Sum­mer 2015 was a great one, but it’s offi­cial­ly over! The air is get­ting cool­er, humid­i­ty is drop­ping and, for many nat­u­rals, our hair is act­ing kind of funky. Nev­er fear! Our writ­ers are here to break down how to tran­si­tion from a sum­mer reg­i­men to a fall/winter reg­i­men. Check it out…


cassandre beccai summer blow out

What my sum­mer reg­i­men was like…
Dur­ing the sum­mer, I always feel lib­er­at­ed to do more “out” hair­styles with my hair. And not just because the sum­mer sea­son allows for more humid and less arid con­di­tions, but because sum­mer just brings out the cre­ativ­i­ty in me! This past sum­mer I was heav­i­ly into blow out and light press­es.

It might seem strange that I would opt for a straighter ‘do, but I real­ly want­ed to rock my length a lit­tle more, but in such a way that the style wouldn’t be ruined from sweat­ing, hence just a light press. I enjoyed doing twist outs on my blown out hair and the stretched state tend­ed to last for 2 to 3 weeks. I would twist my hair down at night to have a refreshed style and even more stretched hair the fol­low­ing day.

Because I was using some heat, I was still pret­ty dili­gent about deep con­di­tion­ing, often opt­ing for my hen­na hack treat­ment, or my home­made caramel treat­ment and a few oth­er mix­es. I kept up my tri-week­ly wash days reg­i­men and always made sure I didn’t skimp out on the pro­tein treat­ment (Aphogee 2 Minute Recon­struc­tor) before my deep mois­ture treat­ments.

How I know I need to tran­si­tion to a fall reg­i­men..
I’ve noticed that for me per­son­al­ly, life seems to get more stress­ful in the fall. It’s time for me to catch up from lazy sum­mer days and pre­pare for the rush of the hol­i­day sea­son. So as soon as Sep­tem­ber comes around, I’m already look­ing for my next long term pro­tec­tive style. To be hon­est, before I became a mom, I did not think this way. I was con­tent with putting my hair in french rolls for a few days at a time or doing mini twists with my own hair  dur­ing the fall/winter sea­son. Since hav­ing a baby, I’ve found that I pre­fer incor­po­rat­ing syn­thet­ic hair into my low manip­u­la­tion style because it seems to stay fresh for longer. So now Havan­na Twists, faux locs and box braids are my go-to win­ter styles for con­ve­nience and man­age­abil­i­ty.

If I don’t switch up what I do to my hair it gets ter­ri­bly dried out.

How I adjust my reg­i­men for fall…
When fall comes around I usu­al­ly change my reg­i­men by:
1. Incor­po­rat­ing  a long term, low manip­u­la­tion style.
2. Because I’m always con­cerned that my hair’s hydro-lipid lay­ers need atten­tion even while in a style, I oil my hair every oth­er day, some­thing I don’t do reg­u­lar­ly dur­ing warmer months.


Portia Wearing twists as a protective style during the summer.
Wear­ing twists as a pro­tec­tive style dur­ing the sum­mer.

I’m one of those nat­u­rals whose hair absolute­ly hates the sum­mer. At least it hates the sum­mers on the East Coast where the humid­i­ty is so thick and the heat is so smol­der­ing you almost feel like you’re chok­ing on it at times. Over the years, I’ve learned what to expect from sea­son to sea­son, and I’ve adjust­ed my hair reg­i­men accord­ing­ly.

What my sum­mer reg­i­men was like…
Dur­ing the sum­mer is when my hair is hid­den a lot. I exper­i­ment with braids (with added hair), twists, and faux buns. I do this main­ly because of the heat and humid­i­ty in the air. My hair doesn’t like humid­i­ty, nev­er has, nev­er will. It frizzes up, draws up, and becomes a tan­gled mess if I try to let it whip dur­ing the sum­mer. When my hair gets a break between my pro­tec­tive styling, I wash it more often. This means that I’m wash­ing my hair once every 4 days. It’s a pain, but there is no get­ting around it. Heat cou­pled with sweat, equals sticky and sour smelling hair for me if I wait a whole week to wash. Addi­tion­al­ly, I tend to use more gel based stylers for my twist outs and lay low on the stylers that pro­vide extra mois­ture. As a result, my hair doesn’t become over sat­u­rat­ed and sog­gy. I use shea but­ter and water to pro­vide the major­i­ty of my mois­ture when twist­ing and when main­tain­ing my hair through­out the week.

How I know I need to tran­si­tion to a fall reg­i­men..

Portia wearing a three day old twist out, now that the weather is cool.
Por­tia wear­ing a three day old twist out, now that the weath­er is cool.

When the weath­er starts to cool down and my hair starts feel­ing a lit­tle dry, then I know it’s time to switch up my reg­i­men and imple­ment my mois­ture rich rou­tine.

How I adjust my reg­i­men for fall…
This rou­tine includes a. using stylers that are creami­er, b. wash­ing less, and c. doing hot oil treatments/deep con­di­tion­ing week­ly. Dur­ing the sum­mer, I fell back on the hot oil treat­ments because for some rea­son, it was mak­ing my hair a lit­tle greasy. No mat­ter how many times I thought I rinsed all the oil out, some would still be left mak­ing my hair feel like a mini oil slick. But in the fall/winter, the week­ly hot oil treat­ments help to lock in mois­ture.

With these changes, my hair thrives and my kinks and curls stay on point. If I don’t make the nec­es­sary adjust­ments in time, my hair lets me know by stay­ing dry and knot­ty. I’ll even start to see break­age.



Because I like to keep my hair care rou­tine low main­te­nance I don’t make as many changes between sum­mer and fall as I have in the past. There are, how­ev­er, a few nec­es­sary adjust­ments made due to the sim­ple fact that my hair and scalp respond dif­fer­ent­ly in both sea­sons.

What my sum­mer reg­i­men was like…
In the sum­mer, my hair retains mois­ture bet­ter and attracts dirt faster because of the increased humid­i­ty and sweat. I also play a lot more out­door sports – such as soft­ball and kick­ball – or take a dip in the lake, so the frizz and dirt are almost dou­bled. As a result, I cleanse my hair more often (about 1–2 times a week) and usu­al­ly with a cleans­ing con­di­tion­er for a gen­tle, non-dry­ing wash. I also deep con­di­tion less since I am not using strip­ping sham­poos as often — using a quick con­di­tion­er like Tre­semme Nat­u­rals or Silk Ele­ments is usu­al­ly suf­fi­cient.

Last­ly, because I wash so fre­quent­ly, I keep my hair­styles sim­ple and quick to avoid spend­ing hours on re-doing my hair.


How I know I need to tran­si­tion to a fall reg­i­men..
I know it is time to wind down my sum­mer reg­i­men and switch things up for fall when the weath­er starts to cool to sub 60 degrees fahren­heit. My hair will gen­er­al­ly go from doing fine with light, quick con­di­tion­ers to need­ing con­sis­tent deep con­di­tion­ing and with heat. The tell­tale sign is that my hair stops feel­ing as sup­ple and mois­tur­ized through­out the week as it has been dur­ing the warmer weath­er. Addi­tion­al­ly, with my decrease in out­door sports and gen­er­al activ­i­ty, I can wash less fre­quent­ly; in the past, I’ve been able to go three to four weeks between cleans­ing ses­sions.

My mois­ture game stays the same regard­less
One major step that doesn’t change (any­more) is seal­ing with whipped shea but­ter and oil(s) after each wash. I used to be of the mind­set that sum­mer meant lighter mois­tur­iz­ers and oils while fall, and even win­ter, meant heav­ier oils and but­ters. While this was true for my hair in the past, it is not so true any­more because oth­er fac­tors come into play as well, such as loca­tion (humid vs. dry vs. cool vs. hot sum­mers) and whether I’ve dyed my hair. For exam­ple, when I bleached my hair last sum­mer, lighter oils just did not cut it for seal­ing. For that rea­son, I seal with whipped shea but­ter and oil(s) no mat­ter the sea­son to be on the safe side.


How I adjust my reg­i­men for fall…
So here are the changes I make for fall and the ratio­nale behind them:
1. Deep con­di­tion more: Helps com­bat dry­ness due to cool­er weath­er
2. Wash less often: I’m gen­er­al­ly less active in the fall and don’t sweat or get dirty as quick­ly; less wash­ing also decreas­es the strip­ping of my hair’s nat­ur­al oils
3. Pro­tec­tive style more: keeps my hair pro­tect­ed from the ele­ments (fall can get cold here in the Mid­west.)

Ladies, how do you adjust your reg­i­men for fall?

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I live in a hot weath­er. After five years of being nat­ur­al and dye­ing my hair I’m still try­ing to fig­ure out which oils are good for my fine hair.

Samantha L

I too have fine hair and I real­ly like grape­seed oil and jojo­ba oil. You have to use a light hand with the grape­seed oil, but its packed with ceremides.


YES! I, too, need more pro­tec­tive styling and mois­ture diring the fall and win­ter months. Excel­lent arti­cles!