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A hair com­pa­ny by the name of Boho Exotic Stu­dio is now using Rachel Dolezal to sell bundles of their “boho exotic curl.” By now, every­one knows Dolezal was behind one of the most epic cat­fish-style ploys of 2015 when she decid­ed to stop iden­ti­fy­ing as white and “changed her race” to false­ly live her life as a black wom­an.

Dolezal was able to dis­guise her white appear­ance with the wigs, weaves,  faux locs and box braids dur­ing the time in which she lived under her assumed iden­ti­ty as a black wom­an. Still, it seems a bit trite for a hair com­pa­ny to use Dolezal to push weaves; espe­cial­ly a grade of hair they call, “boho exotic curl.”

Boho Exotic Stu­dio orig­i­nal­ly post­ed 2 pho­tos of Dolezal wear­ing 18 inch­es of their boho exotic curl hair to their Insta­gram page.

racheldolezalweave instagram

The pho­tos have since been delet­ed. Inter­est­ing.


Sound off! Are you here for Dolezal’s bundles?

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so much nope.


Why are we STILL giv­ing this wannabe atten­tion??
Why is this arti­cle of her even cre­at­ed??
No one cares. Wish she will just go away.


Y’all done got her out of here again and I am HOLLERING


Po’ thang. I guess she has to earn a liv­ing some­where. I real­ly just wish she’d go away.


see? i warned ya. She was either gonna have a tv show or do some mod­el­ing or be a pub­lic fig­ure of some sort.


Looks great. I might check it out. Now move on.


I *bet* this is an asian com­pa­ny


Nope. It’s not, the wom­an who owns this com­pa­ny used to be/is a mem­ber on long hair care forum.

Elodie Careme

…I’m speech­less.


No. I don’t want to sound off about this white wom­an and her damn weave. I’m annoyed that yet anoth­er arti­cle on this site is about her with info about her life updates. This is space that could and should be devot­ed to one of my sis­ters. For us and about us. That’s what I come here for. This arti­cle is nei­ther. I don’t usu­al­ly com­plain about the choice of con­tent but this is ridicu­lous. I thought I was on Black Girl Long Hair but may­be my browser got con­fused and rerout­ed me to CN.


Almost every black female cen­tric site I’ve vis­it­ed in the past few days post­ed about her. It’s seri­ous­ly sad!

Elle P.

I’m won­der­ing if she is pro­long­ing her 15 min­utes of fame (noto­ri­ous­ly)…

Charlotte Roberts


Kelli Mcghee

Looks good I like


Hell no.