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A hair company by the name of Boho Exotic Studio is now using Rachel Dolezal to sell bundles of their “boho exotic curl.” By now, everyone knows Dolezal was behind one of the most epic catfish-style ploys of 2015 when she decided to stop identifying as white and “changed her race” to falsely live her life as a black woman.

Dolezal was able to disguise her white appearance with the wigs, weaves,  faux locs and box braids during the time in which she lived under her assumed identity as a black woman. Still, it seems a bit trite for a hair company to use Dolezal to push weaves; especially a grade of hair they call, “boho exotic curl.”

Boho Exotic Studio originally posted 2 photos of Dolezal wearing 18 inches of their boho exotic curl hair to their Instagram page.

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The photos have since been deleted. Interesting.


Sound off! Are you here for Dolezal’s bundles?

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so much nope.


Why are we STILL giving this wannabe attention??
Why is this article of her even created??
No one cares. Wish she will just go away.


Y’all done got her out of here again and I am HOLLERING


Po’ thang. I guess she has to earn a living somewhere. I really just wish she’d go away.


see? i warned ya. She was either gonna have a tv show or do some modeling or be a public figure of some sort.


Looks great. I might check it out. Now move on.


I *bet* this is an asian company


Nope. It’s not, the woman who owns this company used to be/is a member on long hair care forum.

Elodie Careme

…I’m speechless.


No. I don’t want to sound off about this white woman and her damn weave. I’m annoyed that yet another article on this site is about her with info about her life updates. This is space that could and should be devoted to one of my sisters. For us and about us. That’s what I come here for. This article is neither. I don’t usually complain about the choice of content but this is ridiculous. I thought I was on Black Girl Long Hair but maybe my browser got confused and rerouted me to CN.


Almost every black female centric site I’ve visited in the past few days posted about her. It’s seriously sad!

Elle P.

I’m wondering if she is prolonging her 15 minutes of fame (notoriously)…

Charlotte Roberts


Kelli Mcghee

Looks good I like


Hell no.