Remem­ber when Urban Out­fit­ters sold old-school hair balls and Murray’s Hair Pomade for a ridicu­lous price this past sum­mer? Well, shoe design­er Jef­frey Camp­bell is fol­low­ing in those foot steps. This week the com­pa­ny post­ed this pho­to and cap­tion on their Insta­gram page.

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If I recall, these “Rose­bay White House Slip­pers” look a lot like the $5 slip­pers that were sold in just about every beau­ty sup­ply store in urban neigh­bor­hoods when I was a teenag­er. Back then, they weren’t called house slip­pers, they were called “Chi­nese Slip­pers”. Although Jef­frey Camp­bell didn’t list a price for the slip­pers yet, I can assure you that with shoes rang­ing from $150 to over $300, Jef­frey Camp­bell has no plans on sell­ing these slip­pers for $5.  In fact, these slip­pers are actu­al­ly sell­ing for $1 at flea mar­kets, urban beau­ty sup­ply stores, and dol­lar stores today.

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When fol­low­ers called out the shoe com­pa­ny on try­ing to make a hefty prof­it off of some­thing that has already been done, the com­pa­ny respond­ed by say­ing that these slip­pers are made with bet­ter qual­i­ty.

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Unfor­tu­nate­ly, no one is here for the idea of the slip­per being of “bet­ter qual­i­ty” and to be hon­est, I’m not here for it either. Sor­ry Jef­frey Camp­bell, but you’re about 15 years too late.

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Ladies, what are your thoughts on Jef­frey Campbell’s slip­pers?

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Animated Moi

Sigh they are always a day late and a dol­lar short… and don’t for­get mediocre copy­cats…


Chi­nese Slip­pers LAST FOREVER! Me and all my high school friends had a pair one in every col­or!
What’s next but­ter­fly clips sold for $50 a pop!


I always want­ed but­ter­fly clips but my mom nev­er bought them. Lol.


Omg I had these, my grand­ma had these, my mom had these, my cousins had these and he thinks this is “new” ?? lmao


Lmao this is ridicu­lous. This can’t be real, can it? I can’t keep up with mil­lenials smh.


Lmbo, why is the pair­ing in this entire ensem­ble “Neigh­bor­hood Beau­ty Sup­ply”?

Those bloomers and the slip­pers, all they are miss­ing is an old bon­net.