Jef­free Star, musi­cian and own­er of the pop­u­lar Jef­free Star Cos­met­ics, is mak­ing head­lines again today after threat­en­ing (via Twit­ter) to beat up  Insta­gram beau­ty guru and celebri­ty make­up artist, Make­up­Shay­la. Crazy, I know. But here’s the run down with screen­shots a (cour­tesy of Oh No They Didn’t), as most of these tweets have since been delet­ed from Star’s account:

  • Star and Shay­la attend­ed an event where Star alleges Shay­la told beau­ty guru Mar­i­ale that she need­ed lip injec­tions because her face was dis­pro­por­tion­ate.
  •  Star takes to Twit­ter  in defense of said woman and pro­ceeds to call Shay­la names such as “Insta­gram Nobody” and the C word.
  • Shay­la denies the accu­sa­tion
  • Star refus­es to back down and the rest is Twit­ter his­to­ry. See the exchange below:
  • Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.54.12 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.02.00 PM

    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.02.09 PM  Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.02.29 PM


    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.03.32 PM

    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.04.05 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.15.39 PM

    Star then pub­lished this DM exchange:

    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.04.45 PM

    For more watch Star’s rant below:

    Star is no stranger to inter­net con­tro­ver­sy. Last month, Star blast­ed Kylie Jen­ner on Twit­ter and Snapchat for pro­duc­ing what Star con­sid­ered sub-par lip gloss­es.  Rumors of a now-delet­ed MySpace video in which Star sup­pos­ed­ly goes on a racist rant and uses the “N word” have also been float­ing around for years.
    What are your thoughts about Star’s exchange with Shay­la? Share your thoughts below!

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    Jef­frey Star has talked so much crap over the years about oth­er peo­ple and yet he sud­den­ly feels the need to stand up for the feel­ings of some­one else. Star has called a 15 year old child a c word so for­give me for ques­tion­ing his new found decen­cy. He’s a bul­ly.

    Yessika Herrera (Latinamakeupa
    Yessika Herrera (Latinamakeupa

    I was just look­ing at Mariale’s text , she just thank­ing for back­ing her up but she nev­er agree on what sup­pos­ed­ly Shay­la said. So That text I do not con­sid­er as proof. Dos ever Mar­i­ale said sth about it ?

    […] Star is a MUA and musi­cian turned beau­ty guru. His liq­uid lip­sticks are amongst my favs.  How­ev­er, I swore off ever pur­chas­ing from the brand after see­ing an old video ( it’s from MySpace and is about 10 years old) where­in he says “black b*tch” and talks about set­ting a girl on fire to light­en her skin. It’s a skit and it is sup­posed to be fun­ny, but what­ev­er, it wasn’t cool.  You can watch the video by click­ing HERE. Then, a few months ago, he got into a huge spat with Make­up­Shay­la and pro­ceed­ed to threat­en to beat… Read more »
    I think this real­ly depends on how and why Shay­la said it. For exam­ple, if she was asked about lip injec­tions and advice on whether that per­son should get it, she might have just replied blunt­ly and came across extreme­ly stu­pid on hind­sight (you know, those peo­ple who speak their minds with­out using their brain). In that case, I dont think you have to be that mad over it, but just clas­si­fy her as a typ­i­cal dumb bitch and ignore her. But, I mean if she saw you and said this out of the blue.. then i guess that is… Read more »

    To me it looks like she’s try­ing to pub­licly save face by deny­ing her words and stay­ing non-con­fronta­tion­al. I don’t think he’s mak­ing things up for shits and gig­gles, espe­cial­ly since he has no rea­son to.

    I don’t like him nor do I agree with him, but I real­ly dont put those words past her. Her per­son­al­i­ty (from her videos) seems very fake.


    Glad i nev­er pur­chased any­thing from him


    […]  watch­ing his rant against fel­low Youtu­ber Make­up­Shay­la and sub­se­quent­ly writ­ing about it (click HERE), I had a change of heart about sup­port­ing any of his […]

    My mul­ti-account stalk­er, who brags on Dis­qus about being “light-skinned,” spends all free time on gos­sip blogs liv­ing vic­ar­i­ous­ly through so-called celebri­ties’ every hic­cup due to mis­ery in her own bland, emp­ty exis­tence, and actu­al­ly wor­ships at the altar of Kim Kar-trash-can and admires Kim’s sur­gi­cal­ly deformed but­tocks (lol…almost any black female celebri­ty cho­sen at ran­dom has nat­ur­al curves that are actu­al­ly nice) could be expect­ed to get per­son­al in attack­ing a black woman’s suc­cess and hus­band in a jeal­ous, embit­tered rage. It’s painful for some who feel they should be wor­shiped on the basis of being “light­skint” to see… Read more »

    Umm 1. I think you are mix­ing me up with some­one else? Nev­er respond­ed to any­thing you’ve ever said…For starters I am not light skinned, rarely post, and find Kim Kar­dashi­an quite dis­taste­ful. Sec­ond­ly, When you call peo­ple “it” “things” and “crea­tures”, you take their human­i­ty away from them. You are down­grad­ing them to an object. That’s wrong, and I’m glad that you aren’t friends with your trans guy any­more. That being said, I don’t think we have to have the same opin­ion on whether being trans is “right” or “wrong”, but name-call­ing will ALWAYS be called out by me.

    ella tuite

    Im white and must say he i got that neo nazi vibe off him long before I ever leas­rned of his sup­posed racist ten­dan­cies

    What are you talk­ing about? His best friend of 10 years is his manager/assistant and she is black. She’s always on his chan­nel and insta­gram and he is one of the only make­up peo­ple to focus an entire video on how his make­up looks on women of col­or. His entire make­up web­site is filled with ONLY black women in all the pro­mo shots. He went after Kylie Jen­ner who is um pret­ty fuck­ing white. It has noth­ing to do with race in this instance. I don’t think Jef­free has a good atti­tude and hon­est­ly gets real­ly annoy­ing but I had to say… Read more »

    […] “fuck­ing cunt” and “bitch” on Snapchat; an ugly exchange also took place on Twit­ter, in which Starr writes in one Tweet, “All these Insta­gram girls are all talk, I’ll […]


    […] “fuck­ing cunt” and “bitch” on Snapchat; an ugly exchange also take place on Twit­ter, in which Starr writes, “All these Insta­gram girls are all talk, I’ll actu­al­ly beat you […]


    Agree. I think he just enjoys pro­vok­ing black women par­tic­u­lar­ly because he’s angry inside and he sees black women as prime tar­get for an argument/drama. He seems to always be look­ing for a quick fight. It’s so sad.


    […] buy­ing Jef­free Star, how­ev­er recent­ly I’ve been direct­ed toward a bunch of racist and sex­ist com­ments of his, and he’s also very con­tra­dic­to­ry in his approach to busi­ness (he com­plained on social […]

    Felina Femenina
    I can’t be both­ered with dra­ma between famous celebs, much less between low-list celebs I’ve nev­er heard of. I don’t know these peo­ple. They have too much time on their hands. The only part of this that inter­ests me is this hideous drag queen male crea­ture threat­en­ing a black woman with bod­i­ly harm. How dare he. I’m so fem­i­nine, but if I were a man for a day, I’d be a real man, and men who threat­en and endan­ger black women and girls would swing high from trees.  Now that I know this ugly ‘queen and his make­up exist, I’ll be sure… Read more »
    seymourLlama .
    get­ting beat up is “man­ly”? you’re sex­ist as hell who are you to fuck­ing define “the image of wom­an­hood”? why are you shit­ting on women who don’t have curves, call­ing them faux women?  how can you say that the fash­ion indus­try is run by gays, when it’s also run by women? how do you explain that? are all the women in the fash­ion indus­try self-loathing?  why are you gen­er­al­iz­ing all the fuck­ing gays in the fash­ion indus­try, and imply­ing they’re god­damn pedophiles? @ “pre­pu­bes­cent boys” and why the fuck is it ok for any­one to hit a man, but not a woman? are… Read more »
    Felina Femenina
    Men have tes­terone, which makes them more prone to vio­lence by nature. That’s real­i­ty, not sex­ism. Sci­ence has shown that as the lev­el of testos­terone is manip­u­lat­ed, the lev­el of vio­lence ris­es. Human males can over­ride this instinct some­what by using their brains and con­sid­er­ing the con­se­quences, but the base nature is there. You seem to sub­scribe to some sort of mag­i­cal think­ing bestowed on you by some sort of trans god, rather than to the log­ic and proofs of sci­ence. I’m a more tra­di­tion­al woman and I believe in men being men — pro­tect­ing, pro­vid­ing, build­ing wealth, com­mu­ni­ty and nations… Read more »
    Felina Femenina
    Tem­per, tem­per, dear. I won­der if my white hus­band, father or my baby, who I’ve been dat­ing since my teens, knows I’m racist…thanks for shar­ing, dear. Black women as women — the ulti­mate women, moth­ers of human­i­ty — deserve to be pro­tect­ed by men rather than bru­tal­ized by men, as men tend to be phys­i­cal­ly stronger and big­ger than women on aver­age. A real man has a bio­log­i­cal instinct to pro­tect wom­an­hood from dan­ger, while a dis­or­dered male has a nat­ur­al instinct to destroy women. I’m unapolo­get­i­cal­ly pro-black wom­an­hood, and will come for any group that racial­ly comes for one or all… Read more »

    Jfc, lady… you’re nut­so. Take your STEM career and have your cov­et­ed white hus­band shove it up your ass. You can stop talk­ing about it. We get it.

    Jac Johanns

    I’m dead omg I didn’t know PoC also did the tro­phy white friend — or hus­band in this case — its kin­da fun­ny. Nah but girl, you’re homo­pho­bic and trans­pho­bic to da sky


    Is Star a trans? I thought he was a man that wore make­up. Let him touch a female.….let him try.

    Felina Femenina
    You and your lit­tle friend didn’t address the racists who attacked the black woman with slurs and threats, but feel you can come on a black women’s blog to tell sev­er­al of us how to be polit­i­cal­ly cor­rect and sen­si­tive when we’re vent­ing in response to the racist attacks. How typ­i­cal. The two can bare­ly spell, use prop­er gram­mar or punc­tu­a­tion, form intel­li­gent argu­ments, express them­selves with­out curs­es and name­call­ing, and pre­sume to know my sex­u­al­i­ty. It’s amus­ing to think of those who were absent on the day the bet­ter brains were dis­trib­uted think­ing they have moral supe­ri­or­i­ty to be… Read more »

    Black woman here: you homo­pho­bic and trans­pho­bic as all get out, dear. Peo­ple are clock­ing you on your heavy usage of the word “it” “crea­ture” “thing”. Who are you… Buf­fa­lo Bill? By def­i­n­i­tion you are insult­ing every­one who belongs to those com­mu­ni­ties. But you don’t care because you are homo­pho­bic and trans­pho­bic and your hus­band is prob­a­bly the same as well. Own up to your big­otry, be a tough girl and say the same things you had the for­ti­tude to say online at your nice STEM job ;-) Say it loud, girl!

    Cameron Neal

    He didn’t say he would beat up ANYONE . That is def­i­nite­ly twist­ing words!! Y’all know for a fuck­ing fact that what he meant and not actu­al vio­lence. And yes he may have used the n word but that was for­ev­er ago he was a child on myp­sace. Peo­ple grow up. Deal with it.


    Some­thing a typ­i­cal racist would say.


    He not only treat­ened phys­i­cal vio­lence but then when called out on it, did not clar­i­fy or deny. I just find ot fun­ny he’s the only one who heard the com­ment snd clear­ly not the woman involved.


    Lol seri­ous­ly? You think 21+ is a child? Def­i­nite­ly old enough to take respon­si­bil­i­ty for actions at that age.


    white peo­ple are so PATHETIC and this UGLY man thing needs to drop dead. You wished A) YOU WERE A WOMAN and B) YOU WERE BROWN SKINNED. Just looks as ugly as his women do LOL. FREAK!

    seymourLlama .

    so it’s not ok to wish death on a black woman, but it’s ok to wish death on a white man?

    Philly Jawn

    Star is a man and threat­ing a woman is not a good look peri­od

    I like Shay­la, but I do think her per­son­al­i­ty is a bit.…umm…I can’t put it into words that isn’t judg­ing her poor­ly but I like her, I fol­low her on snap and check her Insta­gram. The prob­lem is, these IG MUAs have got­ten egos from their “fans” and thus they begin to act in the light they are put into. I brought one Jef­free Star liq­uid lip­stick and I love it but I won’t pur­chase any­more because of his past unsa­vory eth­nic­i­ty videos. I believe Shay­la said what she said to the girl but could have been in jok­ing because… Read more »
    Simba Insensitive Perkins
    Simba Insensitive Perkins
    The video in ques­tion was a com­e­dy skit yet it was in bad taste and we all say dumb things when we were younger espe­cial­ly some­one who wants to come up on the inter­net scene he was in a skit with a friend and said some dumb things and the friend took it down but then the friend put one of them back up because they are no longer friends now I think this has noth­ing to do with race this has a lot to do with she said he said Heard it Through the Grapevine and if she was… Read more »

    I’ve done lots of dumb things, but none of them racist, so no I will noy give him a pass.

    Nik M

    I total­ly agree.


    These white gays stay feel­ing frog­gy. I hope she has broth­ers. Let this scrawny fool dare put a fig­ure on her. They will eff him up smh The audac­i­ty. To threat­en a woman with phys­i­cal vio­lence. The audac­i­ty.

    seymourLlama .

    “these white gays”? how would you feel if some­one wrote “these black women”? stop being homo­pho­bic


    she’s being judgmental.…not homo­pho­bic. That word is overt­ly used.


    I mean vio­lence isn’t good by any means and threat­en­ing some­one isn’t cool. But get­ting mad over the fact that she is a woman is com­plete­ly bar­bar­ic. She said some­thing unsa­vory and he got over zeal­ous. There was a lot of fuck­ing up going around.

    Jungle Julia

    Not tak­ing sides, but the rea­son this start­ed is because Shay­la was talk­ing about drag­ging some guy from the event. on her snap Peo­ple assumed it was Jef­free. That is why he went in on her

    Maisha Harris

    I am so over inter­net dra­ma espe­cial­ly from folks with such overblown egos. Lit­tle do they know that suc­cess wax­es and wanes. One day they are hot and the next, not, so it’s best to remain hum­ble, treat oth­ers with respect and kind­ness, and learn to pick and choose your bat­tles wise­ly.


    Wow, I can’t believe Jef­free Star is still suc­cess­ful. I’ve loathed this guy for years since his hey­day as a pop­u­lar “scen­ester”, he is racist as h*** (all of the pop­u­lar ones were racist hot mess­es) and I 100% believe he would not come for a white beau­ty guru like this. Any black woman that sup­ports him in any way is a fool, sor­ry.

    Macy Cheryl

    some­thing is wrong with him, I will nev­er sup­port him or his work again after this unfor­tu­nate­ly the tal­ent that he has as a make­up artist went to waste!!!!


    This just shows that Jef­free isn’t about/knows noth­ing about busi­ness. As the face of your com­pa­ny you shouldn’t be start­ing dra­ma on social media. 

    On top of that why fight a bat­tle on some­ones behalf if no one is will­ing to back up your sto­ry or you don’t have proof? Peo­ple are bitchy! Snarky exchanges are a giv­en in that type of indus­try. He of all peo­ple should know this. Get your shit togeth­er Star. 

    As if him play­ing white knight for some­one who didn’t even need defend­ing would make us for­get about what a nasty atti­tude he has.


    Ever since Jef­free Star did this high­ly dis­turb­ing and RACIST video I have known what to expect from his big­ot­ed self. Will nev­er sup­port him or his line and I encour­age every­one else to stop sup­port­ing him as well. He doesn’t even deserve for Black women to be his audi­ence.

    Alycia Rice

    Odd last time I checked he was­nt racist due to the fact his right hand ride to die is a black women so ion­no what to tell you, hes clear­ly not a racists.… peo­ple espe­cial­ly whites go through a time where that dont get it and he does now so this is all irrel­e­vant dig­ging up his old past sor­ry learn to for­give. The women who prac­ti­cal­ly holds his hand through his busi­ness endeav­ors is a women of col­or wake up yall lol.


    You can be racist but tol­er­a­ble of some­one who’s ben­e­fi­cial to you




    I’m not sure what’s going on. Mar­i­ale was prob­a­bly uncom­fort­able on all fronts and con­firmed nei­ther one’s sto­ry. It appeared to be more of an awk­ward thank you to both as to not upset them and have them attack her.


    It’s messy and uncalled for! Some­times, the inter­net gives some a sense of say what I want atti­tude with­out any con­se­quences vice a shut down or blocked account. We want to help nations with peace and we can bare­ly get long with oth­ers. It could be for attention…good or bad…It’s atten­tion. Let’s stop being pet­ty and grow up.


    Why would he even get into this? How did this both­er his life? He’s talk­ing so much shit, needs to get a life.


    Social media has done noth­ing but cre­ate a bunch of inter­net cow­ards who spew hAte­ful words, but if con­front­ed face to face, would deny their own iden­ti­ty. So tired of see­ing this kind of mess. And BGLH, I thought you were above the fray?


    So true


    This oth­er make­up artist is play­ing games. This chick is play both sides! This sounds like it was a one on one con­vo so why did Starr make it the end of the world? Dra­ma queen!


    I think its hilar­i­ous and has noth­ing to do with race. Not sure why peo­ple are get­ting so offend­ed about some­thing none of us know about. Let it go peo­ple.