Cos­met­ics com­pa­nies have long had a habit of exclud­ing black women from their agen­da. We’re often an after­thought, and that ain’t cool. Now, there are excep­tions to this rule: Fash­ion Fair, Lan­come, and Mac Cos­met­ics, to name a few. But now, more than ever, it’s impor­tant that we pay atten­tion to the Black-owned cos­met­ics com­pa­nies that are giv­ing these big­ger brands a run for their mon­ey.

Coloured Raine Cos­met­ics


Known for fab­u­lous mat­te liq­uid lip­sticks with shades that fit every skin tone, Coloured Raine was found­ed in 2013 by Loraine (Raine) D. who “decid­ed to cre­ate an edgy cos­met­ic line that breaks all bar­ri­ers with­in the cos­met­ic world.” If you’d like to see how some of her lip­sticks look on deep­er skin tones check out my review here or watch these videos:

Laws of Nature Cos­met­ics

Found­ed by Jas­mine Rose who writes that,“Laws of Nature Cos­met­ics is a organ­ic and nat­ur­al min­er­al cos­met­ics line for women of col­or.”

Skin Mind Body Essen­tials

plain jane beauty

“Since 2002 Lake Louise has been the Chief Eco-Beau­ty Offi­cer (CEO) of Skin, Mind, Body Essen­tials, a beau­ty and well­ness prod­ucts com­pa­ny whose brands include: Lotus Moon®, DetoxRx®, Plain Jane Beau­ty® ( a line that boasts safe, nat­ur­al and organ­ic ingre­di­ents that encom­pass all shades and skin tones) and SON®

Vera Moore Cos­met­ics

Accord­ing to her web­site, “Vera was con­tract­ed on nation­al tele­vi­sion as one of the first black actress­es on the soap opera “Anoth­er World” NBC where she por­trayed “Lin­da Met­calf” for ten years. She imme­di­ate­ly real­ized the void in the mar­ket for qual­i­ty prod­ucts for women of col­or, specif­i­cal­ly a nat­ur­al look­ing foun­da­tion that didn’t rub off on your clothes. This gave birth to Vera Moore Cos­met­ics.”

Pol­ish Her Pret­ty


Cre­at­ed by Melodye Canady in 2015. “a world with so much chaos, it has become easy to not feel so good about our­selves. With Glow by Melodye you will feel sexy again. You can Glow again. My glaze sticks are just the boost you need to remind you how accom­plished and sexy you are. Let Glow remind you that you can do any­thing. I believe in you.”

Gold Label Cos­met­ics

“Found­ed in 2012 by make­up artist, Kris­ten Elise Brown, Gold Label Cos­met­ics seeks to to encour­age women to pro­claim their beau­ty every­where they go.”

Sasha Cos­met­ics

Sacha Cos­met­ics is man­u­fac­tured in Trinidad and Toba­go, where cura­tors work “tire­less­ly to suc­cess­ful­ly devel­op prod­ucts that are flash-friend­ly on diverse skin tones.”

The Lip­Bar

Found­ed in 2011 by Detroit native Melis­sa But­ler, Lip Bar was designed as “ a com­pa­ny that would intro­duce women of all shades to expe­ri­ence a lip col­or that was not only bold in its shade, but also healthy in its intake.”
Juvia’s Place
You can read more about the com­pa­ny and own­er, Chichi Ebu­ru, by click­ing HERE. Check out these videos for more:

Danes­sa Myricks Beau­ty

Found­ed by Danes­sa Myricks, “who’s eye for pho­tog­ra­phy has encap­su­lat­ed her ideals of beau­ty. Inspired ini­tial­ly by the inner sphere of the beau­ty busi­ness, Danessa’s career hit the ground run­ning at the cor­po­rate lev­el, where she dis­cov­ered her true pas­sions aligned the tra­jec­to­ry towards artistry.”
Ivivi­iv Cos­met­ics

Baabs Beau­ty


B.A.A.B.S. prod­ucts are a hypoal­ler­genic and cru­el­ty-free pro­fes­sion­al grade cos­met­ic line. Our prod­ucts  give great col­or pay off and long last­ing stay­ing pow­er by pro­vid­ing high­ly pig­ment­ed make­up made from high qual­i­ty ingre­di­ents. B.A.A.B.S. is ded­i­cat­ed to cater­ing to each individual’s make up needs.  We offer make up ser­vices for all of your spe­cial occa­sions; as well as a full cos­met­ics and skin care line for even the most sen­si­tive skin.”

Lolade Cosmetics




IYMB stands for I make you beau­ti­ful and was found­ed by artist and edu­ca­tor Danes­sa Myricks.

Gin­ger + Liz


Veg­an and non-tox­ic nail laquer brand found in Ulta Stores and salons around the coun­try.

AJ Crim­son

aj crimson

AJ Crim­son was found­ed by AJ Crim­son of course. A make­up artist who’s worked with Mis­sy Elliot, Brandy and more debuted a brand that fits the wide range of shades among women of col­or.

MDM Flow


Found­ed by a Chem­istry Grad, Flo­rence Ade­po­ju this hand­made (Yes, Ade­po­ju makes these cos­met­ics her­self) cru­el­ty-free lip­stick brand can be found online and in Top­shop.

Beau­ty Bak­erie


Beau­ty Bak­erie was found­ed by entre­pre­neur and breast can­cer sur­vivor, Cash­mere Nicole. Right now they have a line of cru­el­ty-free, smudge­proof, water­proof lip­whips that are sell­ing out. Keep­ing in line with the “bak­ery” theme is their brown­ie brow prod­ucts. Find their prod­ucts online.

SHEEQ Cos­met­ics

sheeq cosmetics

This lux­u­ry skin care brand was found­ed by Jamaican born Beau­ty Expert, Melis­sa Hib­bért’. The line fea­tures every­thing from foun­da­tion, lip­stick and mas­cara to brush­es and a com­plete skin­care sys­tem.

Bernadette Thomp­son

bernadette thompson nail

This sleek yet prac­ti­cal nail care line was cre­at­ed by and named after nail care pro­fes­sion­al, Bernadette Thomp­son. Thomp­son has worked with such celebri­ty clients as Bey­once, Rihan­na, Whit­ney Hous­ton, Tyra Banks, Aaliyah, Mis­sy Elliot, Janelle Mon­ae and many more.

Dalynn Cos­met­ics


Dalynn Cos­met­ics was found­ed by Danielle Dalynn. The brand prides itself on being a cus­tomiz­able cos­met­ics line at an afford­able price.



This cru­el­ty-free, paraben-free, petro­le­um and veg­an lip col­or line was cre­at­ed by Howard grad, Stephanie Ben­nett who pack­ages and makes the prod­ucts by hand her­self.

Pol­ish My Life

polish my life

The Pol­ish My Life nail col­or line was found­ed by Shane­ka McDon­ald in 2013 after she searched for the per­fect coral/orange nail col­or. McDon­ald end­ed up mix­ing her own nail col­or and thus Pol­ish My Life was born.

Lip Addyct


The bold lip gloss brand Lip Addyct was found­ed by Mem­phis-based Adri­enne Owens in Novem­ber of 2011 from her love of gloss­es.

Pol­ish & Co


This nail pol­ish line was craft­ed by vet­er­an nail pro­fes­sion­al, There­sa Williamson. Williamson who had been a licensed man­i­curist for 22 years set out to cre­ate Pol­ish & Co, a non-tox­ic, car­cino­gen-free pol­ish line.


revel cosmetics

Celebri­ty styl­ist and own­er of Kon­trol Mag, Julian Lark devel­oped the Rev­el cos­met­ics brand as his answer to the need for ver­sa­tile qual­i­ty cos­met­ics.


spectrum cosmetics

The Spec­trum brand was cre­at­ed by Amber Rose (not to be con­fused with the model/actress), a moth­er of an autis­tic child in efforts to give back to fam­i­lies affect­ed by autism. Out of every pur­chase 30% is donat­ed to Autism Research and Edu­ca­tion. The brand suc­cess­ful­ly raised $17,000 in the last 5 years for the cause.

Kom­plexx Blends

komplexx blends

This brand was found­ed by make­up artist, Kar­i­an New­by-Durham in Detroit, MI as a response to cos­met­ic brands which failed to pro­vide ade­quate col­ors for those of all skin tones. This com­pa­ny also donates a por­tion of their pro­ceeds to the Parkinson’s Foun­da­tion in hon­or of Karian’s grand­moth­er.


vault cosmetics

The brand Vault was cre­at­ed by Zim­bab­wean entre­pre­neur Jack­ie Mgi­do in response to the make-up chal­lenges she faced as a woman in Sub-Saha­ran Africa.

Beau­ty Brown­ie


Beau­ty Brown­ie was cre­at­ed by two sis­ters from Brook­lyn, NY as a means to encour­age women with “dark­er skin tones to love the skin they’re in and not con­form to beau­ty stan­dards that leave them out of the equa­tion.”

Pink Stilet­to Cos­met­ics

Pink stiletto cosmetics

This Penn­syl­va­nia-based com­pa­ny was found­ed by pro­fes­sion­al make­up artist Crys­tal War­ren in 2010 as a means to pro­vide a high per­for­mance make­up with more nat­ur­al and organ­ic based ingre­di­ents. Pink Stilet­to cos­met­ics prides itself on being a 95% nat­ur­al and organ­ic prod­uct line.

Jay Jill Cos­met­ics


Jill St. Williams cre­at­ed Jay Jill cos­met­ics with women of col­or in mind. This line has every­thing from con­tour palettes and foun­da­tion to a brow bar line and brush sets. Cur­rent­ly only avail­able online and through nation­al con­ven­tions.



Ka’Oir is a veg­an, gluten-free, cru­el­ty-free, paraben-free cos­met­ic line that devel­oped by mod­el, Keyshia Dior.

Have you shopped any of these brands? If so, share your thoughts below!


I’m a Lip­stick-obsessed Jour­nal­ist and Fash­ion Blog­ger. You can find me over on my blog or youtube chan­nel swatch­ing lip­pies and strut­ting around in 5-inch heels. I’m a also a brand coach, spe­cial­iz­ing in video mar­ket­ing and dig­i­tal brand devel­op­ment. Find me @lisaalamode.

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[…] make­up brands. I found this awe­some arti­cle on Black Girl Long Hair that list­ed 34 brands (read HERE) and ordered a few items so I could take the chal­lenge. I cre­at­ed a col­or­ful fall make­up look using […]

Cherubiel Cherub

Where are my com­ments? Am I not aloud to share my opin­ion? this is the first time on this site my com­ments not being showed. there was no neg­a­tiv­i­ty or pro­fan­i­ty.


We’re a small team and we mod­er­ate everyone’s com­ments. We have to approve hun­dreds of com­ments every day. If your com­ment is not show­ing it’s because we haven’ t got­ten to it yet. It’s not per­son­al.

Cherubiel Cherub

oh okay, sor­ry about that. I didn’t know. I use to see­ing com­ments post after I write them.

Cherubiel Cherub

I don’t Know what hap­pen to my com­ment on my opin­ion about the black owned make­up prod­ucts being real­ly expen­sive but I found Iman and Shea mois­ture make­up line rea­son­able for me to buy. I’m still going to stick with real­ly cheap make­up regard­less of who owns it. if any­one knows any oth­er black owned make­up that’s under 15$ I would like to know…so far I got two.

Cherubiel Cherub
I going to start sup­port­ing black owned hair products..and I want to sup­port black owned make­up but it looks like that won’t hap­pen because the make­up is ridicu­lous­ly expensive,every last one I came across was or don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly have a full line of make­up. 20$ for lip­sticks? IDK maybe I’m used to buy­ing super cheap make­up under 10$ or 5$ even as lit­tle as a 1$ from dol­lar tree. I rather have a lot more prod­uct than spend alot for the prod­uct. Black owned hair prod­ucts are a bit too pricey as well but I can deal with 10–13$ products,I… Read more »
I feel the same way about some nat­ur­al hair prod­ucts. But I fig­ured out a sys­tem. I have one or two brands that do an AMAAAAAIIIZZIZING JOB with my hair.. but i can’t afford to restock every two weeks. So I save up my coins and buy in bulk on black friday/cyber mon­day. Though I have to use a large amount of con­di­tion­er to detan­gle with, (amaz­ing that i haven’t found a black busi­ness that even offers large bot­tles of afford­able con­di­tion­ers) i just sub it with a cheap con­di­tion­er at wal­mart, and alter­nate it with the more expen­sive con­di­tion­er.… Read more »

Non-black owned com­pa­nies have the cap­i­tal and resources to scale much faster and, as a result, they can sell more cheap­ly. The racism of last cen­tu­ry affects your buy­ing deci­sions today.

Con­sid­er buy­ing a even one or two cos­met­ics from a black-owned com­pa­ny. If you don’t, and no one else does, it will be even hard­er for black-owned busi­ness­es to catch up.

Chevia Small

I just heard about this com­pa­ny a few weeks ago and ordered their Corn con­ceal­er. Ladies, this prod­uct changed my life. They are a black owned com­pa­ny. You should def­i­nite­ly add them to your list. I will be check­ing out their oth­er prod­ucts soon and tell you all about it. But for the foot cov­er for my corns, I can def­i­nite­ly tell you that I am FOREVER sold.


[…] 34 Black Owned Com­pa­nies in the Cos­met­ics Indus­try, Black Girl Long Hair […]

Here are some oth­er B.O.M.B: Nail Pol­ish­es -Pear Nova -O So Doll­ish (relauncging) -Bernadette Thomp­son -Leno­ra Nail Col­ors -WAH Lon­don (UK based) -Adore Her Nails -1143 Nails -Pol­ished Nail Col­ors -Breuke­len Pol­ish -Vane Pol­ish (Inter­na­tion­al) -Princess M Nail pol­ish -G-Merc Lac­quer (relaunch­ing) -25th & June -Joveeco -Risque -Brid­gette Lac­quer -K2 Nail Paint -Nasty Nails LLC -Super­star Nails -Lisa Lac­quer -Ooo Pol­ish -Poilseed Col­ors Llc -Get Your Nails D.I.D Make­up -B’elegant Cos­met­ics -The Lip Bar (as seen on Shark Tank) -XXIOMORA Cos­met­ics -Ajani Cos­met­ics -Kami Cos­met­ics -Ordained Beau­ty -Bovan­ti Cos­met­ics -JD Glow Cos­met­ics -Rossi­mo­do Cos­met­ics -Shawni Kayy -Lip Fetish -Iman And the last goes on… Its up to us to do our… Read more »
Lenora B.

Thank you so much DJ! We appre­ci­ate you shar­ing with the world that we are here offer­ing qual­i­ty nail pol­ish­es. Keep spread­ing the word. Thanks again, Leno­ra

Keysha Selders

Check me out ladies. I just launched the first phase to my make­up line, Beau­ty­MARKED! Cos­met­ics. Beau­ty­MARKED! Cos­met­ics is an edgy line that brings you prod­ucts from bold mat­te lip­sticks, long last­ing liq­uid mat­te lip­sticks, high­ly pig­ment­ed lip­gloss­es & super creamy liplin­ers. All of my prod­ucts are paraben free, hypoal­ler­genic, excel­lent qual­i­ty, long last­ing, nev­er dry­ing & nev­er test­ed on ani­mals! If you are a lover of a fierce lip­pie, check me out! “Come get MARKED by Beau­ty” @

Limi Seneca

Thank you for this list. I know I can trust a blog­ger like you about the black beau­ty prod­ucts.

Chevia Small

Hi every­body, have you guys heard about TAJJ Cos­met­ics? This is an amaz­ing com­pa­ny also. Just ordered The Corn Con­ceal­er from their com­pa­ny. For years I have suf­fered from corn on my toes and didn’t know there was a com­pa­ny that pro­vid­ed cov­er for my corns. You should add them to your list.

Melissa Padilla soon to lunch its pri­vate label geared towards women of col­or.

Shurquanda Hayes Bryant
Shurquanda Hayes Bryant

Check me out ladies at I launched my liq­uid lip gloss in June. Thanks.

Amenta's Key

I’ve shopped Pink Stilet­to Cos­met­ics and am in love! The lip whips are the best! Cus­tomer Ser­vice is Awe­some! Can’t wait to try more com­pa­nies on this list.


[…] to sup­port. Not when there are so many black-owned cos­met­ics com­pa­nies to sup­port instead (Click HERE for a list of black-owned cos­met­ics […]


[…] Source: […]

Be Flawsome Independent Beauty
Be Flawsome Independent Beauty

Tyra Banks launched a cos­met­ic line TYRA Beau­ty.


Great list! I recent­ly start­ed koyVo­ca, a cos­met­ics com­pa­ny ded­i­cat­ed to deep­er com­plex­ions. I have cre­at­ed a vari­ety of prod­ucts from con­tour sticks to numer­ous foun­da­tions that suit brown skin well. Here’s the web­site:


Check out a black owned online retail store for Cos­met­ics, Hair & Body Prod­ucts for the whole fam­i­ly!

Jessika Gay

Y’all for­got one: Mag­noila Make­up. :-)


LUV Min­er­al Cos­met­ics is also a black owned col­or cos­met­ics com­pa­ny. The prod­ucts are nat­ur­al, organ­ic, gluten-free, cru­el­ty-free and many are veg­an. The com­pa­ny is one of the only that direct sells and offers oth­er women the oppor­tu­ni­ty to have their own busi­ness in a com­pa­ny devot­ed to black women. Sold in US and UK but ships world­wide.

This isn’t exact­ly about this arti­cle but I have some infor­ma­tion to share I was told about Fash­ion Fair. This is just about the only cos­met­ic com­pa­ny my mom and I will buy foun­da­tions and pow­ders from. My mom is much fair­er than I am but we both have yel­low under­tones and have a hard time find­ing col­ors we can wear with­out mix­ing, plus my skin is sen­sitve. We aren’t every day make­up wear­ers so it lasts us awhile. Any­hoo, they stopped sell­ing FF where my mom lives so while she was vis­it­ing I took her to the mall where… Read more »

Maybe John H. Johnson’s daugh­ter, Lin­da, needs to hear this. I’m hop­ing it stays black-owned and some­body else out­side of the black com­mu­ni­ty doesn’t come in and buy it.


I’m so excit­ed about this arti­cle. I would 100 per­cent sup­port black make up prod­ucts. I will be check­ing out each web­site.

Jay St Williams

Thank you from Jay-Jill Cos­met­ics #Glamup

Estella Cohen

me too!!!

Lily Seymour

Great post!

Jay St Williams

Yes it is…I’m still in shock my busi­ness is list­ed #JayJill


Thank you.…Thank you.….Thank you

Elle P.

Cor­rec­tion to my first com­ment: Gin­ger +Liz is under $20

Elle P.

I heard of some of the brands. Gin­ger +Liz ismy favorite! Veg­an and under ten bucks!

Jay St Williams

Hi Lisa email Jay-Jill at …Thank you


I wish some of these weren’t so expen­sive. I want to buy and sup­port but 17 bucks for a lip col­or is too rich for my blood. :(

Anna Nicole

Hel­lo. Just have to let you know about my brand. Nico­let Beau­ty. Click on this link to check us out! Lip­sticks are $12.99. Cru­el­ty free. Hand­made in Los Ange­les.

Jay St Williams

Hi its Jay-Jill Cos­met­ics chk out my lip­sticks I’m sure theres some­thing to fit your

Lisa Wynter

Hey, i just updat­ed the link. Sor­ry about that!

Afro Hair Solutions

I like the look of Coloured Raine and Sasha Cos­met­ics — they look real­ly pig­ment­ed.

Jay St Williams

Glam up with Jay-Jill Cos­met­ics ..High­ly pig­ment­ed and afford­able


Wheres the link for the review of coloured raine? i want to buy one of their lip­pies im just afraid any neu­tral toned pink/mauve will look ashy/horrible on me since they dont do returns. Hell even Jef­free star takes returns.


More arti­cles like this please!