Meet the North Carolina A&T Lady Aggies, a Division 1 HBCU swimming team that competes in the Historically Black College and University Swim Meet (with Howard University and Florida A&M) and the Coastal Collegiate Swimming Association. Captured by photographer Kevin Dorsey, these images portray the strength, beauty and diversity of these top-ranked swimmers. See more pictures here.

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You already know…


The Lady Aggies are one of the last all-black women’s college swimming teams in the country, and in 2013 the team was in danger of being cut due to funding. After public outcry and petitioning, the decision was reversed and the team swims on.

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Wow I wish I had their figures. I always say I’m going to swim more but I only like the water park lol

David M.

damn! their all gorgeous 🙂


This is a web series/ show there is nothing wrong with using it. It’s like someone making a gif out of raven symone from the show thats so raven saying “Ya Nasty”


*Jumps into swimming pool*

Aaron Lee



The team could partner with a hair-care company and get sponsorship money in exchange for advertising aimed at BW who are sporty, on vacation, or during the summer.

Maxine Shaw

College athletes have strict regulations and can’t do that (see the multiple stories of football players bringing in millions to their schools and still going home hungry after practice). The NCAA’s argument is that if they make money that makes them pros so they will be ineligible for scholarships and will be ineligible to be student athletes

Milos Mom

Good idea!


Please stop putting this young white lady mouthing yass queen in your articles…the same thing we complain about, belittling others to lift ourselves, you are doing it. How would you feel if a white website did that to a black woman. Rise above that nonsense….


You go girls! All so beautiful.

Milos Mom

GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Quick, someone send this to Sports Illustrated to inspire them!


That first picture was a killer. All that gorgeous melanin! Go team!




**Claps and Screams** “WE made it! LOL