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We’ve all had those moments.

In the midst of prep­ping our hair for wash day, we pull our strands to see how far down our back it can go. Some­times we’re pleased by the obvi­ous (or bare­ly obvi­ous) progress and many oth­er times, we’re dis­ap­point­ed by what seems like exact­ly 0 inch­es of vis­i­ble hair growth.

So where did you go wrong? Was the night­ly mois­ture spritz not enough? Did the satin scarf fall off one too many times? Does your hair just not grow?

If you’re at a stand still in your hair care, you might want to con­sid­er these ques­tions and find ways to cor­rect them in order to jump­start your growth plateau.

1. Are you stressed out?

I believe stress is the cul­prit of most of the issues we face with our health and vital­i­ty. Ongo­ing stress with­out replen­ish­ing and restor­ing vehi­cles like good food, good sleep, sun­shine and exer­cise forces your body to steal nutri­ents to com­pen­sate.

Our hair is one of the last things our body is con­cerned about sup­ply­ing nutri­ents to when we are stressed. And what’s real­ly inter­est­ing about this phe­nom­e­non is that you don’t usu­al­ly start see­ing the effects of the stress on hair growth until months lat­er.

Con­sid­er that your no growth issue might be linked to stress if you’ve expe­ri­enced a sig­nif­i­cant change in your cir­cum­stances in the past few months (a move, new job, a death, etc.) See a doc­tor, dieti­cian or coun­selor to dis­cuss the var­i­ous ways you can for­ti­fy your body to deal with the changes.

In the mean­time, try juic­ing and mak­ing green smooth­ies. They helped me to feel strong and con­tin­ue to grow healthy hair dur­ing a stress­ful year of my life. 

2. Are you manip­u­lat­ing your hair way too much?

Here’s the thing, most of our hair is in a grow­ing phase most of the time, so it’s grow­ing even when we don’t see the length. The issue for most of us is not that our hair doesn’t grow at all, but that we don’t retain the length that we grow.

It easy to suc­cumb to the idea that one must “do”” their hair on a dai­ly basis, but that’s a faulty under­stand­ing of how best to keep afro-tex­ture hair look­ing good while main­tain­ing its best pos­si­ble health.

My sug­ges­tion– min­i­mize dai­ly styling prac­tices so you can cut out man­u­al break­age and start see­ing your length soon­er rather than lat­er.

3. Is your ana­gen phase nat­u­ral­ly short?

There are some women that swear that despite their con­sis­tent, low-manip­u­la­tion, high mois­ture reg­i­men, healthy lifestyle and stress man­age­ment, their hair con­tin­ues to retain length at a minus­cule rate. 

If that’s your sto­ry, you may be one of the many women in this world with short­er growth peri­ods for your hair. You can give your hair a longer growth time­line through the use of organ­ic sul­fur via MSM sup­ple­ments.

Con­sid­er tak­ing them for three months to see if they make a dif­fer­ence in your growth and length reten­tion.

What are some things you check for when your hair isn’t retain­ing length?

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Bee Pollen and Aloe Vera are great for grow­ing hair. I buy mine from


You’re pret­ty.

Jessica Noel

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My ends would roll off and break…I need­ed more pro­tec­tive styling from the ele­ments. It grew best mois­tur­ized and in a pro­tec­tive style and a low stress lev­el.