Com­bat­ting dry­ness is the name of the game this sea­son and is not just about the prod­ucts you use.  Here are four cute styles to help your nat­ur­al hair stay mois­tur­ized.

1. Two-Strand Twist Updo

Millicent Swift

This jum­bo twist updo will help to trap mois­ture and keep your ends from dry­ing.  It is also a sim­ple, cute look for almost any occa­sion. Start with hair that has been stretched via any method you pre­fer.

Descrip­tion: Hair is twist­ed into jum­bo twists and pinned into updo.
Prod­ucts used: Shea Mois­ture Coconut & Hibis­cus Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie
Tools required: Boar bris­tle brush, rat­tail comb (for part­ing), clips, bob­by pins

2. Braid­ed and Twist­ed Updo (for short/medium hair)


If you want a style that you can wear from the work­day to the date night, then check out this tuto­r­i­al.  Inspired by TheChic­Nat­ur­al, this mod­i­fied updo helps to lock in mois­ture because the ends are tucked in and the hair is braid­ed and twist­ed com­pact­ly.

Descrip­tion: Hair is french braid­ed with chunky twists in the front and pinned into an updo.
Prod­ucts used: Water, Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel
Tools required: Rat­tail comb for part­ing, hair tie, bob­by pins, brush

3. Faux Fish Tail Braid (short hair)

Sophia Reed

This style is not only gor­geous but great for pro­tect­ing the ends from dry air.  Don’t have enough hair to cre­ate this fish­tail?  Don’t wor­ry. This tuto­r­i­al demon­strates how to style this look via kanekalon braid­ing hair on short hair.

Descrip­tion: Short hair is placed into a top pony­tail and exten­sion hair is added to cre­ate a faux fish­tail braid.
Prod­ucts used: Gel, mois­tur­iz­er
Tools required: Boar bris­tle brush, hair tie, kanekalon braid­ing hair, bob­by pins, silk scarf

Full God­dess Twist Updo (short or long hair)


A nat­ur­al can nev­er fail with going for a god­dess twist style.  The look is not only sim­ple and quick to cre­ate but great for mois­ture reten­tion.  Because the hair is twist­ed and pinned, it does not get dry as quick­ly and eas­i­ly as more exposed tress­es.

Descrip­tion: Hair is flat twist­ed or rolled into a god­dess twist.
Tools required: Bob­by pins

What styles do you wear to keep your hair mois­tur­ized?


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And cro­chet braids, too!! ??


milicent’s hair­style is the TRUTH !

Elle P.

All of the styles are gor­geous! I want to try them all but my begin­ner hair styling skills are telling me to try 2 and 4!

Ugonna Wosu

one is a begin­ner style too, I think. I just don‘t think it looks that great in the front. Maybe I can mod­i­fy that part if I do it.

Ugonna Wosu

I’ll try num­bers two and four.


I went nat­ur­al in 2005 with­out a clue, went back to relax­ing in 2008. Tried again in 2013 thanks to this site nev­er looked back. Just want­ed to let yall know the appre­ci­a­tion is there. Thanks for all the great research, tips, and info : -)

Ugonna Wosu

that‘s awe­some! Con­grats!