This fall sea­son is all about god­dess braids, curly sets, and sculp­tural updos for my 4c nat­u­rals!  Here are ten video tuto­ri­als for ten such looks.

1. God­dess Braid

I can­not talk about the god­dess braid enough. This look is such an easy, fail-safe option. It can also be done on almost any length of hair and worn for days to weeks at a time.  If you want a sta­ple style this fall, the god­dess braid may just be it.

Ebony Evonne

Prod­ucts used: Gel
Tools required: Rat­tail comb (for part­ing), bob­by pins, tooth­brush

2. Ban­tu Knots with Exten­sions

Ban­tu knots are anoth­er easy-to-do look for the fall, espe­cial­ly for a par­ty or oth­er fun event.  You can use your nat­u­ral length and den­si­ty or play up the vol­ume with match­ing hair exten­sions as in the fol­low­ing video tuto­ri­al.

cynthykay obi

Prod­ucts used: Dax hair grease, Sul­fur8 Cre­me, cas­tor oil, Eco Styler Gel
Tools required: Rat­tail comb (for part­ing), tooth­brush (edges), Mar­ley braid hair, scis­sors

3. Flexi Rod Set

One thing I love about this sea­son is the abil­i­ty to do curly sets like the fol­low­ing with­out the wor­ry of humid­i­ty killing your style. There is no need to stay in pro­tec­tive styles 24–7 this fall when you have options like this flexi rod set. If you are going to a hol­i­day event, in par­tic­u­lar, this look is a def­i­nite win.

Nyla Helene

Prod­ucts used: Lot­ta­body Set­ting Lotion, Eco Styler Gel
Tools required: Flexi rods, clips

4. Mohawk Updo

Here is a quick and easy mohawk updo by our very own Klassy Kinks.  What I love about this look is that it can be worn almost any­where, such as the school, the office, a con­fer­ence, or a par­ty.  What’s more?  No addi­tion­al prod­ucts (I repeat, “no addi­tion­al prod­ucts”) are required to cre­ate this style.

Klassy Kinks

Tools required: Elas­tic hair­band, bob­by pins (tons of them)

5. Faux Bun (on a TWA!)

If you were rock­ing a TWA all sum­mer and want to change up your look entire­ly, per­haps this faux bun is what you need.  Cre­at­ing this style con­sists of sculpt­ing your hair with a lot of pro­duct rather than pulling at your tress­es and edges.  In oth­er words, your hair­line expe­ri­ences less ten­sion than you would think with this tech­nique.

Freedom Styles

Prod­ucts used: Organ­ic coconut oil, Eco Styler with Olive Oil, Gliss Hair Repair Dai­ly Oil
Tools required: Brush, tooth­brush, sat­in scarf, Afro kinky braid hair, elas­tic hair tie, bob­by pins

6. Roll, Tuck, and Pin Updo

Here is anoth­er quick and easy updo for you ladies this fall.  You lit­er­al­ly only need to roll, tuck, and pin a few times.  Cre­ate this style on hair that has been stretched via a blow out, thread­ing, roller set, twists, or braids.

Luv Mika87

Prod­ucts used: Carol’s Daugh­ter Mirabelle Plum Oil, Carol’s Daugh­ter Mimosa Hair Hon­ey
Tools required: Clips, elas­tic hair­band, bob­by pins

7. Dry Twist and Curl

Here is anoth­er curly look that you can res­ur­rect now that the humid sum­mer is gone. Just twist your hair (with the appro­pri­ate pro­duct) and set on perm rods overnight. Remove the rods the next morn­ing, sep­a­rate your curls, fluff, and voila!


Prod­ucts used: SheaMois­ture Coconut & Hibis­cus Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie, Extra Vir­gin Olive Oil, Bet­ter Body Organ­ic Coconut Oil
Tools required: Perm rods (pink)

8. Flow­er & Fish­tail Bun

If you can­not get enough of the­se sculp­tural updos, here is anoth­er one for you.  This look can be worn as a sta­ple style this sea­son or to a spe­cial event.  Be sure to stretch your hair first via thread­ing, roller set­ting, or any oth­er method that you prefer.

Pure Estrogen

Tools required: Wide-tooth comb, hair clip, African thread, bob­by pins

9. Fringe and Fish­tail

This “fringe and fish­tail” look is anoth­er option for the fall, espe­cial­ly for a nat­u­ral who wants to tuck her ends away.  If at first you don’t suc­ceed at cre­at­ing this style, try again!  Nenonat­u­ral shows her hon­est first and sec­ond attempts in this video.


Prod­ucts used: Queen of Kinks, Curls & Coils Boxed Set
Tools required: Sponge comb, bob­by pins, brush, elas­tic hair tie

10. Two Pinned Flat Twists

Last, but not least, you can nev­er go wrong with two sim­ple flat twists, which can be worn for a few days or a week at a time.  (Also, there is a bonus fresh-faced make­up tuto­ri­al at the end of the video to glam up the look.)

Rosemary Godwin - Ese

Prod­ucts used: Water, shea but­ter
Tools required: Bob­by pins, rat­tail comb (for part­ing and smooth­ing edges), sat­in scarf

For my 4c ladies, what style(s) will you wear this fall?


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lots of awe­some styles. I’d say the twa faux bun blew my mind the most. that’s inno­va­tion right there.


cur­rent­ly rock­ing the bun with marly hair added. lov­in it!


Beau­ti­ful hair styles!


Nice! Thanks for post­ing.

Sabrina black

I would def­i­nite­ly wear the Flexi rods. The Ban­tu knots and god­dess braid is so cute!