Shrink­age nev­er (and, we real­ly mean nev­er) ceas­es to amaze us.  Though we know that nat­ur­al hair can appear decep­tive­ly short in its shrunk­en state, it is still shock­ing to see the immense length hid­den under our kinks, coils, and curls. 
Two years ago, we post­ed 10 Pic­tures of Nat­ur­al Hair Shrink­age that Will Blow Your Mind.  Since then, nat­u­rals hav­ing been grac­ing social media with more mind-blow­ing pic­tures.  Here are twen­ty of those pho­tos for you to drool over.

whairstudioatl 2
eclectic_vibez 3
eclectic_vibez 5

Got to love shrinkage!


Empow­er­ing women of col­or to break bar­ri­ers. Cherish.Thy.Melanin.

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A coil or spring should not be stretched. Think of what hap­pens when you stretch out a (non hair) coil. Or slinky.


Hair has elas­tic­i­ty. If it’s healthy enough and the hair bonds are not dam­aged (as in a relax­er or high heat) the hair will snap back.

Sabrina black

Shrink­age is cool. I’m glad more women are embrac­ing it. I’ve been see­ing it late­ly.


I like hav­ing shrink­age. I like being able to wear a longer or short­er look with­out cut­ting my hair.


Black girls be out here secret­ly mopped out


Love my shrink­age! I wear it on the week­days as a neat mini Afro for work. By Fri­day night (after twist­ing), it’s a volu­mi­nous mass of shoul­der length curls. Pull back in a bun for church on Sun­day. Our hair is awe­some.


Yes! This is def­i­nite­ly some­thing for our young girls to look to for inspi­ra­tion and to feel that straight and relaxed are not the only options to look beau­ti­ful.


LOVE love love love love! Shrink­age is AWESOME! We have the coolest hair on the plan­et, y’all. :)


For me per­son­al­ly, I take issue with this whole con­cept of ‘shrink­age’. Shrink­age sug­gests that some­thing changes from its nat­ur­al state. If your hair is curly, coily, kinky etc it will look short­er. So in its nat­ur­al state it ‘reverts’ back to what it was. 

I think peo­ple adopt an Euro­cen­tric view that long hair is the pre­ferred state. Noth­ing wrong with long hair but I think on par that we should embrace how are hair is, nat­u­ral­ly.


Exact­ly. I was look­ing on the pics and ask­ing why is this even a thing? What are they try­ing to prove? How does point­ing out “shrink­age” some­how ele­vate or affirm nat­ur­al hair? In a back­ward move, it doesn’t affirm nat­ur­al hair at all. Instead long straight hair is still being used as the def­i­n­i­tion of fem­i­nine beau­ty. So nat­ur­al hair is nice and all, but it’s abil­i­ty to achieve the LSH look is the thing folks should cel­e­brate.


Very per­cep­tive com­ments. Sad­ly it seems, qui­et­ly and insid­i­ous­ly, under­neath this whole ‘hair lib­er­a­tion’ move­ment, is still the nag­ging sense that the old men­tal shack­les are still very much the influ­ence and defin­ers. We’ve still a long way to go it seems.


I don’t care what nobody says…shrinkage is DOPE! Just one more thing prov­ing that black girl hair is MAGIC! :-)


*looks at pho­tos* *stud­ies own hair*

My hair is trash lololol


Oh no, bite your your tongue Sheri­da! Your hair is gor­geous too.


I always laugh when I hear biased peo­ple think all black women have short hair. It couldn’t be fur­ther from the truth.


It appears short but it’s NOT! Awe­some hair!

If we keep this up, a decade or so from now, black women will have every­body con­fused as they’re try­ing to fig­ure out if a black women with straight hair down her back is rock­ing a, brazil­lian silky, chi­nese bulky, malaysian weavy or nat­ur­al hair shrink­age on fleek.  You got­ta love the jux­ta­po­si­tion and poet­ic jus­tice of our hair giv­ing the mid­dle fin­ger to all those that we’re too damn invest­ed (men­tal­l­ly and finan­cial­ly) in what we do with our hair. It’ll be like our hair say­ing F. you to all the mysogi­noirs, self-hat­ing blacks, racist whites and the entire chi­nese… Read more »
Wow!!! Hon­est­ly, shrink­age was my biggest issue when I was a loose nat­ur­al. I live in a city with high humid­i­ty, and I exer­cise dai­ly. I was con­stant­ly strug­gling with the shrink­age or break­age caused by shrink­age (tan­gling, mat­ting, try­ing to detan­gle shrunk­en hair). I now have locs, and it is heav­en. I don’t have to ever go to a styl­ist who doesn’t know how to comb, cut, or man­age my hair. I can do a wash and go, and I in fact do one every. sin­gle. day! I am talk­ing about a true wash and go where you wash… Read more »
Well, this is why some of us on Napp­tural­i­ty came up with the con­cept of Nev­er Loose And Wet At The Same Time. When you’re talk­ing about tight­ly coiled/kinked, high-shrink­age hair that you’re try­ing to grow loose, (unloced), it’s a real life­saver. And no, it doesn’t account for every cir­cum­stance but it def­i­nite­ly helps. For a long time, my best friend in humid sum­mer months was good old-fash­ioned grease. It blocked humid­i­ty bet­ter than any­thing else I used. Also, I too used to have locs, and I washed or wet my hair every sin­gle day from the time I installed my… Read more »
Thanks for shar­ing that method and your expe­ri­ence with locs. I have micro locs and I sham­poo very well and also use acv. I def­i­nite­ly make sure my hair doesn’t stay too wet by sun dry­ing (I live in a hot envi­ron­ment), micro-fiber tow­el, and using no prod­ucts except for a *tiny* drop of jbco. My hair smells amaz­ing and is very light and vibrant. I have a scalp that gets itchy and clogged with the sweat, debri, sebum, and oils. So hav­ing locs is a huge time saver because I need to sham­poo my hair 3× a week some­times.… Read more »

My sis­ter has micro-locs (Sis­ter­locks) and I’ve nev­er heard her com­plain about mildew. She also lives in a hot envi­ron­ment. So maybe there’s some­thing to that… :)


It’s fun­ny, we’re on oppo­site ends, lol. I’m now a loose natural–but before that, I had locs for 20 years that were even­tu­al­ly past waist-length (when I did let my hair get that long, lol.) Now that it’s loose, I real­ly enjoy the new expe­ri­ence of detan­gling, get­ting to know my coily, unlocked texture–and yes, the won­der of shrink­age! Locs are awe­some & I absolute­ly loved them while I had them, but I’m also embrac­ing the new expe­ri­ence. Enjoy your locs, sis! ;-)


I agree with 4c shrinkage.…I couldn’t imag­ine deal­ing with it, sor­ry. Those pic­tured here with the major shrink­age look like they washed their and just let it dry and thus the huge dif­fer­ence when the hair is stretched out.


It’s not an issue of “deal­ing” with it–it’s a issue of pure awe! With my 4c hair I can wear it stretched if I want–but then also do a wash & go for a “short” look with­out actu­al­ly cut­ting it…I love the ver­sa­til­i­ty, myself.


Exact­ly, it’s like hav­ing sev­er­al hair­cuts in 1 depend­ing on how much you stretch it!