Every woman should have a fierce wig on standby for days when her own hair just won’t behave. While we have seen many natural hair extension and wig lines over the past few years, not many are easy on the pockets. Some units can cost as much as $500! Fortunately for you 4C gals, I found 6 budget friendly wig options. Take a look!

Outre 4C Coily Wig

Photo: EbonyOnline.com
Photo: EbonyOnline.com

This new Big Beautiful Hair collection by Outre looks perfect for naturals who are looking for something to blend in with an old perm-rod set. The line also offers 4A and 3C options. The wig is big, full and it comes in a variety of colors for only $16.11. Youtuber ECoastAngel gives so much life to this fro!

Freetress Equal Afro Wig

freetress equal afro wig

The Freetress Equal Afro wig is a cute coily aproach to 4c hair. The coils are much tighter and closely mimic a wash and go on 4c hair. At only $20, this is a wig you can always have in your arsenal to pull out for an easy no-fuss style day.

FreeTress The Luxury Integration Equal Wig – AFRO LARGE.AfroWig_Large_600-130718091807

Now if you’re looking for big hair, try the Freetress Luxury Integration Equal wig in Afro Large. Similar to the afro wig we just listed, this wig’s curls are much closer to a picked out fro. We don’t recommend wearing this one directly out of the bag but instead take a few tips from YouTuber MeekFro who styled the wig with a twist-out to give a bold natural look.

New Born Free Yaki Cutie Afro Wig

Photo: Ebonyonline.com
Photo: Ebonyonline.com

If you’re looking to have a lot of fun with your wig, you may want to give the New Born Free wig try from their cutie collection. This wig is seriously a larger than life afro that comes in fun colors like blonde and red wine. It’s also a bargain for $19.95. Watch Bougie Black Girl style this beauty below.


Carefree Short Afro Wig

Photo: Theheadshoponline.com
Photo: Theheadshoponline.com

If you’re going for a short and edgy look, this asymmetrical afro wig by Carefree may be what you’re looking for. It’s lightweight and is on $20.95! KayBae Royale styles this cute afro effortlessly.


Sensationnel Chantel Wig


Photo: Hairwigharlem.com
Photo: Hairwigharlem.com

This unit is sassy and sexy. It comes in a variety of pretty ombre colors and is heat safe. Mona B. styles this wig five different ways on her 4C natural hair. Did I mention that it’s only $21.99?


Would you purchase a natural looking wig to use on bad hair days?

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that’s interesting. Can you do a similar article for type 3c and 4a? Im looking for a wig, but the one i found are just to expensive

Victoria Brown

You can try http://www.hairsurprise.com they have variates of wigs with many deals.


I agree. I want a wig that looks close to my natural texture, but they are really expensive.

Kimira Jewels

The first one (Sensationnel Afro Kinky Wig) is not a wig. It is weave sewn onto a cap to make a wig. The actual name of the product is Sensationnel Afro Kinky Wvg which is weave 🙂


I WOULD rather scraf it or use my go to hair style than wig it. Sometimes, a wig is just to hot for my head. However, for an extreme emergency, I would wig it then firgue out what to do. I didn’t return to natural hair just to hide it even on a bad hair day, I must figure out what to do with it When it “acts” up or I mess it up. A wig is a temporary solution for the moment at hand.

Kimira Jewels

The first one (Sensationnel Afro Kinky Wig) is not a wig. It is weave sewn onto a cap to make a wig. The actual name of the product is Sensationnel Afro Kinky Wvg.