Every woman should have a fierce wig on stand­by for days when her own hair just won’t behave. While we have seen many nat­ur­al hair exten­sion and wig lines over the past few years, not many are easy on the pock­ets. Some units can cost as much as $500! For­tu­nate­ly for you 4C gals, I found 6 bud­get friend­ly wig options. Take a look!

Out­re 4C Coily Wig

Photo: EbonyOnline.com
Pho­to: EbonyOnline.com

This new Big Beau­ti­ful Hair col­lec­tion by Out­re looks per­fect for nat­u­rals who are look­ing for some­thing to blend in with an old perm-rod set. The line also offers 4A and 3C options. The wig is big, full and it comes in a vari­ety of col­ors for only $16.11. Youtu­ber ECoas­tAn­gel gives so much life to this fro!

Free­tress Equal Afro Wig

freetress equal afro wig

The Free­tress Equal Afro wig is a cute coily aproach to 4c hair. The coils are much tighter and close­ly mim­ic a wash and go on 4c hair. At only $20, this is a wig you can always have in your arse­nal to pull out for an easy no-fuss style day.

Free­Tress The Lux­u­ry Inte­gra­tion Equal Wig — AFRO LARGE.AfroWig_Large_600-130718091807

Now if you’re look­ing for big hair, try the Free­tress Lux­u­ry Inte­gra­tion Equal wig in Afro Large. Sim­i­lar to the afro wig we just list­ed, this wig’s curls are much clos­er to a picked out fro. We don’t rec­om­mend wear­ing this one direct­ly out of the bag but instead take a few tips from YouTu­ber Meek­Fro who styled the wig with a twist-out to give a bold nat­ur­al look.

New Born Free Yaki Cutie Afro Wig

Photo: Ebonyonline.com
Pho­to: Ebonyonline.com

If you’re look­ing to have a lot of fun with your wig, you may want to give the New Born Free wig try from their cutie col­lec­tion. This wig is seri­ous­ly a larg­er than life afro that comes in fun col­ors like blonde and red wine. It’s also a bar­gain for $19.95. Watch Bougie Black Girl style this beau­ty below.


Care­free Short Afro Wig

Photo: Theheadshoponline.com
Pho­to: Theheadshoponline.com

If you’re going for a short and edgy look, this asym­met­ri­cal afro wig by Care­free may be what you’re look­ing for. It’s light­weight and is on $20.95! Kay­Bae Royale styles this cute afro effort­less­ly.


Sen­sa­tion­nel Chantel Wig


Photo: Hairwigharlem.com
Pho­to: Hairwigharlem.com

This unit is sassy and sexy. It comes in a vari­ety of pret­ty ombre col­ors and is heat safe. Mona B. styles this wig five dif­fer­ent ways on her 4C nat­ur­al hair. Did I men­tion that it’s only $21.99?


Would you pur­chase a nat­ur­al look­ing wig to use on bad hair days?

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that’s inter­est­ing. Can you do a sim­i­lar arti­cle for type 3c and 4a? Im look­ing for a wig, but the one i found are just to expen­sive

Victoria Brown

You can try http://www.hairsurprise.com they have vari­ates of wigs with many deals.


I agree. I want a wig that looks close to my nat­ur­al tex­ture, but they are real­ly expen­sive.

Kimira Jewels

The first one (Sen­sa­tion­nel Afro Kinky Wig) is not a wig. It is weave sewn onto a cap to make a wig. The actu­al name of the prod­uct is Sen­sa­tion­nel Afro Kinky Wvg which is weave :-)


I WOULD rather scraf it or use my go to hair style than wig it. Some­times, a wig is just to hot for my head. How­ev­er, for an extreme emer­gency, I would wig it then fir­gue out what to do. I didn’t return to nat­ur­al hair just to hide it even on a bad hair day, I must fig­ure out what to do with it When it “acts” up or I mess it up. A wig is a tem­po­rary solu­tion for the moment at hand.

Kimira Jewels

The first one (Sen­sa­tion­nel Afro Kinky Wig) is not a wig. It is weave sewn onto a cap to make a wig. The actu­al name of the prod­uct is Sen­sa­tion­nel Afro Kinky Wvg.