Are you considering locs but do not know what to expect in terms of growth? Are you are newly loc’ed and wondering where you will be in one, two, or ten years? Whatever your situation, here are twenty loc growth progressions to give you inspiration on your own journey.

curlynugrowth - 2.5 yrs
curlynugrowth – 2.5 yrs |

herbairis - almost 3 years
herbairis – almost 3 years |
luyand_a – 5 years |
Shaina – 7rs |
blaqkandi – 4.5 yrs |
zee_darknlovely_ - 41 weeks
zee_darknlovely_ – less than a year |
Mizkenya – about 2 yrs |
ilocsitdown – 14 yrs |
chasiiy - 1 year 5 months
chasiiy – 1 year 5 months |
DXLYN locs
dxlyn – 4 years |
nsrtsarcasmhere - about 2 yrs |
nsrtsarcasmhere – about 2 yrs |
joymarilie – 10 years (with cuts in between) |
lhamilt on Youtube
shenellvictoryah - 3 yrs
shenellvictoryah – 3 yrs |
thematay - 2 years
thematay – 2 years |!!

Where are you in your loc journey?


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It will be 4 months November 1st.


Starting my loc journey on Wednesday!!! ????


This article is very inspiring, i just started my loc journey 6 mos ago and loving it so far, just wondering what my hair will look like in a year from now.

Huiam Ahmad

WOW!!! is there any one can told me how they done it? what did they used? help me please!!!!


Gorgeous locs and every journey is beautiful. These pics are so inspiring and motivating. Out of all the hairstyles in the world, locs are the most beautiful to me and for me. After taking down my locs (3rd set in 15 years), I’m going back to locs summer 2017.

Ooh, thank you for this post! I’d love to see more posts featuring locs & I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’ve had mine for almost 2 years. They started out about the length of the woman 4th from the bottom (when hers were brand new). They’re now about the length of pic 2 of the last woman featured. I feel like they’re still super short and I want them to grow more because i’ve never had long hair. But this is for people who have just started their locs: The truth is, eventually you get so busy living… Read more »
Sharon Wiles

What an inspirational post! Thank you. ? I’ll be loc’d 2 years in August and I have loved every minute including the struggles. I love watching other’s loc journeys as it shows me how beautiful and unique our hair really is. So many different beautiful locs around in the UK too. ??

Mz Kegz

locs are the ultimate protective style. It just proves our hair grows just as fast as any other race we just have to learn how to retain length. Its so simple but yet complicated LOL

Jaz S

Wow! How inspiring. I’m seven months in and loving it.

Marvellous Marv

Love it!


Yay! I love this post. What I love about locs is that everyone’s hair looks totally unique and gorgeous. I have had sisterlocks for 6 months and I love them! No more combing, struggling, and fighting with my hair. All of the expensive products in my cabinet went down to two: shampoo and jbco. I literally haven’t bought a hair product at all this year. Locs are the best style for women with 4b/c hair.