Earlier this year, we gave you 27 black-owned cosmetic companies to support. Now, we’re shining the spotlight on black-owned household brands. Let us know if there are more to add to the list!

True Laundry Detergent

Photo: Thetrueproducts.com
Photo: Thetrueproducts.com

True Laundry Detergent is a super concentrated laundry formula that allows you to use less detergent with each load. Not only will your clothes be squeaky clean, you’ll save money! True isn’t stopping at detergent, they also have plans to expand into hand sanitizer, body wash, all purpose cleaner and air fresheners. Sign up for their newsletter to receive 10% off your first order.

Freedom Paper Company

Photo: Freedompapercompany.com
Photo: Freedompapercompany.com

This paper company produces environmentally friendly toilet paper, soaps, trash liners from recycled materials and food service products (cups, food containers, etc) made from vegetable sources. The Freedom Paper Company is committed to making sure they keep the earth healthy, while producing paper and cleaning supplies for businesses and the home.

Simple Scents Candle Company

Photo: Simplyscentsbyshan.com
Photo: Simplyscentsbyshan.com

Simple Scents is a household brand that specializes in triple scented candles, room fragrant sprays, wax melts, oil burners, reed diffusers, jelly jars, electric burners and bath and body products. The company’s most famous item is their 4-wick 90-hour burning candle that is shaped like a Bundt cake. The products are found in select boutiques and Walgreens.


Photo: Inspirado.com
Photo: Inspirado.co

You know those cute little inspirational posters that you find in just about every home section in department stores? You were more than likely looking at an Inspirado design! In addition to inspirational posters Inspirado produces mugs, bath décor, and pillows.

Naturally Me and You

Photo: Naturallymeandyou.storenvy.com
Photo: Naturallymeandyou.storenvy.com

Naturally Me and You produces natural disinfecting spray, dusting spray, glass cleaner, wood polish, carpet deodorizer, linen and room spray, and dishwasher detergent. They also provide body care in the form of butters and soaps. This brand truly is a one stop-shop!


Photo: Loohoo.com
Photo: Loohoo.com

After learning that children are more susceptible to household chemicals that adults, Founder and CEO Cyndi Prince created wool dryer balls. They are a natural alternative to dryer sheets which contain toxic chemicals. The wool dryer balls, which are biodegradable and reusable, help soften clothing and reduce drying time.

Supreme Spring Water

Photo: Supremespringwater.wix.com
Photo: Supremespringwater.wix.com

This bottled water company was founded in Atlanta, GA. Their water is fluoride-free and contains electrolytes and minerals that are nourishing to the body.
Know of any other black owned household brands? Share them with us in the comment section!




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Shara Shirly Pants Prophet
Shara Shirly Pants Prophet

Thank you so much for this article!! I will share and pass this along. Also check out, Open Door Hypnosis, a new black owned behavior modification and self improvement services, http://www.opendoorhypnosis.com.

Christine St.Vil

The link for Supreme Spring Water is broken, FYI. But I’ll definitely look them up thank you!

Whitney Jones

I’m own a black owned business. Whitney J Decor. Local NOLA interior designer services, online decorating, and luxe pillows. Etsy.com/shop/whitneyjdecor or whitneyjdecor.com

Soyini George

Karmalades, household cleaners with a conscience is black owned by Cynthia Brevil. http://Www.karmalades.com


In the leading paragraph, you reference a previous article about 27 black owned cosmetic companies. Why not link directly to that previous article instead of forcing us to search for it? I’m interested in reading it but can’t find it! Not to mention, linking to it in this article is considered “cross-linking” and will boost your SEO.


Typically, we always cross-link referenced articles. Guess this one flew under the radar. The article has been updated. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, King!


Thanks for the update!

Lauren Renee Beachom

It’s below in the related articles section.. you scrolled past it to comment.

Tainted Lucas

boldisblack.com black owned apparel and jewelry company. Specializing in Bold attire and hand-crafted jewelry

Jadianyc Aidaj

http://www.naturalrootsnyc.com Natural hair & Bodycare

Imani Abdul Zahir

Rawdah Natural Products for Skin & Hair ~ Specializing in Shea Butter and BlackSeed Oil Creams. Enjoy Shea Butter Lip balm, Bentonite Clay Deodorant, Black Seed & Herb Oil Infusions, Beard Balm and more. http://www.rawdahnatural.com
Like us on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/RawdahNaturalProducts/?fref=ts

Adjoa Asabi Olufunmilayo
Adjoa Asabi Olufunmilayo

Pleasant tissue company located in Detroit MI


Great job on this article BGLH


Thank u!


Just bought two prints from Inspirado, one for me and one for my niece. Thanks! 🙂


I didn’t know about these! Excellent!!