African German girl
African Ger­man girl. Image Source.

The Holo­caust of 1938 to 1945 result­ed in the mur­der of an esti­mat­ed six mil­lion Jews.  How­ev­er, the Nazi ter­ror did not stop there.

As part of Black His­to­ry Month, we remem­ber the often for­got­ten black vic­tims of the Holo­caust.

The black pop­u­la­tion pri­or to the Nazi regime

The black pop­u­la­tion in Ger­many con­sist­ed of African immi­grants, many of whom came at the end­ing of the First World War, and blacks who were among the French troops sent to occu­py a west­ern region in Ger­many, called Rhineland.  Troops, white and black, went on to have chil­dren with the local women but it was the racial­ly mixed chil­dren — the prod­uct of black African sol­diers and white Ger­man women — who were frowned upon heav­i­ly. These bira­cial chil­dren would be deroga­to­ri­ly named the “Rhineland Bas­tards [1,2].”

The Nazis, at the time a small polit­i­cal move­ment, viewed [these chil­dren] as a threat to the puri­ty of the Ger­man­ic race. In Mein Kampf (My Strug­gle), Hitler charged that “the Jews had brought the Negroes into the Rhineland with the clear aim of ruin­ing the hat­ed white race by the nec­es­sar­i­ly-result­ing bas­tardiza­tion.” [1]

A news­pa­per asked: “Are we to tol­er­ate silent­ly the fact that, in the future, the light-heart­ed songs of white, attrac­tive, well-built, intel­lec­tu­al­ly supe­ri­or and live­ly healthy Ger­mans are to be replaced by the croak­ing noise of gray-col­ored, syphilitic mulat­toes?” [2]

Rhineland Bastards
Arti­cle on the “Rhineland Bas­tards”. Image Source.

The ster­il­iza­tion of African Ger­mans under Hitler

When the Nazis came into pow­er, the treat­ment of African Ger­man chil­dren wors­ened.

In 1937, the Rhineland chil­dren had approached child-bear­ing age, and a plan to stop them from pro­duc­ing off­spring was swift­ly imple­ment­ed by the Gestapo and the Min­istry of the Inte­ri­or. Ini­tial­ly, the chil­dren were to be deport­ed to Africa with the assis­tance of the Catholic Church. When that plan was dropped, the chil­dren were forcibly tak­en to hos­pi­tals where they were exam­ined and, in some cas­es, ster­il­ized. …

in lat­er years, no trace of the 800 chil­dren could be found. In 1978, in the course of research involv­ing vic­tims of the Holo­caust, it was spec­u­lat­ed that most if not all died in the camps under the Nazis euthana­sia pro­gram. Under the 1935 Nurem­berg Laws, the euthana­sia pro­gram was designed to exter­mi­nate indi­vid­u­als who were con­sid­ered genet­i­cal­ly inferior.[2]

African German girls
Ster­il­iza­tion of African Ger­mans. Image Source.

The vic­tim­iza­tion of black adults in the Holo­caust

In addi­tion to mixed chil­dren, African and African Amer­i­can adults in Ger­many were also vic­tims under the Nazi regime.

[African] Hilar­ius (Lari) Gilges, a dancer by pro­fes­sion, was mur­dered by the SS in 1933, prob­a­bly because he was black. Gilges’ Ger­man wife lat­er received resti­tu­tion from a post­war Ger­man gov­ern­ment for his mur­der by the Nazis. …

[African Amer­i­cans] like female jazz artist Valai­da Snow, were impris­oned in Axis intern­ment camps for alien nation­als. The artist Josef Nassy, liv­ing in Bel­gium, was arrest­ed as an ene­my alien and held for sev­en months in the Bev­er­loo tran­sit camp in Ger­man-occu­pied Belgium.[1]

Valaida Snow
African Amer­i­can Valai­da Snow, cir­ca 1930. Jazz singer, dancer and trum­peter. Impris­oned in intern­ment camp while in Ger­many.

Blacks were also sent to con­cen­tra­tion camps:

Lionel Rom­ney, a sailor in the US Mer­chant Marine, was impris­oned in the Mau­thausen con­cen­tra­tion camp. Jean Mar­cel Nico­las, a Hait­ian nation­al, was incar­cer­at­ed in the Buchen­wald and Dora-Mit­tel­bau con­cen­tra­tion camps in Ger­many. Jean Voste, an African Bel­gian, was incar­cer­at­ed in the Dachau con­cen­tra­tion camp. Bayume Mohamed Hus­sein from Tan­ganyi­ka (today Tan­za­nia) died in the Sach­sen­hausen camp, near Berlin.

The total num­ber of African Ger­mans, Africans, and African Amer­i­cans extin­guished dur­ing the Holo­caust is unknown, but some report hun­dreds to thou­sands.

Nazi propaganda photo
Nazi pro­pa­gan­da pho­to depicts friend­ship between an “Aryan” and a black woman. The cap­tion states: “The result! A loss of racial pride.” Ger­many, pre­war. Image Source: USHMM.

[1] Unit­ed States Holo­caust Memo­r­i­al Muse­um, “Blacks Dur­ing the Holo­caust”, Holo­caust Ency­clo­pe­dia.
[2] Len Coop­er, “Aryan Nation: Germany’s Cru­el African Her­itage”, Wash­ing­ton Post, Feb. 20, 1994.


Empow­er­ing women of col­or to break bar­ri­ers. Cherish.Thy.Melanin.

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[…] views of “Aryan” suprema­cy and fos­ter a new sense of Black pride at home. — The Black Vic­tims of the Holo­caust in Nazi Ger­many | Black Girl with Long Hair – The Holo­caust of 1938 to 1945 result­ed in the mur­der of an esti­mat­ed six mil­lion Jews. […]


This is sad :((((

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Sav­age Cave­beasts can­not hear over the dull roar of their own blood­lust apparently…this homo­fas­cist obvi­ous­ly is grand­stand­ing because as much as he feigns schol­ar­ship, to ignore Mali with grand Tim­buk­tu, Emper­or Mansa Musa THE RICHEST MAN OF ALL TIME, the BLACK FEMALE Dahomey Ama­zons, Queen Diah Cahena & Makeda…he’s just satan­i­cal­ly irre­deemable ???


“The old­est known fos­sils of mod­ern humans have been dis­cov­ered in Her­to, Ethiopia. An inter­na­tion­al team led by researchers from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Cal­i­for­nia, Berke­ley, found the skulls of two adults and a child dat­ing from 160,000 years ago — 40,000 years ear­li­er than the pre­vi­ous old­est remains of Homo sapi­ens.” The Brad­shaw Foun­da­tion.


…and they were Jews right?


[…] Source: […]


Maybe it depends on the class­es you take. If you only took US His­to­ry in high school then they might like­ly most­ly talk about WWII as far as US involve­ment. I had US his­to­ry and also had a Euro­pean His­to­ry class in high school. I had to take Euro­pean his­to­ry and lit class­es in col­lege too. I was made to mem­o­rize and recite Can­ter­bury tales in Mid­dle Eng­lish, names of popes and all kinds use­less crap.


“part Jew­ish”, you mean. But that was dis­cred­it­ed many years ago.

Gina L. Washington

I nev­er saw this discredited…just where he destroyed pos­si­ble evi­dence of it.


As an AA woman liv­ing in Ger­many one does not hear too much about this top­ic, but the info is there in the open, just not high­light­ed too much. Espe­cial­ly puz­zling con­sid­er­ing how many bi-racial chil­dren and young adults there are that are part Ger­man.


When the major­i­ty of Black peo­ple inte­grate with what they believe to be main­stream cul­ture they aban­don any his­to­ry per­tain­ing to them. Gen­er­al­ly we are made to feel that what has gone on with us, and it doesn’t mat­ter where you are sit­u­at­ed in this world, has no place in his­to­ry.

Caz Blush

anoth­er great read is Med­ical Apartheid: The Dark His­to­ry of Med­ical Exper­i­men­ta­tion on Black Amer­i­cans from Colo­nial Times to the Present is a 2007 book by Har­ri­et A. Wash­ing­ton. It is a his­to­ry of med­ical exper­i­men­ta­tion on African Amer­i­cans

Janessa Smith

Very infor­ma­tive, I did not know of these peo­ple. I knew there had to have been some type of pop­u­la­tion at one point.


Wow! I heard about this but didn’t know it in detail. There is talk he (Hilter) was part Jew­ish him­self. Thank you very MUCH for arti­cle!

Kiaunta Hubbard

It’s a shame that a detailed his­to­ry of World War 2 is not taught in schools. We don’t ful­ly under­stand what shapes our world today. I didn’t get a fuller under­stand­ing of black Amer­i­can his­to­ry until I took a col­lege course in it and it made me have much more empa­thy toward my fore­fa­thers & under­stood what they tru­ly sur­vived & why our thought process­es are the way they are today. We are doomed to repeat his­to­ry if we don’t edu­cate our­selves about it.

Caz Blush

Med­ical Apartheid: The Dark His­to­ry of Med­ical Exper­i­men­ta­tion on Black Amer­i­cans from Colo­nial Times to the Present is a 2007 book by Har­ri­et A. Wash­ing­ton. It is a his­to­ry of med­ical exper­i­men­ta­tion on African Amer­i­cans


They were MURDERED!!!!!!!!!!!

Caz Blush

check out Med­ical Apartheid: The Dark His­to­ry of Med­ical Exper­i­men­ta­tion on Black Amer­i­cans from Colo­nial Times to the Present is a 2007 book by Har­ri­et A. Wash­ing­ton. It is a his­to­ry of med­ical exper­i­men­ta­tion on African Amer­i­cans

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It’s nice that the crim­i­nal­ly insane have hob­bies, too.

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Yer­miYAHu (Jeremiah)23:25
“I have heard what the prophets say who proph­esy lies in My name. They say, ‘I had a dream! I had a dream!’”
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Judaism and Chris­tian­i­ty are white reli­gions that have noth­ing to do with Africans. Every­thing Africans have beyond fire was giv­en to them or stolen by them.


FYI, there may not have been black Chris­tians until after the mis­sion­ar­ies spread the faith, but there blacks who are inher­ent­ly Jew­ish.

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Your ances­tors made it too “fire” and stopped. They nev­er made it too the wheel, pants, archi­tec­ture, engi­neer­ing, writ­ten lan­guages, or any­thing real­ly. The Semi­tes in Egypt used them as slave labor, occa­sion­al­ly engag­ing in wars with them. The Euro­peans found them pound­ing mud with sticks. Every­thing that post dates the Stone Age that you Africans have, was giv­en to you by Europeans/Asians or you stole it from Europeans/Asians. The fact that you are speak­ing an une­d­u­cat­ed form of an Indo-Euro­pean lan­guage, that you are surf­ing the Inter­net, and are prob­a­bly wear­ing Euro­pean style clothes are all exam­ples of cul­tur­al… Read more »
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You are, insane. 

The Jews of Israel remained in the coun­try­side of Judea and across the Mediter­ranean for 2000 years. The Jews were and remain an Cau­casian peo­ple as are the Copts and Arabs.

You Africans have accom­plished noth­ing high­er than grass skirts and run­ning a bone through your nose. Just come to grips with the real­i­ty that are descend­ed from some clas­si­cal­ly igno­rant peo­ple.


YOU are clas­si­cal­ly igno­rant ! There were many great king­doms in Africa and some of the Pharaohs were black. Your igno­rance is a prod­uct of BIGOTED Euro­cen­tric edu­ca­tion that ignores the accom­plish­ments of peo­ple of col­or HERE IS SOME REAL EDUCATION ! PLEASE READ THE BLACK PHARAOHS


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What­ev­er man. I’m not white. I’m actu­al­ly black and Hawai­ian. I have no idea why YOU are sub­scrib­ing to an inter­pre­ta­tion of Abra­ham­ic reli­gion at all. Judaism/Islam/Christianity… and my ear­li­er exam­ple, Mor­monism is a fur­ther abstrac­tion of Chris­tian­i­ty. Go ahead and per­se­cute peo­ple just as the peo­ple you per­se­cute do. You might not see hypocrisy there because you are still blind­ed by the same desire to lay blame. 

I don’t sniv­el. I do go out with pre-deter­mined ene­mies. I con­sid­er peo­ple on what they do, not by the col­or of their skin.

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Thank you for men­tion­ing this book…I was about to do it if some­one hadn’t! :)

Grow­ing up in an area with a high Jew­ish pop­u­la­tion (and no, this wasn’t any­where near NYC, lol) I knew about the Holo­caust from a young age. How­ev­er, the focus tend­ed to stay on the 6 mil­lion Jews, which was com­plete­ly under­stand­able. I didn’t learn any­thing in detail about the 6 mil­lion non-Jews who were killed until high school.


Dear GOD.…sterilized???? Those poor chil­dren. So sad.


I didn’t know this and always won­dered about this.

It real­ly shouldn’t be a prob­lem find­ing out how many were killed, because one of the things men­tioned about Ger­mans is that they “doc­u­ment every­thing” they not­ed names, address­es, who your par­ents were, if one was Ger­man and the oth­er weren’t . THey not­ed every­thing, it’s just a mat­ter of i guess know­ing where to go. Many chil­dren too were exper­i­ment­ed on like ani­mals, and i mean chil­dren of all races — in fact this doc­u­men­tary showed you mass graves lit­er­al­ly full of chil­dren that were mur­dered. Peo­ple in the sur­round­ing towns claimed they didn’t know — but how could… Read more »

“Des­tined to Wit­ness” is a great auto­bi­og­ra­phy of Hans Mas­saquoi, a mixed-race Black male grow­ing up in Nazi Ger­many. He lat­er grew up to be an edi­tor of Ebony mag­a­zine. It’s a good read!

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Pink indi­vid­u­als are INHERENTLY evil as hybrid sons of Cain & fall­en malakim!!!


C’mon. All white peo­ple aren’t bad—and some even have tans.

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And the Mor­mons believed that black peo­ple, Native Amer­i­cans and Poly­ne­sians were the Laman­ites, peo­ple cursed with dark skin by God for their evil. 

Both their belief and yours are the rep­re­hen­si­ble, hate­ful and dat­ed renants of an igno­rant past.


I once shot some­one down who made that remark to me about the “curse of dark skin”. I just asked them ” If dark skin is a curse then how come we can stay in the sun all day with no prob­lem but your skin will burn & peel off ? If you had any edu­ca­tion you’d know that dark skin is God’s sun­screen & is MADE for pro­tec­tion against strong sun­light. Pale skin is made for north­ern Europe ”

Harry McNicholas

Your com­ment is a bad as the Nazis were. No race is evil. Only indi­vid­u­als are evil.

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I drink cave­man tears, ameriKKKan dream­er


Yes thank you for say­ing that!


I had heard years ago that black Ger­mans were killed. Any­one not “aryan” was killed.

I knew of this only because I went to the Holo­caust Muse­um in DC some years back. They had a sep­a­rate exhib­it on who the Nazis were killing BEFORE the Jews. If you were black you were killed also if you were men­tal­ly ill, alco­holic, birth defect, retar­da­tion, and a whole list of oth­er stuff Hitler and his goons found unde­sir­able you were like­ly to be ster­il­ized and/or mur­dered. They had pic­tures of all these chil­dren who were exter­mi­nat­ed. When I fin­ished tour­ing that muse­um I was an emo­tion­al wreck and vowed nev­er to go back. I can’t imag­ine a… Read more »
BB Shark

I went to the Wartime muse­um in Lon­don, they had an entire floor ded­i­cat­ed to the holo­caust and yet there was absolute­ly no men­tion of the black vic­tims.


Don’t know if you have heard of Black His­to­ry Walks based in Lon­don but they show­cased a film a few years ago doc­u­ment­ing the same sub­ject. The organ­i­sa­tion have a wealth of infor­ma­tion on the life and times of us as a peo­ple past and present. They organ­ise walks in Lon­don where there have been a sig­nif­i­cant pres­ence of Africans before and after slav­ery. These are things we need to be edu­cat­ing our children/people on, we can­not rely on main­stream edu­ca­tion to edu­cate us about us even though they have a lot of infor­ma­tion on us.


So you know what I saw that includ­ed the info and pics of black vic­tims was not a per­ma­nent exhib­it in the Wash­ing­ton DC muse­um. I want to say it was called “The Final Solu­tion”


Oh god oh god.……poor babies…‘shivering’.….I don’t have any­thing else.


I won­der if I was the only one unaware of this


And it’s sick­en­ing that they don’t share this his­to­ry in schools. It all goes to only giv­ing the Jews sym­pa­thy.


They don’t teach this in most schools. I nev­er heard of any group besides the Jew­ish and the Roma being mur­dered in the Holo­caust while I was in school, but appar­ent­ly, every­one else did *rolls eyes*


We had to read a nov­el in high school called “The Hid­ing Place” about a non Jew­ish fam­i­ly that was sent to con­cen­tra­tion camp after being bust­ed for hid­ing Jews in their home. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I knew they killed peo­ple that tried to help Jews and any­one who dis­agreed with their phi­los­o­phy. But I didn’t know about the blacks until I went to the Holo­caust muse­um.

Harry McNicholas

Evi­dent­ly you received a very poor edu­ca­tion. Not only Black peo­ple and Jews but also Roma and lat­er Poles and Rus­sians.


…They were get­ting rid of any­one that they con­sid­er “unde­sir­able”.


This was actu­al­ly taught pret­ty exten­sive­ly in my school. How­ev­er my teacher was very well edu­cat­ed and mul­ti-cul­tur­al him­self. And I’m in nyc if that makes any dif­fer­ence. Jews also take cen­ter­stage because it was the ini­tial hatred to them that allowed the Nazi par­ty to gain so much pop­u­lar­i­ty because Jews were some of the wealth­i­est peo­ple in Ger­many at the time and the eas­i­est tar­gets. Every­one else was thrown in to make ‘Aryans’ look like the tor­tured ‘oth­er’.

They absolute­ly do teach this in school, 12 mil­lion peo­ple died via the Nazi Regime half were Jew­ish, the oth­er half were polit­i­cal pris­on­ers and peo­ple they con­sid­ered unde­sir­able for a vari­ety of rea­sons (albeit awful rea­sons.) There has been an over­sim­pli­fi­ca­tion in how WWII is spo­ken about with­in soci­ety, peo­ple have min­i­mized the details. and because that was the largest group sought after, the plight of the Jew­ish peo­ple is often focused on. Think about it 6 mil­lion. Whole house­holds were wiped out, whole neigh­bor­hoods destroyed and emp­tied. But it does­nt erase the fact that 6 mil­lion oth­er peo­ple… Read more »

You’re not the only one. I nev­er heard of this either, but I will be learn­ing more about it.