In the West African country of Ghana, socialites, up and coming actresses and models are showing off their god given curves and amassing sizeable Instagram followings that span continents. But although these women have jaw-dropping figures, they are controversial in Ghana, with some expressing discomfort at the unabashed sexuality of their postings.

Moesha Boduong, who studied theatre arts at The University of Ghana, responds to the criticism she has received by explaining that her body is “art” and she is not ashamed to show it off.

“It is not as if I do those poses or wear dresses to bring my curves out intentionally, the truth is that, there is nothing I can do about it. I can’t hide these curves and if you can’t hide something, the best thing to do is to appreciate and flaunt it just as the Bible says that everything God created is beautiful.”

And these women are beautiful indeed, making it clear that Africa is truly the birthplace of voluptuous women.

Matilda Hipsy, 59.1K Instagram followers

Princess Shyngle, 42.2K Instagram followers

Moesha Boduong, 38.1K Instagram followers

Dotty Lana, 47.3K Instagram followers

Hajia 4 Reall, 150K Instagram followers

Ladies, what are your thoughts on Ghana’s burgeoning Instagram scene?

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Autumn Wwjd Bolling
I’m glad these women love their bodies and themselves. Growing up I was taught to hide my curves. That they’d get me only “the wrong kind of attention” from men. My pants had to be loose fitting and my shirts had to cover my butt… And it was oppressing. I felt trapped. I understand that these women’s curves will be prominent under whatever they wear, and they are beautiful. I don’t think that any person should be ashamed or feel guilty about the way God created their body. And the hurtful stereotypes, predjudices, and treatment they are subjected to is… Read more »

Wellllll, I don’t know how to feel


Those are some serious S curves! <3 I love when Black women are unapologetic about their features. Most times we can be so voluptuous that when we embrace it or show it off, people are quick to call us slutty for it. These are the same features that are praised on women of other races when they have them but this is a reminder that we had them first!


Yeah, you’re right. Just wasn’t sure if they are mad or praising them