A new documentary has just been released that picks up where Chris Rock’s 2009 Good Hair left off. LA-based salon owner and founder of Just Extensions Hair Bar, Riqua Hailes embarked upon a 6 week global journey to uncover the hidden truths of the bustling $9 billion hair extension industry. From the website:

Frustrated with vendors selling MEDIOCRE hair DISGUISED AS QUALITY , Hailes DECIDED to travel to the source to find the best. DURING HER SEARCH RIQUA found MUCH more than “Just Extensions.” MEETING villagers who cut THEN sold their hair FOR SURVIVAL, women and children who sacrificed their hair for religious beliefs and vendors who unapologetically manipulated the system for financial gain IMPACTED RIQUA PROFOUNDLY.

Hailes goes past the surface in the Just Extensions documentary to really explore the lives that are affected in supplying hair extensions. In an interview with Refinery29, Hailes recalls one girl who only received $7.50 USD in exchange for her waist length hair.

Hailes also uncovers the myth of “Brazilian hair extensions” as she encounters workers from a Chinese factory dump fallen hair into germicide to soak. These same strands are mixed with synthetic fibers and marketed as Brazilian or Indian hair. Meanwhile in Brazil, extensions are sometimes made from horse tails.




Watch the trailer below:

The documentary is now available on iTunes.

Share your thoughts! Will you be watching?


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Fatty Bamboo

this isn’t surprising. the demand for extensions is far too great

Fatty Bamboo

wow. u really tried it with this one. are you also an indirect rapist, by supporting businesses who profited from slave labor? gtfo

Victoria Owl

I wonder, is it like this with all companies that sell human hair extensions?

Saddest of all is that the women least able to afford fake hair are the ones who shell out thousands of dollars annually to buy it. That would be fine if their children’s college accounts were fully funded, or if they owned property, but they waste money on this nonsense and have nothing to show for it later. And all to try to emulate Asians (because they’re the only group out there with NATURAL hair like this) who they laugh at hysterically. If only they knew how long and beautiful their own hair would grow if they just stopped relaxing… Read more »
Fatty Bamboo

ugh. people are always trying to police & dictate how people with lower incomes should live their lives & spend their money. as if adhering to beauty standards doesn’t translate into quality of life for a lot of people. also, someone choosing to wear weave is not necessarily correlated to them hating their own hair.


Not policing at all. Just giving my sisters a much needed heads up. When they get to retirement age and don’t have a pot to pee in, but instead are still rocking an expensive weave, clinging for dear life to a patchy scalp, then they’ll get it lol.


Weaves can be safely sown in, with amazing growth results to follow. Still, no one can argue with the fact that you have a valid point.


Absolutely they can. I have seldom seen a weave that looked better than one’s own natural hair, if it is being taken care of properly. I can’t help but be reminded of a doll when I see a young lady with a weave. They’re hiding who they really are and that’s so sad to me.


Aaaaaaaamen! That’s the truth!

Gregory Chandler

In nations like India, a woman’s hair is often taken by force. Therefore, women who wear hair weaves are indirect rapists.


In other shocking news… water is actually wet! Seriously? like common sense isn’t too common I guesss.

sipo mtambo

black women and their men love to be abused as they live in illusions…

Fatty Bamboo

no one loves abuse

I think it’s sad people in these countries are so poor to be selling their hair to eat and companies paying them next to nothing while getting rich. Even with shipping and processing what they buy and sell this hair for is an obscene profit margin. Other than that I’m not too interested this doc. I have never and don’t want hair that grew out of someone else’s scalp on my head ESPECIALLY someone who isn’t black. I will only wear synthetic. Just me. each his own. I doubt the overwhelming majority of people who wear this hair give a… Read more »

I got a weave once and the hair stylist was so taken aback that I had bought synthetic hair. To me it would strange to wear another person’s hair on my scalp.


So so sad! we black women need to wake up and claim our natural hair back not indian hair or horse tails. SMH


I just…have no words right now honestly…alot of thoughts going through my mind…I’m looking forward to the discussion this hopefully generates…

Victoria Owl
I don’t knock wearing hair extensions especially for those who suffer from hair loss due to health issues but I guess the safest way is purchasing the synthetic type hair? There are so many women who wear wigs, clip-ins and crotchet braids that mimic their own natural texture vs the horse hair looking extensions. I can never tell these days whether or not its real and mind you, those afro, kinky like extensions are made from synthetic hair! So why even bother going through the hassle of purchasing so called “real” hair that doesn’t even look like your own hair?… Read more »
Justice S

I am so glad I have never worn weave in my life.