Jeffree Star, musician and owner of the popular Jeffree Star Cosmetics, is making headlines again today after threatening (via Twitter) to beat up  Instagram beauty guru and celebrity makeup artist, MakeupShayla. Crazy, I know. But here’s the run down with screenshots a (courtesy of Oh No They Didn’t), as most of these tweets have since been deleted from Star’s account:

  • Star and Shayla attended an event where Star alleges Shayla told beauty guru Mariale that she needed lip injections because her face was disproportionate.
  •  Star takes to Twitter  in defense of said woman and proceeds to call Shayla names such as “Instagram Nobody” and the C word.
  • Shayla denies the accusation
  • Star refuses to back down and the rest is Twitter history. See the exchange below:
  • Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.54.12 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.02.00 PM

    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.02.09 PM  Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.02.29 PM


    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.03.32 PM

    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.04.05 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.15.39 PM

    Star then published this DM exchange:

    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.04.45 PM

    For more watch Star’s rant below:

    Star is no stranger to internet controversy. Last month, Star blasted Kylie Jenner on Twitter and Snapchat for producing what Star considered sub-par lip glosses.  Rumors of a now-deleted MySpace video in which Star supposedly goes on a racist rant and uses the “N word” have also been floating around for years.
    What are your thoughts about Star’s exchange with Shayla? Share your thoughts below!

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    […] Last year, he also threatened to physically assault another black beauty vlogger, MakeupShayla. Read about that incident HERE. […]


    […] One issue of major contention between the two is Jeffree’s history of using racial slurs, and his overall derogatory attitude toward’s black women. Last year, he got into a twitter battle with another beauty guru, MakeupShayla, and threatened to physically assault her. Read about that HERE. […]


    […] can read about that beef HERE, but Star called Shayla a cunt, amongst other things and threatened to physically assault her in a […]


    […] history as a working artist and his role as a creative, his history of racial slurs, threatening violence and documented bullying and harassment is not in line with how I think we should treat each other. […]


    […] vlogger who last year threatened to assault a black female beauty influencer (read about it HERE) and back in his MySpace days released videos wherein he used racial slurs. Stars has since […]


    Jeffrey Star has talked so much crap over the years about other people and yet he suddenly feels the need to stand up for the feelings of someone else. Star has called a 15 year old child a c word so forgive me for questioning his new found decency. He’s a bully.

    Yessika Herrera (Latinamakeupa
    Yessika Herrera (Latinamakeupa

    I was just looking at Mariale’s text , she just thanking for backing her up but she never agree on what supposedly Shayla said. So That text I do not consider as proof. Dos ever Mariale said sth about it ?

    […] Star is a MUA and musician turned beauty guru. His liquid lipsticks are amongst my favs.  However, I swore off ever purchasing from the brand after seeing an old video ( it’s from MySpace and is about 10 years old) wherein he says “black b*tch” and talks about setting a girl on fire to lighten her skin. It’s a skit and it is supposed to be funny, but whatever, it wasn’t cool.  You can watch the video by clicking HERE. Then, a few months ago, he got into a huge spat with MakeupShayla and proceeded to threaten to beat… Read more »
    I think this really depends on how and why Shayla said it. For example, if she was asked about lip injections and advice on whether that person should get it, she might have just replied bluntly and came across extremely stupid on hindsight (you know, those people who speak their minds without using their brain). In that case, I dont think you have to be that mad over it, but just classify her as a typical dumb bitch and ignore her. But, I mean if she saw you and said this out of the blue.. then i guess that is… Read more »

    To me it looks like she’s trying to publicly save face by denying her words and staying non-confrontational. I don’t think he’s making things up for shits and giggles, especially since he has no reason to.

    I don’t like him nor do I agree with him, but I really dont put those words past her. Her personality (from her videos) seems very fake.


    Glad i never purchased anything from him


    […]  watching his rant against fellow Youtuber MakeupShayla and subsequently writing about it (click HERE), I had a change of heart about supporting any of his […]

    My multi-account stalker, who brags on Disqus about being “light-skinned,” spends all free time on gossip blogs living vicariously through so-called celebrities’ every hiccup due to misery in her own bland, empty existence, and actually worships at the altar of Kim Kar-trash-can and admires Kim’s surgically deformed buttocks (lol…almost any black female celebrity chosen at random has natural curves that are actually nice) could be expected to get personal in attacking a black woman’s success and husband in a jealous, embittered rage. It’s painful for some who feel they should be worshiped on the basis of being “lightskint” to see… Read more »

    Umm 1. I think you are mixing me up with someone else? Never responded to anything you’ve ever said…For starters I am not light skinned, rarely post, and find Kim Kardashian quite distasteful. Secondly, When you call people “it” “things” and “creatures”, you take their humanity away from them. You are downgrading them to an object. That’s wrong, and I’m glad that you aren’t friends with your trans guy anymore. That being said, I don’t think we have to have the same opinion on whether being trans is “right” or “wrong”, but name-calling will ALWAYS be called out by me.

    ella tuite

    Im white and must say he i got that neo nazi vibe off him long before I ever leasrned of his supposed racist tendancies

    What are you talking about? His best friend of 10 years is his manager/assistant and she is black. She’s always on his channel and instagram and he is one of the only makeup people to focus an entire video on how his makeup looks on women of color. His entire makeup website is filled with ONLY black women in all the promo shots. He went after Kylie Jenner who is um pretty fucking white. It has nothing to do with race in this instance. I don’t think Jeffree has a good attitude and honestly gets really annoying but I had… Read more »

    […] “fucking cunt” and “bitch” on Snapchat; an ugly exchange also took place on Twitter, in which Starr writes in one Tweet, “All these Instagram girls are all talk, I’ll […]


    […] “fucking cunt” and “bitch” on Snapchat; an ugly exchange also take place on Twitter, in which Starr writes, “All these Instagram girls are all talk, I’ll actually beat you […]


    Agree. I think he just enjoys provoking black women particularly because he’s angry inside and he sees black women as prime target for an argument/drama. He seems to always be looking for a quick fight. It’s so sad.


    […] buying Jeffree Star, however recently I’ve been directed toward a bunch of racist and sexist comments of his, and he’s also very contradictory in his approach to business (he complained on social […]

    Felina Femenina
    I can’t be bothered with drama between famous celebs, much less between low-list celebs I’ve never heard of. I don’t know these people. They have too much time on their hands. The only part of this that interests me is this hideous drag queen male creature threatening a black woman with bodily harm. How dare he. I’m so feminine, but if I were a man for a day, I’d be a real man, and men who threaten and endanger black women and girls would swing high from trees. Now that I know this ugly ‘queen and his makeup exist, I’ll… Read more »
    seymourLlama .
    getting beat up is “manly”? you’re sexist as hell who are you to fucking define “the image of womanhood”? why are you shitting on women who don’t have curves, calling them faux women? how can you say that the fashion industry is run by gays, when it’s also run by women? how do you explain that? are all the women in the fashion industry self-loathing? why are you generalizing all the fucking gays in the fashion industry, and implying they’re goddamn pedophiles? @ “prepubescent boys” and why the fuck is it ok for anyone to hit a man, but not… Read more »
    Felina Femenina
    Temper, temper, dear. I wonder if my white husband, father or my baby, who I’ve been dating since my teens, knows I’m racist…thanks for sharing, dear. Black women as women – the ultimate women, mothers of humanity – deserve to be protected by men rather than brutalized by men, as men tend to be physically stronger and bigger than women on average. A real man has a biological instinct to protect womanhood from danger, while a disordered male has a natural instinct to destroy women. I’m unapologetically pro-black womanhood, and will come for any group that racially comes for one… Read more »
    Jac Johanns

    I’m dead omg I didn’t know PoC also did the trophy white friend – or husband in this case – its kinda funny. Nah but girl, you’re homophobic and transphobic to da sky

    Felina Femenina
    You and your little friend didn’t address the racists who attacked the black woman with slurs and threats, but feel you can come on a black women’s blog to tell several of us how to be politically correct and sensitive when we’re venting in response to the racist attacks. How typical. The two can barely spell, use proper grammar or punctuation, form intelligent arguments, express themselves without curses and namecalling, and presume to know my sexuality. It’s amusing to think of those who were absent on the day the better brains were distributed thinking they have moral superiority to be… Read more »

    Black woman here: you homophobic and transphobic as all get out, dear. People are clocking you on your heavy usage of the word “it” “creature” “thing”. Who are you… Buffalo Bill? By definition you are insulting everyone who belongs to those communities. But you don’t care because you are homophobic and transphobic and your husband is probably the same as well. Own up to your bigotry, be a tough girl and say the same things you had the fortitude to say online at your nice STEM job 😉 Say it loud, girl!


    Is Star a trans? I thought he was a man that wore makeup. Let him touch a female…..let him try.


    Jfc, lady… you’re nutso. Take your STEM career and have your coveted white husband shove it up your ass. You can stop talking about it. We get it.

    Felina Femenina
    Men have testerone, which makes them more prone to violence by nature. That’s reality, not sexism. Science has shown that as the level of testosterone is manipulated, the level of violence rises. Human males can override this instinct somewhat by using their brains and considering the consequences, but the base nature is there. You seem to subscribe to some sort of magical thinking bestowed on you by some sort of trans god, rather than to the logic and proofs of science. I’m a more traditional woman and I believe in men being men – protecting, providing, building wealth, community and… Read more »
    Cameron Neal

    He didn’t say he would beat up ANYONE . That is definitely twisting words!! Y’all know for a fucking fact that what he meant and not actual violence. And yes he may have used the n word but that was forever ago he was a child on mypsace. People grow up. Deal with it.


    Lol seriously? You think 21+ is a child? Definitely old enough to take responsibility for actions at that age.


    He not only treatened physical violence but then when called out on it, did not clarify or deny. I just find ot funny he’s the only one who heard the comment snd clearly not the woman involved.


    Something a typical racist would say.


    white people are so PATHETIC and this UGLY man thing needs to drop dead. You wished A) YOU WERE A WOMAN and B) YOU WERE BROWN SKINNED. Just looks as ugly as his women do LOL. FREAK!

    seymourLlama .

    so it’s not ok to wish death on a black woman, but it’s ok to wish death on a white man?

    Philly Jawn

    Star is a man and threating a woman is not a good look period

    I like Shayla, but I do think her personality is a bit….umm…I can’t put it into words that isn’t judging her poorly but I like her, I follow her on snap and check her Instagram. The problem is, these IG MUAs have gotten egos from their “fans” and thus they begin to act in the light they are put into. I brought one Jeffree Star liquid lipstick and I love it but I won’t purchase anymore because of his past unsavory ethnicity videos. I believe Shayla said what she said to the girl but could have been in joking because… Read more »
    Simba Insensitive Perkins
    Simba Insensitive Perkins
    The video in question was a comedy skit yet it was in bad taste and we all say dumb things when we were younger especially someone who wants to come up on the internet scene he was in a skit with a friend and said some dumb things and the friend took it down but then the friend put one of them back up because they are no longer friends now I think this has nothing to do with race this has a lot to do with she said he said Heard it Through the Grapevine and if she was… Read more »

    I’ve done lots of dumb things, but none of them racist, so no I will noy give him a pass.

    Nik M

    I totally agree.


    These white gays stay feeling froggy. I hope she has brothers. Let this scrawny fool dare put a figure on her. They will eff him up smh The audacity. To threaten a woman with physical violence. The audacity.


    I mean violence isn’t good by any means and threatening someone isn’t cool. But getting mad over the fact that she is a woman is completely barbaric. She said something unsavory and he got over zealous. There was a lot of fucking up going around.

    seymourLlama .

    “these white gays”? how would you feel if someone wrote “these black women”? stop being homophobic


    she’s being judgmental….not homophobic. That word is overtly used.

    Jungle Julia

    Not taking sides, but the reason this started is because Shayla was talking about dragging some guy from the event. on her snap People assumed it was Jeffree. That is why he went in on her

    Maisha Harris

    I am so over internet drama especially from folks with such overblown egos. Little do they know that success waxes and wanes. One day they are hot and the next, not, so it’s best to remain humble, treat others with respect and kindness, and learn to pick and choose your battles wisely.


    Wow, I can’t believe Jeffree Star is still successful. I’ve loathed this guy for years since his heyday as a popular “scenester”, he is racist as h*** (all of the popular ones were racist hot messes) and I 100% believe he would not come for a white beauty guru like this. Any black woman that supports him in any way is a fool, sorry.

    Macy Cheryl

    something is wrong with him, I will never support him or his work again after this unfortunately the talent that he has as a makeup artist went to waste!!!!


    This just shows that Jeffree isn’t about/knows nothing about business. As the face of your company you shouldn’t be starting drama on social media.

    On top of that why fight a battle on someones behalf if no one is willing to back up your story or you don’t have proof? People are bitchy! Snarky exchanges are a given in that type of industry. He of all people should know this. Get your shit together Star.

    As if him playing white knight for someone who didn’t even need defending would make us forget about what a nasty attitude he has.


    Ever since Jeffree Star did this highly disturbing and RACIST video I have known what to expect from his bigoted self. Will never support him or his line and I encourage everyone else to stop supporting him as well. He doesn’t even deserve for Black women to be his audience.



    Alycia Rice

    Odd last time I checked he wasnt racist due to the fact his right hand ride to die is a black women so ionno what to tell you, hes clearly not a racists…. people especially whites go through a time where that dont get it and he does now so this is all irrelevant digging up his old past sorry learn to forgive. The women who practically holds his hand through his business endeavors is a women of color wake up yall lol.


    You can be racist but tolerable of someone who’s beneficial to you


    I’m not sure what’s going on. Mariale was probably uncomfortable on all fronts and confirmed neither one’s story. It appeared to be more of an awkward thank you to both as to not upset them and have them attack her.


    It’s messy and uncalled for! Sometimes, the internet gives some a sense of say what I want attitude without any consequences vice a shut down or blocked account. We want to help nations with peace and we can barely get long with others. It could be for attention…good or bad…It’s attention. Let’s stop being petty and grow up.


    Why would he even get into this? How did this bother his life? He’s talking so much shit, needs to get a life.


    Social media has done nothing but create a bunch of internet cowards who spew hAteful words, but if confronted face to face, would deny their own identity. So tired of seeing this kind of mess. And BGLH, I thought you were above the fray?


    So true


    This other makeup artist is playing games. This chick is play both sides! This sounds like it was a one on one convo so why did Starr make it the end of the world? Drama queen!


    I think its hilarious and has nothing to do with race. Not sure why people are getting so offended about something none of us know about. Let it go people.