In the West African coun­try of Ghana, socialites, up and com­ing actress­es and mod­els are show­ing off their god giv­en curves and amass­ing size­able Insta­gram fol­low­ings that span con­ti­nents. But although these women have jaw-drop­ping fig­ures, they are con­tro­ver­sial in Ghana, with some express­ing dis­com­fort at the unabashed sex­u­al­i­ty of their post­ings.

Moe­sha Boduong, who stud­ied the­atre arts at The Uni­ver­si­ty of Ghana, responds to the crit­i­cism she has received by explain­ing that her body is “art” and she is not ashamed to show it off.

“It is not as if I do those pos­es or wear dress­es to bring my curves out inten­tion­al­ly, the truth is that, there is noth­ing I can do about it. I can’t hide these curves and if you can’t hide some­thing, the best thing to do is to appre­ci­ate and flaunt it just as the Bible says that every­thing God cre­at­ed is beau­ti­ful.”

And these women are beau­ti­ful indeed, mak­ing it clear that Africa is tru­ly the birth­place of volup­tuous women.

Matil­da Hip­sy, 59.1K Insta­gram fol­low­ers

Princess Shyn­gle, 42.2K Insta­gram fol­low­ers

Moe­sha Boduong, 38.1K Insta­gram fol­low­ers

Dot­ty Lana, 47.3K Insta­gram fol­low­ers

Hajia 4 Reall, 150K Insta­gram fol­low­ers

Ladies, what are your thoughts on Ghana’s bur­geon­ing Insta­gram scene?

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Autumn Wwjd Bolling
I’m glad these women love their bod­ies and them­selves. Grow­ing up I was taught to hide my curves. That they’d get me only “the wrong kind of atten­tion” from men. My pants had to be loose fit­ting and my shirts had to cov­er my butt… And it was oppress­ing. I felt trapped. I under­stand that these women’s curves will be promi­nent under what­ev­er they wear, and they are beau­ti­ful. I don’t think that any per­son should be ashamed or feel guilty about the way God cre­at­ed their body. And the hurt­ful stereo­types, pred­ju­dices, and treat­ment they are sub­ject­ed to is… Read more »

Well­l­l­ll, I don’t know how to feel


Those are some seri­ous S curves! <3 I love when Black women are unapolo­getic about their fea­tures. Most times we can be so volup­tuous that when we embrace it or show it off, peo­ple are quick to call us slut­ty for it. These are the same fea­tures that are praised on women of oth­er races when they have them but this is a reminder that we had them first!


Yeah, you’re right. Just wasn’t sure if they are mad or prais­ing them