Ear­li­er this year, we gave you 27 black-owned cos­met­ic com­pa­nies to sup­port. Now, we’re shin­ing the spot­light on black-owned house­hold brands. Let us know if there are more to add to the list!

True Laun­dry Deter­gent

Photo: Thetrueproducts.com
Pho­to: Thetrueproducts.com

True Laun­dry Deter­gent is a super con­cen­trat­ed laun­dry for­mu­la that allows you to use less deter­gent with each load. Not only will your clothes be squeaky clean, you’ll save mon­ey! True isn’t stop­ping at deter­gent, they also have plans to expand into hand san­i­tiz­er, body wash, all pur­pose clean­er and air fresh­en­ers. Sign up for their newslet­ter to receive 10% off your first order.

Free­dom Paper Com­pa­ny

Photo: Freedompapercompany.com
Pho­to: Freedompapercompany.com

This paper com­pa­ny pro­duces envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly toi­let paper, soaps, trash lin­ers from recy­cled mate­ri­als and food ser­vice prod­ucts (cups, food con­tain­ers, etc) made from veg­etable sources. The Free­dom Paper Com­pa­ny is com­mit­ted to mak­ing sure they keep the earth healthy, while pro­duc­ing paper and clean­ing sup­plies for busi­ness­es and the home. 

Sim­ple Scents Can­dle Com­pa­ny

Photo: Simplyscentsbyshan.com
Pho­to: Simplyscentsbyshan.com

Sim­ple Scents is a house­hold brand that spe­cial­izes in triple scent­ed can­dles, room fra­grant sprays, wax melts, oil burn­ers, reed dif­fusers, jel­ly jars, elec­tric burn­ers and bath and body prod­ucts. The company’s most famous item is their 4-wick 90-hour burn­ing can­dle that is shaped like a Bundt cake. The prod­ucts are found in select bou­tiques and Wal­greens.


Photo: Inspirado.com
Pho­to: Inspirado.co

You know those cute lit­tle inspi­ra­tional posters that you find in just about every home sec­tion in depart­ment stores? You were more than like­ly look­ing at an Inspi­ra­do design! In addi­tion to inspi­ra­tional posters Inspi­ra­do pro­duces mugs, bath décor, and pil­lows.

Nat­u­ral­ly Me and You 

Photo: Naturallymeandyou.storenvy.com
Pho­to: Naturallymeandyou.storenvy.com

Nat­u­ral­ly Me and You pro­duces nat­ur­al dis­in­fect­ing spray, dust­ing spray, glass clean­er, wood pol­ish, car­pet deodor­iz­er, linen and room spray, and dish­wash­er deter­gent. They also pro­vide body care in the form of but­ters and soaps. This brand tru­ly is a one stop-shop!


Photo: Loohoo.com
Pho­to: Loohoo.com

After learn­ing that chil­dren are more sus­cep­ti­ble to house­hold chem­i­cals that adults, Founder and CEO Cyn­di Prince cre­at­ed wool dry­er balls. They are a nat­ur­al alter­na­tive to dry­er sheets which con­tain tox­ic chem­i­cals. The wool dry­er balls, which are biodegrad­able and reusable, help soft­en cloth­ing and reduce dry­ing time.

Supreme Spring Water

Photo: Supremespringwater.wix.com
Pho­to: Supremespringwater.wix.com

This bot­tled water com­pa­ny was found­ed in Atlanta, GA. Their water is flu­o­ride-free and con­tains elec­trolytes and min­er­als that are nour­ish­ing to the body.
Know of any oth­er black owned house­hold brands? Share them with us in the com­ment sec­tion!




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Shara Shirly Pants Prophet
Shara Shirly Pants Prophet

Thank you so much for this arti­cle!! I will share and pass this along. Also check out, Open Door Hyp­no­sis, a new black owned behav­ior mod­i­fi­ca­tion and self improve­ment ser­vices, http://www.opendoorhypnosis.com.

Christine St.Vil

The link for Supreme Spring Water is bro­ken, FYI. But I’ll def­i­nite­ly look them up thank you!

Whitney Jones

I’m own a black owned busi­ness. Whit­ney J Decor. Local NOLA inte­ri­or design­er ser­vices, online dec­o­rat­ing, and luxe pil­lows. Etsy.com/shop/whitneyjdecor or whitneyjdecor.com

Soyini George

Kar­malades, house­hold clean­ers with a con­science is black owned by Cyn­thia Bre­vil. http://Www.karmalades.com


In the lead­ing para­graph, you ref­er­ence a pre­vi­ous arti­cle about 27 black owned cos­met­ic com­pa­nies. Why not link direct­ly to that pre­vi­ous arti­cle instead of forc­ing us to search for it? I’m inter­est­ed in read­ing it but can’t find it! Not to men­tion, link­ing to it in this arti­cle is con­sid­ered “cross-link­ing” and will boost your SEO.

Lauren Renee Beachom

It’s below in the relat­ed arti­cles sec­tion.. you scrolled past it to com­ment.


Typ­i­cal­ly, we always cross-link ref­er­enced arti­cles. Guess this one flew under the radar. The arti­cle has been updat­ed. Thanks for bring­ing this to our atten­tion, King!


Thanks for the update!

Tainted Lucas

boldisblack.com black owned appar­el and jew­el­ry com­pa­ny. Spe­cial­iz­ing in Bold attire and hand-craft­ed jew­el­ry

Jadianyc Aidaj

http://www.naturalrootsnyc.com Nat­ur­al hair & Body­care

Imani Abdul Zahir

Raw­dah Nat­ur­al Prod­ucts for Skin & Hair ~ Spe­cial­iz­ing in Shea But­ter and Black­Seed Oil Creams. Enjoy Shea But­ter Lip balm, Ben­tonite Clay Deodor­ant, Black Seed & Herb Oil Infu­sions, Beard Balm and more. http://www.rawdahnatural.com
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Adjoa Asabi Olufunmilayo
Adjoa Asabi Olufunmilayo

Pleas­ant tis­sue com­pa­ny locat­ed in Detroit MI


Great job on this arti­cle BGLH


Thank u!


Just bought two prints from Inspi­ra­do, one for me and one for my niece. Thanks! :)


I didn’t know about these! Excel­lent!!