African German girl
African German girl. Image Source.

The Holocaust of 1938 to 1945 resulted in the murder of an estimated six million Jews.  However, the Nazi terror did not stop there.

As part of Black History Month, we remember the often forgotten black victims of the Holocaust.

The black population prior to the Nazi regime

The black population in Germany consisted of African immigrants, many of whom came at the ending of the First World War, and blacks who were among the French troops sent to occupy a western region in Germany, called Rhineland.  Troops, white and black, went on to have children with the local women but it was the racially mixed children — the product of black African soldiers and white German women — who were frowned upon heavily. These biracial children would be derogatorily named the “Rhineland Bastards [1,2].”

The Nazis, at the time a small political movement, viewed [these children] as a threat to the purity of the Germanic race. In Mein Kampf (My Struggle), Hitler charged that “the Jews had brought the Negroes into the Rhineland with the clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily-resulting bastardization.” [1]

A newspaper asked: “Are we to tolerate silently the fact that, in the future, the light-hearted songs of white, attractive, well-built, intellectually superior and lively healthy Germans are to be replaced by the croaking noise of gray-colored, syphilitic mulattoes?” [2]

Rhineland Bastards
Article on the “Rhineland Bastards”. Image Source.

The sterilization of African Germans under Hitler

When the Nazis came into power, the treatment of African German children worsened.

In 1937, the Rhineland children had approached child-bearing age, and a plan to stop them from producing offspring was swiftly implemented by the Gestapo and the Ministry of the Interior. Initially, the children were to be deported to Africa with the assistance of the Catholic Church. When that plan was dropped, the children were forcibly taken to hospitals where they were examined and, in some cases, sterilized. …

in later years, no trace of the 800 children could be found. In 1978, in the course of research involving victims of the Holocaust, it was speculated that most if not all died in the camps under the Nazis euthanasia program. Under the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, the euthanasia program was designed to exterminate individuals who were considered genetically inferior.[2]

African German girls
Sterilization of African Germans. Image Source.

The victimization of black adults in the Holocaust

In addition to mixed children, African and African American adults in Germany were also victims under the Nazi regime.

[African] Hilarius (Lari) Gilges, a dancer by profession, was murdered by the SS in 1933, probably because he was black. Gilges’ German wife later received restitution from a postwar German government for his murder by the Nazis. …

[African Americans] like female jazz artist Valaida Snow, were imprisoned in Axis internment camps for alien nationals. The artist Josef Nassy, living in Belgium, was arrested as an enemy alien and held for seven months in the Beverloo transit camp in German-occupied Belgium.[1]

Valaida Snow
African American Valaida Snow, circa 1930. Jazz singer, dancer and trumpeter. Imprisoned in internment camp while in Germany.

Blacks were also sent to concentration camps:

Lionel Romney, a sailor in the US Merchant Marine, was imprisoned in the Mauthausen concentration camp. Jean Marcel Nicolas, a Haitian national, was incarcerated in the Buchenwald and Dora-Mittelbau concentration camps in Germany. Jean Voste, an African Belgian, was incarcerated in the Dachau concentration camp. Bayume Mohamed Hussein from Tanganyika (today Tanzania) died in the Sachsenhausen camp, near Berlin.

The total number of African Germans, Africans, and African Americans extinguished during the Holocaust is unknown, but some report hundreds to thousands.

Nazi propaganda photo
Nazi propaganda photo depicts friendship between an “Aryan” and a black woman. The caption states: “The result! A loss of racial pride.” Germany, prewar. Image Source: USHMM.

[1] United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, “Blacks During the Holocaust”, Holocaust Encyclopedia.
[2] Len Cooper, “Aryan Nation: Germany’s Cruel African Heritage”, Washington Post, Feb. 20, 1994.


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[…] views of “Aryan” supremacy and foster a new sense of Black pride at home. — The Black Victims of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany | Black Girl with Long Hair – The Holocaust of 1938 to 1945 resulted in the murder of an estimated six million Jews. […]


This is sad :((((

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“The oldest known fossils of modern humans have been discovered in Herto, Ethiopia. An international team led by researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, found the skulls of two adults and a child dating from 160,000 years ago – 40,000 years earlier than the previous oldest remains of Homo sapiens.” The Bradshaw Foundation.


…and they were Jews right?


[…] Source: […]


Maybe it depends on the classes you take. If you only took US History in high school then they might likely mostly talk about WWII as far as US involvement. I had US history and also had a European History class in high school. I had to take European history and lit classes in college too. I was made to memorize and recite Canterbury tales in Middle English, names of popes and all kinds useless crap.


“part Jewish”, you mean. But that was discredited many years ago.

Gina L. Washington

I never saw this discredited…just where he destroyed possible evidence of it.

Everette Thombs

Really, why does it matter?


As an AA woman living in Germany one does not hear too much about this topic, but the info is there in the open, just not highlighted too much. Especially puzzling considering how many bi-racial children and young adults there are that are part German.

Caz Blush

another great read is Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present is a 2007 book by Harriet A. Washington. It is a history of medical experimentation on African Americans


When the majority of Black people integrate with what they believe to be mainstream culture they abandon any history pertaining to them. Generally we are made to feel that what has gone on with us, and it doesn’t matter where you are situated in this world, has no place in history.

Janessa Smith

Very informative, I did not know of these people. I knew there had to have been some type of population at one point.


Wow! I heard about this but didn’t know it in detail. There is talk he (Hilter) was part Jewish himself. Thank you very MUCH for article!

Kiaunta Hubbard

It’s a shame that a detailed history of World War 2 is not taught in schools. We don’t fully understand what shapes our world today. I didn’t get a fuller understanding of black American history until I took a college course in it and it made me have much more empathy toward my forefathers & understood what they truly survived & why our thought processes are the way they are today. We are doomed to repeat history if we don’t educate ourselves about it.

Caz Blush

Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present is a 2007 book by Harriet A. Washington. It is a history of medical experimentation on African Americans


They were MURDERED!!!!!!!!!!!

Caz Blush

check out Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present is a 2007 book by Harriet A. Washington. It is a history of medical experimentation on African Americans

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Thank you for mentioning this book…I was about to do it if someone hadn’t! 🙂

Growing up in an area with a high Jewish population (and no, this wasn’t anywhere near NYC, lol) I knew about the Holocaust from a young age. However, the focus tended to stay on the 6 million Jews, which was completely understandable. I didn’t learn anything in detail about the 6 million non-Jews who were killed until high school.


Dear GOD….sterilized???? Those poor children. So sad.


I didn’t know this and always wondered about this.

It really shouldn’t be a problem finding out how many were killed, because one of the things mentioned about Germans is that they “document everything” they noted names, addresses, who your parents were, if one was German and the other weren’t . THey noted everything, it’s just a matter of i guess knowing where to go. Many children too were experimented on like animals, and i mean children of all races – in fact this documentary showed you mass graves literally full of children that were murdered. People in the surrounding towns claimed they didn’t know – but how could… Read more »

“Destined to Witness” is a great autobiography of Hans Massaquoi, a mixed-race Black male growing up in Nazi Germany. He later grew up to be an editor of Ebony magazine. It’s a good read!

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Harry McNicholas

Your comment is a bad as the Nazis were. No race is evil. Only individuals are evil.


Yes thank you for saying that!

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And the Mormons believed that black people, Native Americans and Polynesians were the Lamanites, people cursed with dark skin by God for their evil.

Both their belief and yours are the reprehensible, hateful and dated renants of an ignorant past.


I once shot someone down who made that remark to me about the “curse of dark skin”. I just asked them ” If dark skin is a curse then how come we can stay in the sun all day with no problem but your skin will burn & peel off ? If you had any education you’d know that dark skin is God’s sunscreen & is MADE for protection against strong sunlight. Pale skin is made for northern Europe “


C’mon. All white people aren’t bad—and some even have tans.

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I had heard years ago that black Germans were killed. Anyone not “aryan” was killed.

I knew of this only because I went to the Holocaust Museum in DC some years back. They had a separate exhibit on who the Nazis were killing BEFORE the Jews. If you were black you were killed also if you were mentally ill, alcoholic, birth defect, retardation, and a whole list of other stuff Hitler and his goons found undesirable you were likely to be sterilized and/or murdered. They had pictures of all these children who were exterminated. When I finished touring that museum I was an emotional wreck and vowed never to go back. I can’t imagine a… Read more »
BB Shark

I went to the Wartime museum in London, they had an entire floor dedicated to the holocaust and yet there was absolutely no mention of the black victims.


So you know what I saw that included the info and pics of black victims was not a permanent exhibit in the Washington DC museum. I want to say it was called “The Final Solution”


Don’t know if you have heard of Black History Walks based in London but they showcased a film a few years ago documenting the same subject. The organisation have a wealth of information on the life and times of us as a people past and present. They organise walks in London where there have been a significant presence of Africans before and after slavery. These are things we need to be educating our children/people on, we cannot rely on mainstream education to educate us about us even though they have a lot of information on us.


Oh god oh god…….poor babies…’shivering’…..I don’t have anything else.


I wonder if I was the only one unaware of this




You’re not the only one. I never heard of this either, but I will be learning more about it.


And it’s sickening that they don’t share this history in schools. It all goes to only giving the Jews sympathy.

They absolutely do teach this in school, 12 million people died via the Nazi Regime half were Jewish, the other half were political prisoners and people they considered undesirable for a variety of reasons (albeit awful reasons.) There has been an oversimplification in how WWII is spoken about within society, people have minimized the details. and because that was the largest group sought after, the plight of the Jewish people is often focused on. Think about it 6 million. Whole households were wiped out, whole neighborhoods destroyed and emptied. But it doesnt erase the fact that 6 million other people… Read more »

This was actually taught pretty extensively in my school. However my teacher was very well educated and multi-cultural himself. And I’m in nyc if that makes any difference. Jews also take centerstage because it was the initial hatred to them that allowed the Nazi party to gain so much popularity because Jews were some of the wealthiest people in Germany at the time and the easiest targets. Everyone else was thrown in to make ‘Aryans’ look like the tortured ‘other’.

Harry McNicholas

Evidently you received a very poor education. Not only Black people and Jews but also Roma and later Poles and Russians.


…They were getting rid of anyone that they consider “undesirable”.


We had to read a novel in high school called “The Hiding Place” about a non Jewish family that was sent to concentration camp after being busted for hiding Jews in their home. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I knew they killed people that tried to help Jews and anyone who disagreed with their philosophy. But I didn’t know about the blacks until I went to the Holocaust museum.


They don’t teach this in most schools. I never heard of any group besides the Jewish and the Roma being murdered in the Holocaust while I was in school, but apparently, everyone else did *rolls eyes*