ladies!

Descrip­tion: hair is twist­ed into three pony­tails and pinned
Prod­ucts used: hair spray
Tools need­ed: wide-tooth combhair ties, clips, bob­by pins, boar bris­tle brush

3. Flat Twist Updo

Millicent Swift

If you are wear­ing an old flat twist that you don’t quite know how to style any­more, try  this beau­ti­ful tex­tured updo.  Just loosen some of your twists and get cre­ative with pin­ning and tuck­ing.

Descrip­tion: twists are rolled and tucked upward into a pom­padour
Tools need­ed: bob­by pins

4. Tex­tured Play­ground


This “tex­tured play­ground” is a mix of a twist out, braid out, and twists. A make­up tuto­r­i­al is includ­ed as well, but if you’re just here for the hair, watch the begin­ning and then fast for­ward to 4 min­utes and 50 sec­onds into the video.

Descrip­tion: hair is braid­ed and twist­ed to cre­ate var­i­ous tex­tures
Prod­ucts used: leave-in, oil, styler (all Entwine)
Tools need­ed: rat­tail comb (for part­ing), bob­by pins

What pro­tec­tive styles are you rock­ing this fall?


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very good prac­ti­cal styles. Thanks for shar­ing. Just what I need­ed.


All of them are gor­geous