I began tak­ing Vivis­cal in July 2011 and record­ed much of my jour­ney on my YouTube chan­nel. It quick­ly became my favorite vit­a­min after try­ing sev­er­al dif­fer­ent for­mu­las, such as Max­i­Hair and the now defunct Niox­in favorites (I took Niox­in until it was no longer avail­able, but before Vivis­cal, it was my favorite), and with good rea­son. When I did my length check videos, I always saw great progress with my hair and also had lit­tle shed­ding (pic below shows my length at 2 years and 4 months nat­ur­al, I was using Vivis­cal at the time) I had my month­ly sup­ply on auto-order on Ama­zon, and heck, I was even in their infomer­cial, which was pret­ty cool.

But then, they changed the for­mu­la and some of the ver­biage on the pack­ag­ing, and it became more dif­fi­cult to deter­mine if I was get­ting authen­tic prod­uct. There were two dif­fer­ent types of pack­ag­ing I had seen across the web with dif­fer­ent ingre­di­ents, and I even heard of unau­tho­rized sell­ers dis­trib­ut­ing fake prod­uct. The final nail in the cof­fin was when the ven­dor I ordered from on Ama­zon stopped sell­ing it, and I couldn’t find a trust­wor­thy site for a good deal. I bid Vivis­cal good­bye and set out to find a vit­a­min I was hap­py with that I could buy on the ground and the ingre­di­ents wouldn’t keep chang­ing.

Viviscal Length Check

Don’t get me wrong — I don’t believe that hair vit­a­mins make your hair grow 50 inch­es a year and I don’t think they are nec­es­sary for a healthy hair jour­ney. First and fore­most, I think that we should focus on inter­nal nutri­tion and well­ness, which sup­port healthy hair, skin, and nails. But I do think they are nice to have since we aren’t able to real­ly mea­sure how much vit­a­min B we’re get­ting dai­ly through the food we eat. Fur­ther­more, I do notice decreased shed­ding when I take cer­tain vit­a­mins regard­less of my diet and how often I’m detan­gling, which is reas­sur­ing to see in the show­er.

Any­way, back to the sto­ry. I tried a cou­ple of oth­er vit­a­mins, includ­ing Mane­Choice (which caused me to break out some­thing awful) and Nature’s Boun­ty Extra Strength Hair, Skin, and Nails, which was pret­ty good but was often sold out at CVS because it’s on sale all the time. But with­out even real­iz­ing it, all of these vit­a­mins were miss­ing some­thing that is incred­i­bly impor­tant to hair and also my per­son­al health — iron. I’ve been ane­mic since as long as I can remem­ber, and although I peri­od­i­cal­ly took iron with my hair vit­a­min, I felt like I was tak­ing so many pills and tak­ing iron alone (and on an emp­ty stom­ach) made me feel ill. Hon­est­ly, I can’t even remem­ber the last time I bought iron pills because they get on my nerves.

Vivis­cal con­tains 10mg (56% of the rec­om­mend­ed dai­ly val­ue) per pill, and the ini­tial rec­om­mend­ed dosage is two pills a day. I went to Ulta and re-exam­ined the ingre­di­ents, saw that, and thought, “Fine. Might as well!” One of the oth­er ben­e­fits I get from tak­ing Vivis­cal is that it doesn’t make me sick at all; I can take it in the morn­ing on an emp­ty stom­ach and not have to wor­ry about feel­ing nau­se­at­ed lat­er in the day or hav­ing heart­burn from too much iron. As an added bonus, I was prob­a­bly a week and a half into tak­ing Vivis­cal again (note, I was still tak­ing biotin and hadn’t gone that long with­out tak­ing any kind of vit­a­min), I detan­gled my hair after hav­ing it in a bun for around five days, which can often equal tan­gle city, and I shed a lot less hair — it was even notice­able with each sec­tion that I did. Win!

So, just like that, Vivis­cal is back in my reg­i­men, and hair was only a small part of the equa­tion. I hope they don’t change the ingre­di­ents again…

Have you ever had a favorite in your reg­i­men that you went back to after try­ing oth­er things?


Elle is the edi­tor and cre­ative direc­tor of the YouTube chan­nel and blog, Quest for the Per­fect Curl at www.questfortheperfectcurl.com. Her chan­nel focus­es on nat­ur­al hair, beau­ty, and fit­ness. She loves prod­ucts that smell like dessert, yoga, and glit­ter. Fol­low her @qftpc.

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Have you tried Per­fec­til? Its worked real­ly well for me, I saw increased growth and decreased shed­ding and my hair­dress­er has even start­ed rec­om­mend­ing it to her oth­er clients. It’s made in the UK but you can get it on Ama­zon for $16.

Betty Poo

I’ve been tak­ing Vivis­cal for sev­er­al months now…maybe 4, I’ve lost count…but even though my hair isn’t grow­ing faster, the decreased shed­ding is very not­i­ca­ble. My hair has been this volu­mous in 30 yrs! I tried to take advan­tage of Amazon’s auto re-order, but every oth­er month they’d jack to price up $10! Then when I stopped the auto re-order, the price went down. So I don’t do auto re-order any more. Ha!


I used Vivis­cal for about 6 months with great results. I had to stop because I believe it was caus­ing some hor­mon­al abnor­mal­i­ties and caused my men­stru­al cycle to be unpre­dictable and sig­nif­i­cant­ly more painful, which is some­thing it hasn’t been for 20+ years. I did some online research and saw that some oth­er women expe­ri­enced the exact same thing. Once I stopped, every­thing reg­u­lat­ed imme­di­ate­ly. Despite those issues, it works great. My over­all health is just more impor­tant.


I’m actu­al­ly real­ly glad that she men­tioned Nature’s Boun­ty. Although I would love to try Vivis­cal, unfor­tu­nate­ly, $40 vit­a­mins are not in my bud­get (even though I hear that high­er qual­i­ty vit­a­mins are way bet­ter). On the upside, Nature’s Boun­ty vit­a­mins are nev­er out of stock at my local Tar­get. Thanks Elle!


I’m Glad Vivis­cal works for her. I would LIKE to try some­thing!


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