Edges are impor­tant in hair­care. They’ve now come to stand as a sign that you have your ish togeth­er and haven’t let your hair­care regime fall by the way­side. The loss of edges can occur from ail­ments like alope­cia area­ta or mechan­i­cal dam­age from improp­er­ly wear­ing a pro­tec­tive style like pony­tails, braids, weaves and in Count­ess Vaughn’s case, lace-front wigs.

But what do you do when you want your edges and you’ve tried the cas­tor oil and mas­sage tech­nique but need them in a hur­ry? Tat­too them on… at your own risk of course.

One Los Ange­les tat­too artist has carved a niche for him­self in the world of tat­too artistry.

The tat­too artist known as Dowork West of Flam­ing Tat­too tat­tooed the edges on his client above to fill in the gaps.

What do you think? If you’re miss­ing edges, would you try this?

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19 Comments on "[Pics] Genius or Too Much? Folks Are Tattooing in Their Lost Edges"

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LMAO he can’t tat­too though


This looks a bit des­per­ate and ridicu­lous.


That prob­a­bly hurt so bad. Why do we go through so much b.s. before decid­ing on going nat­ur­al?

Kevin Bacon

Damn what part of the game is this?? ??


I’m sor­ry but it looks like a big blotch of black ink on your edges. I’m cer­tain it will nev­er grow hair there ever again as she’s know injec­tion tat­too ink into the hair fol­li­cle. I guess that’s the point. But real­ly it just doesn’t look nat­ur­al at all. *shrug*

Deandra Scott

“Genius or Too Much?” Nope. It’s too lit­tle. A lit­er­al cos­met­ic solu­tion for a big­ger prob­lem.


I think this is what Jer­maine Jack­son has.


When women see that hair pieces are dam­ag­ing their hair­line, why don’t they stop? Just stop!

Ken-Terika Zellner

My edges are like this because of what was done to my hair when I was a child. By the time I was able to make deci­sions about my hair, my edges were already gone. :/

You would think that with all­l­ll the infor­ma­tion that’s out here today folks would fig­ure this out. How­ev­er, the pow­er of nap­py hair hate and baby hair love is still very strong.… What kills me is that per­ma­nent trac­tion alope­cia takes TIME to create…it’s not like heat dam­age where a sin­gle too-hot flat iron can take away your hair tex­ture. Years ago I lost my edges, grew them back, and then lost them AGAIN doing too much. I learned my les­son the sec­ond time: I’d rather have nap­py edges than no edges. Since then, there’s only been one time I… Read more »

I hate that baby hair thing. I will not smooth down my edges to save my life! Lol I don’t like the real mean­ing behind it. I had a prob­lem with my crown area always being dry and not grow­ing. I start­ed the water only hair wash method and stopped with the com­mer­cial products..my crowns grow­ing! :)


That is the mil­lion dol­lar ques­tion. It’s not like most peo­ple don’t know about trac­tion alope­cia so I don’t get why it’s still such a huge prob­lem. When I was wear­ing wigs often I noticed the start of a prob­lem at my tem­ples and I stopped wear­ing them as much to give my hair­line a break.. But if we know bet­ter then why can’t we do bet­ter.


It’s because ppl con­tin­ue to shame blk women because of our hair. I refuse to let anoth­er per­son make me feel bad about my per­son.




Per­son­al­ly, I would spend the mon­ey on hair plugs like Des­tiny God­ley as opposed to tat­toos. But if the sit­u­a­tion is irre­versible and this has been con­firmed by a doc­tor, peo­ple should do what they need to feel bet­ter.

Reece Wynter

If the hair­line looked real­is­tic.. which it does NOT it could be a bril­liant way to enhance the hair­line. How­ev­er I think the­ses par­tic­u­lar results look ter­ri­ble. The tech­nique needs devel­op­ment!

Milos Mom

I would rather just sport a mohawk all my life that go through the pain and have some­thing that looks like a giant birth­mark rather than hair. Sor­ry but that is a true fail.


Welp…if you’ve tried every­thing else and you’ve seen a med­ical doc­tor who has told you that your trac­tion alope­cia is permanent…why the hell not get your edges tat­tooed? It’s a bet­ter solu­tion than oth­ers but I imag­ine over time it would need touch­ing up (pun unin­tend­ed) since ink tends to fade.

I have a tat­too on my shoul­der blade. That suck­er HURT. I can’t imag­ine how much it hurts to tat­too the side of your head…


but it don’t look like edges tho :(