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I’ve now joined the ranks of real­ly good look­ing black women (yes, I just said I’m real­ly good look­ing, deal with it!) who end up look­ing cray cray with poor­ly matched make­up. My com­padres include Uzo Adu­ba, Rihan­na, pre-mogul Oprah, and our favorite sis­ter girl Tara­ji P. Hen­son. How did I get here? I had the priv­i­lege of being invit­ed by Au Nat­u­rale by Dark and Love­ly to mod­el in Tex­ture on the Run­way, a NYFW show to cel­e­brate tex­tured hair put togeth­er by Tex­ture Media and Tar­get. My hair was on fleek, but unfor­tu­nate­ly, my make­up was NOT.

black women wrong foundation | KlassyKinks.com

Here’s what hap­pened. I hap­pi­ly go lucked­ly arrived to prep on the day of the show with a fresh face and my hair in twists, as instruct­ed. Once my hair was done, I was excit­ed to see that Milani was pro­vid­ing make­up for all the mod­els – I love their baked blush­es and eye­shad­ows and gen­er­al­ly think of them as a WOC friend­ly make­up brand. I sat in the chair and had a pleas­ant encounter with my make­up artist (who I believe was of East Asian descent), who pro­ceed­ed to recre­ate Dark and Lovely’s pink inspired make­up look on my face. To be hon­est, by the time I left the chair I thought my face looked ok – I was so con­cerned with how pink eye­shad­ow looked on me that I didn’t ful­ly scru­ti­nize the foun­da­tion match (errr, mis­match). I should have had the intu­ition to more close­ly inspect my face because I did have to request that my eye­brows be done (have you seen my brows? they alwaysneed to be done) and eye­lin­er be added, but I wasn’t expect­ing a full beat in 15 min­utes.

About That Time a "Pro" Makeup Artist Jacked My Face Up | KlassyKinks.com

My hair was styled by Der­ick Mon­roe, and fierce enough to land me in a post by Pop­Sug­ar about nat­ur­al hair beau­ties at NYFW!

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, once pic­tures of the show came out, I became embar­rassed to share them because MY MAKEUP LOOKS SO BAD. What­ev­er mix of cream foun­da­tions that my make­up artist chose to use on my face oxi­dized to a yellow/olive that stark­ly con­trast­ed with my more neu­tral under­tones.

About That Time a "Pro" Makeup Artist Jacked My Face Up | KlassyKinks.com

I LOVED my out­fit by Saman­tha Black from Project Run­way though!

Now the plight of a black women cursed with bad make­up isn’t new, not for celebri­ties or even forreal mod­els. For some rea­son though, I asso­ci­at­ed make­up mishaps with dark­er skinned women, and thought that my medi­um skin tone would absolve me from make­up dra­ma. I mean, I look GOOD when my make­up is done cor­rect­ly.

Engagement Makeup by JuicyLooks by Abby | KlassyKinks.com

Make­up slayed two days lat­er by Abby of Juicy Looks!

I blame make­up brands for not train­ing artists on melanat­ed skin, and for clear­ly not hav­ing artists demon­strate they can do make­up on peo­ple of col­or before get­ting hired – even when they them­selves are peo­ple of col­or *rolls eyes*. If I do get invit­ed back to an event like this, I’ll be sure to bring my own make­up bag so I can focus on not trip­ping down the run­way, rather than stress­ing about whether or not my face will look crazy.


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KlassyKinks.com founder and edi­tor, Ijeo­ma Eboh, is on a mis­sion to change per­cep­tions of kinky tex­tured hair around the world. You can find her on social media @klassykinks.

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ss (short & sweet)

I see the make­up mis­match! Nev­er saw the pic­tures of Oprah and Tara­ji before, they deserved much bet­ter. (But you still look fab­u­lous tho’!)


hon­est­ly she looks so beau­ti­ful. I havent seen many black peo­ple as I live in an asian coun­try but this woman is just so beau­ti­ful even with bad foun­da­tion!




They need to ensure make up.artists know what they are DOING with ALL skin.types…especially women.of.color!!! I.usually exper­i­ment on.my own.when.i apply my make up. No.matter how many col­ors they add for black.women, I am usu­al­ly in between col­ors. I rather do it MYSELF before I let a “pro­fes­sion­al” do.it…same thing goes for my nat­ur­al hair…most DON’T know, exper­i­ment­ing, or will.charge me.an.arm.and.leg.for.their service.…I.rather do.it.myself!


Odd­ly enough the worse peo­ple behind the make up counter in choos­ing foun­da­tion colours are East Indi­an women. They do not seem to have a clue about match­ing foun­da­tion to skin tone. (They are all sup­pose to be make uo artists as well.) It’s all the more shame­ful because not all of them are light skinned. 

You can argue whether it’s due to the brand not train­ing them, but if white camp men don’t have the prob­lem I think it’s the assis­tant them­selves who isn’t artis­tic enough and up to the job.

Return the Stone

There are some make up brands that cater specif­i­cal­ly to black women like Black Radi­ance, but I’m pret­ty sure it’s not just black women that deal with bad make­up in gen­er­al it’s a lot of women who are prob­a­bly still test­ing out cer­tain col­ors but can’t get it right


Always always always bring your own foun­da­tion. Some­times light­ing or even a lack of col­or range will result in any make­up artist mis­match­ing you. 

Also, Uzo and Rihanna’s make up were fine. Looks like Rihan­na was going for a play­ful goth look and Uzo went dra­mat­ic.

No chill

Con­fused why she kept ref­er­enc­ing how good she looked as if she was beau­ti­ful. Also, make up mishaps hap­pen often not prone to just dark skinned women.


Lmao “as if she was beau­ti­ful” have sev­er­al gd seats. How would it feel if you were feel­ing good about how you looked and some­one said the same spite­ful Shite to you. you’d be smil­ing, right?

God FORBID she think she looks fab and beau­ti­ful, how dare she?! She should feel hor­ri­ble about her­self all the time because you don’t think she looks good!


and if she cal­lled her­self ugly, you’s be com­ment­ing about low self esteem, no one can believe they are beau­ti­ful any­more or what? “as if she was beau­ti­ful”. she is. mtchew!


No, it’s sim­ply a case of “Let anoth­er man praise thee”… Not need­ing to draw atten­tion to it your­self. In these days of YouTube and Blog­ger nar­cis­sism it’s become the norm though.


I’m so done with this blog. What hap­pened? This post is doing the most about silli­ness. It’s insult­ing. Find new top­ics, Nay­i­lah Franklin, the Pres­i­den­tial elec­tion, long hair, any­thing but this fool­ish­ness…


Umm your make­up actu­al­ly looks com­plete­ly fine…


So the clear­ly vis­i­ble yel­low line around her hair­line that looks mask-like, and the mis­match on her neck busi­ness are “com­plete­ly fine” in your esti­ma­tion?? Wow.


When some­one has foun­da­tion on it’s not sup­pose to be com­plete­ly obvi­ous that they are wear­ing it. When foun­da­tion colours don’t match dark­er skinned women it looks patchy.


Any colour skin mis­match looks patchy. I’ve seen white women with oom­pah loom­pah orange neck tide marks half way down their necks. Yikes!

Philly Jawn

no its uneven and her face looks very oily