I  first caught wind of the rel­a­tive­ly new eye­brow tat­too­ing pro­ce­dure, known as microb­lad­ing, when actress Mea­gan Good revealed she had the pro­ce­dure to cor­rect the appear­ance of her thin eye­brows.


What is Microblading
Wikipedia defines microblading as  “a semi-permanent makeup procedure that allows you to dramatically correct or fully reconstruct lost eyebrow. It was first introduced in Asia…Microblading is performed by manually depositing pigment in the basal layer of the epidermis by a special pen…The blade of microblading pen contains numerous pins that are 3 times thinner than the needles used for tattooing. When performed correctly, the procedure is almost painless.”

I had always been aware of eye­brow tat­too­ing, but hadn’t heard of black women doing it. Besides, I have a tat­too that I got when I was 19 and after more than 10 years, it’s turned a green­ish shade. Need­less to say, I was a bit skep­ti­cal. How­ev­er, I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to meet Mass­a­chu­setts-based Estheti­cian and Microb­lad­ing Expert, Mila Kaluk of The Brow Muse ‚who per­formed the pro­ce­dure on me. Hav­ing tried every rem­e­dy under the sun to regrow my thin brows, this semi-per­ma­nent pro­ce­dure is a God­send to women like me.


If you’re con­sid­er­ing get­ting this done, I would rec­om­mend that you seek out a pro­fes­sion­al who is accus­tomed to per­form­ing the pro­ce­dure on eth­nic skin. I spoke with Atlanta-based Cos­met­ic Tat­too Artist, Hei­di Car­ney, who offered some fur­ther insight into how her approach is dif­fer­ent for women of col­or,

Eth­nic skin heals dif­fer­ent­ly. The pig­ment tends to blanch out more quick­ly, so I make sure to  sep­a­rate the stokes a lit­tle father because I know it’s going to blanch out and bleed on dark­er skin tones. It also tends to cool down and turn a shade or two dark­er once it real­ly set­tles into the skin, so it’s impor­tant not to go too dark. You can always make it dark­er and big­ger.

What To Expect
  • The tech­ni­cian fills in your brows with brow pen­cil
  • The tech­ni­cian applies a numb­ing solu­tion for a few min­utes
  • Tech­ni­cian begins the pro­ce­dure by dip­ping the blade into the ink/pigment and then cre­at­ing hair strokes.
  • More numb­ing solu­tion is applied
  • Tech­ni­cian goes over the brows once more for the sec­ond pass
  • Pain lev­el is indi­vid­ual, how­ev­er, for me it was a 2 on a scale of 1–10
  • This is a 2-step pro­ce­dure. The brows must heal for 4 weeks after which you will return for your sec­ond treat­ment.
  • Since everyone’s skin heals dif­fer­ent, the sec­ond appoint­ment allows the tech­ni­cian to see how much the col­or has fad­ed from the pre­vi­ous appoint­ment. Most peo­ple will need a few extra strokes, but some peo­ple lose so much pig­ment the pro­ce­dure has to be reap­plied entire­ly.
  • Water can­not touch your face for the first 3 days after the pro­ce­dure, and no make­up can be applied for 10 days
  • If you have very oily skin, it is rec­om­mend­ed that you use blot­ting sheets (after the 3 day no-wash peri­od) to keep the brows as free from oil as pos­si­ble, as oil eats away at the pig­ment.
  • The results will last about a year, requir­ing one touch up every year
  • Prices for the pro­ce­dure will vary by loca­tion as there are more peo­ple who want this done than there are trained pro­fes­sion­als who can do it. Prices vary from $250-$800 depend­ing on loca­tion.

Here are a few addi­tion­al before an after pho­tos of black women who have had the pro­ce­dure done.

Marie Leggette of the Curvy Fash­ion­ista doc­u­ment­ed her expe­ri­ence here.



To see the procedure watch this video

Would you consider Microblading? Share your thoughts below

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Microblading Near Me

When done cor­rect­ly by the tech­ni­cian, Microb­lad­ing can give a per­son the most beau­ti­ful and gor­geous eye­brows that can last two years or even more. Microb­lad­ing is not cheap, but it’s a time saver and worth the price, imag­ine, you can wake up in the morn­ing with make­up — Best invest­ment and God­send.

Kimberly Sompson

I think an eye­brow tat­too is a good pos­si­bil­i­ty to have all days nice brows with­out tak­ing care of them. For me a microb­lad­ing is real­ly time sav­ing, because I don’t have to do my brows every morn­ing. When some wants to get a nat­ur­al look­ing microb­lad­ing and is from near Mia­mi, I can rec­om­mend Styl­ish Brows in Mia­mi http://www.stylishbrows.com/


Are eye­brows real­ly that seri­ous? I mean I do mine 98% of the time, but if I don’t feel like it, I’m not going to do it. I’m shocked peo­ple are pay­ing almost $1,000 every year for eye­brow make­up…


Unfor­tu­nate­ly, after giv­ing birth to my daugh­ter, my eye­brow hair came out com­plete­ly. I had nev­er had my eye­brows waxed, plucked, or thread­ed before in my life, because I was for­tu­nate enough to have nat­u­ral­ly nice­ly shaped eye­brows.

Los­ing my eye­brows was real­ly depress­ing, because it made me look like an old woman.


I’ve been aware of vari­a­tions of this tech­nique for years. I was put off because of the info on how it can lead to aller­gy prob­lems after­wards, with increased (per­ma­nent) sus­cep­ti­bil­i­ty and adverse reac­tions down the line to oth­er dyes. Too scary.


I’ve got this pro­ce­dure done and I absolute­ly love it. It real­ly beats the hell of out hav­ing to get up every­day to draw on your eye­brows. The first few days were tor­ture though, because my eye­brows turned a weird gray­ish look­ing col­or and I wasn’t able to apply make­up until they com­plete­ly healed.


I want this done but can’t find any­one in the Bal­ti­more area.


Does any­one knows how to get in touch with Microb­lad­ing Expert, Mila Kaluk? We have looked but can’t find any infor­ma­tion. We are out of town so need to coor­di­nate before hand. Thank you — Jas


just click on where it says “the brow muse” and then con­tact her on Insta­gram.

Wendy le

My name Wendy, please call me I am the one do the Eye­brown Tatoo