In the last week or so many of us have had to own up to the fact that fall is here. For real. This may mean heaters were turned on for the first time this sea­son, and sweaters and coats were unboxed in prepa­ra­tion for the cold­er months ahead. And while we may be los­ing day­light and bid­ding our sun­dress­es adieu, cold weath­er does not mean we have to let go of our sense of style. Indeed the ladies below show us just what it means to keep it cute and warm in their fall coats. If you want to know where to find the coats fea­tured, just click on the link below each pho­to.

Just Patience
Just Patience
Stylishly Decadent
Styl­ish­ly Deca­dent
The Maria Antoinette
The Maria Antoinette
Economy oF Style
Econ­o­my of Style
Lisa a la mode
Chica Fashion
Chi­ca Fash­ion
Alwayz Fashionably Late
Alwayz Fash­ion­ably Late
The Robinson Style
The Robin­son Style
The Brilliance of B
The Bril­liance of B
Staci Ann
Staci Ann More
Chioma's Evolution of Style
Chioma’s Evo­lu­tion of Style
Whitney Nic James
Whit­ney Nic James
Naja Diamond
Naja Dia­mond
Charmed Valerie
Charmed Valerie
The Styler Perk
The Styler Perk
Thriftanista In the City
Thrif­tanista In the City
Economy of Style
Econ­o­my of Style
Green and Gorgeous
Green and Gor­geous
The Brilliance of B
The Bril­liance of B
The Economy of Style
The Econ­o­my of Style
The Daileigh
Heart Prints and Style
Heart Prints and Style
Which look is your favorite?

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3 Comments on "23 Black Style Bloggers Rocking Fierce Fall Coats"

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Hi Alia, you can try for a sim­i­lar look to the pink coat.

The name of the item would be “Annie Faux Fur Col­lar Coat”.


The ASOS coat that The Robin­son Style is wear­ing would be the per­fect replace­ment for my aging camel coat…but it’s out of stock! Dammit!

I was wear­ing cape coats before cape coats were cool (again)…unfortunately Thriftanista’s is a Good­will find. Booo… :(

I real­ize the def­i­n­i­tion of “win­ter” is dif­fer­ent depend­ing on where you are…Where I live, a lot of these coats would be use­less once the hawk got to blow­ing. They’re all cute though… :)

This is great… Love the pink coat with fur on the neck­line. Any­one knows where I can get one?