[Pics] Genius or Too Much? Folks Are Tattooing in Their Lost Edges

Edges are important in haircare. They’ve now come to stand as a sign that you have your ish together and haven’t let your haircare regime fall by the wayside. The loss of edges can occur from ailments like alopecia areata or mechanical damage from improperly wearing a protective style like ponytails, braids, weaves and in Countess Vaughn’s case, lace-front wigs.

But what do you do when you want your edges and you’ve tried the castor oil and massage technique but need them in a hurry? Tattoo them on… at your own risk of course.

One Los Angeles tattoo artist has carved a niche for himself in the world of tattoo artistry.

The tattoo artist known as Dowork West of Flaming Tattoo tattooed the edges on his client above to fill in the gaps.

What do you think? If you’re missing edges, would you try this?



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19 thoughts on “[Pics] Genius or Too Much? Folks Are Tattooing in Their Lost Edges

  1. Welp…if you’ve tried everything else and you’ve seen a medical doctor who has told you that your traction alopecia is permanent…why the hell not get your edges tattooed? It’s a better solution than others but I imagine over time it would need touching up (pun unintended) since ink tends to fade.

    I have a tattoo on my shoulder blade. That sucker HURT. I can’t imagine how much it hurts to tattoo the side of your head…

  2. I would rather just sport a mohawk all my life that go through the pain and have something that looks like a giant birthmark rather than hair. Sorry but that is a true fail.

  3. If the hairline looked realistic.. which it does NOT it could be a brilliant way to enhance the hairline. However I think theses particular results look terrible. The technique needs development!

  4. Personally, I would spend the money on hair plugs like Destiny Godley as opposed to tattoos. But if the situation is irreversible and this has been confirmed by a doctor, people should do what they need to feel better.

    • That is the million dollar question. It’s not like most people don’t know about traction alopecia so I don’t get why it’s still such a huge problem. When I was wearing wigs often I noticed the start of a problem at my temples and I stopped wearing them as much to give my hairline a break.. But if we know better then why can’t we do better.

      • It’s because ppl continue to shame blk women because of our hair. I refuse to let another person make me feel bad about my person.

    • You would think that with alllll the information that’s out here today folks would figure this out. However, the power of nappy hair hate and baby hair love is still very strong….

      What kills me is that permanent traction alopecia takes TIME to create…it’s not like heat damage where a single too-hot flat iron can take away your hair texture.

      Years ago I lost my edges, grew them back, and then lost them AGAIN doing too much. I learned my lesson the second time: I’d rather have nappy edges than no edges. Since then, there’s only been one time I saw my edges start to thin and that was when I was wearing a lot of puffs and not moisturizing enough. I stopped immediately and haven’t had an issue since.

      It’s literally been in the last couple of months, with my current semi-undercut, that I’ve attempted to “smooth down” my edges. Most of the time I don’t bother. And that is why I HAVE edges.

      • I hate that baby hair thing. I will not smooth down my edges to save my life! Lol I don’t like the real meaning behind it. I had a problem with my crown area always being dry and not growing. I started the water only hair wash method and stopped with the commercial products..my crowns growing! :)

    • My edges are like this because of what was done to my hair when I was a child. By the time I was able to make decisions about my hair, my edges were already gone. :/

  5. I’m sorry but it looks like a big blotch of black ink on your edges. I’m certain it will never grow hair there ever again as she’s know injection tattoo ink into the hair follicle. I guess that’s the point. But really it just doesn’t look natural at all. *shrug*

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