This brings a whole new meaning to black women supporting one another. The strength, flexibility, grace, and power in these tricks and poses are simply awe-inspiring.

This gorgeous and intricate spin by @rachelfit1989_ and @isis_diamond that makes them look like they’re floating:

A mother-daughter combo (@overwingexit and @nicifitflydiva) showing us the true meaning of lifting one another up:


Julie Marie of 1on1poledanceatl with @_iamlovebug doing this amazing trick with flexibility and grace:

This gorgeous island interlock between @ewoshelly and Kelly of @exoticworkouts:


This ridiculously cute pole duo of mom and daughter (look at her little kicks!!):



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6 Comments on "Incredible Video Shows Pole Dancing Duo Seemingly Floating"

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That looks like a ton of fun. I have always wanted to try it for the fitness and fun of it.


I was so scared that the baby was going to fall?.


Awesome! Strength, power, and beauty! #slay


The baby was too darn cute….and my goal in life is to have the faith of the ladies planking and doing the splits together. That pole was rotating around the ceiling O_o . How did they not feel like they might tip over?


The poles sometimes break or tip over but that’s very rare. It mostly happens with cheap poles that are installed properly. It’s super fun. Give it a go


It’d be hilarious as I climb a pole 2 inches off the ground, lol. I’ll leave it to the folks who trust their own limbs and hands.