Stunning Amputee Beauty Blogger Mama Cax Brings Visibility to Differently Abled Black Women

Caxmee, 26, is a Brooklyn-based blogger who, by merely being herself, shows us the power in loving yourself fully. She writes:

I haven’t been too content about the mainstream imagery of beauty. I’ve made it my personal mission to infiltrate the “beauty industry”- Walking  down the street with crutches and a prosthetic leg, people often shout “you go girl! you’re still beautiful” STILL?…. I AM beautiful and I’m here to show you how beautiful I am inside and out.



Caxmee’s right leg was amputated in 2005 after she was diagnosed with bone and lung cancer. She was given only three weeks to live, but miraculously beat the odds.  Today, she shares her fashion and world traveling on her blog, serves as muse for headwrap designer famndjam, and works as an an ambassador for Alleles Design Studio. Alleles makes affordable and fashion-forward prosthetic leg covers for men and women.

Photo credit: Nikola Tamindzic

Photo credit: Nikola Tamindzic

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Credit: Leighton Pope 


Credit: @_kire 

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Photo credit: Nikola Tamindzic

For more of “Mama Cax,” as she’s called on her blog, follow her on Instagram


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4 thoughts on “Stunning Amputee Beauty Blogger Mama Cax Brings Visibility to Differently Abled Black Women

  1. Amazing. I spotted her on instagram. I totally agree, why is she STILL beautiful, she IS beautiful. I hate how there is only sort of look that is celebrated for beauty even for representations of black women and im talking about being ‘light and bright’ more on the type of body that is shown. All body shapes and body ableness (if thats a word) should be shown.

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