Natural hair grows and we know this, but it helps to see inspiration every now and then. There is just something about watching others achieve certain milestones that motivates us to keep on pushing.
Whether you are newly big chopped or you have been on your hair care journey for years, look to these women as examples for what you can attain. Scope out their Instagrams and review their regimens.  Perhaps, you can learn something new to take to that next level.



Here’s to reaching your goals!


Healthy hair care tips and more!

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I would like to grow up my hair do I must have a big chop ?!


My hair grew the best short. It was easier to keep moisturized and do weekly deep conditioning. I got into protein treatments as well though I can’t verify how much it helped. I also clipped fairy knots frequently so my progress moved forward. In addition, I used strictly protective styles. No wash and gos.


thanks Chevanne. I will show you my hair progress through some pic maybe sometime later


I can’t wait to get back in the saddle with my hair growth. Pregnancy and thyroid disorder have decimated my progress. I now have massive breakage and thinning with even a bald spot coming in.

I’m really happy to see this feature and see what progress I’ll be able to make after I give birth.

Nusaybah Abdullah

What was it that you guys brought to get it to grow I can’t find the link to purchase


I love it. I big chopped a second time in April and since then I’ve noticed plenty of hair growth. I hope by the time summer ends I can stop being uncomfortable with my TWA and wear it out. haha


Their hair is beautiful. I like long hair. I like short hair too.


i just had my bc and i need help on how to start back up again.i really would love my hair to be longer than it was this time.i love all the pictures above.can anybody please recommend?


This gives me encouragement! I wish we could get those natural features back! I wish BGLH would go back to making this page primarily about hair again…


I love this post! I wish there was a similar post for locks…. *hint, hint to BGLH*

I am glad BGLH has returned to the positive, gorgeous beauty that is black women with gorgeous hair! We need more positivity and beauty on this website.


i miss when you guys did those natural hair features of people and interviewed them. BRING THAT BACK PLEASE !

Dee Hines
I’ve big chopped my hair four times out of the five or so years that I’ve been natural. It takes me about a year and a half to go from a twa to grazing shoulder length. I decided not to bc this year and my hair is now apl. People have asked me what I do to make it grow, especially because I mainly have low porosity type 4c with random 3c-4b textures thrown in there. I didn’t do anything but leave it alone really. I guess I’m boring with my hair, twists and twists outs are my bread and… Read more »

Wow! These are all beautiful. Motivates me to keep going.

Elodie Careme

I don’t find this inspiring at all… First, because mots of them have curly pattern so somehow supporting the idea that curly hair grows faster than kinkier textures. Then, the few coily streched their hair therefore not giving a real idea of the length expected with the hair untouched. I’ve been natural for 9 years now and I last BC’ed 1.5 year ago, with this comparison it only make me feel that my hair is -indeed- not growing. Not inspiring…


I was inspired.

Lola Rose

U big mad


sweetie, everyone’s hair grows at different rates, I’ve kept my hair longer than some I’ve seen and they have way bigger hair than mine. what did I do?….I looked up one of them’s regimen and tried a few tips from her and voila…instant result…coily, curly…kinky curly….they all grow but grow differently, remember that and take a few tips from them ladies up there…I know I would


Girl…….just stop. Maybe you need to change the game. Plenty of these women have kinky 4b/c hair. Stop with the negativity.

Christina Guillot

Well everyone’s hair grows at different rates. You shouldn’t feel bad that your hair isn’t at the length you want it to be

I cut off most my hair January 2016. I had already been natural for several years but had no understanding of basic hair care. Despite being thick and looking healthy enough, I had crazy mid shaft splits/split ends/ssk and my hair was so many different lengths. People (including hairdressers) kept telling me to just deep condition my problems away, but I knew that wouldn’t work and so I cut it all off. My hair is growing back slowly but surely and I can’t wait to see how long it is by December. Although I don’t like having short hair (I’m… Read more »
ss (short & sweet)
I have high porosity 4c curls which I think tend to need a little more TLC than other textures. I think my SSK’s came from dry hair, and my mid shaft splits came from mechanical damage (for me it was tight Bantu knots, flexi rods, lazy detangling, heat abuse); trimming the mid shaft splits created split ends. I just had to stop the violence! I have found great success using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie as a DEEP TREATMENT!!! It contains panthenol and silk protein. The Shea Moisture RAW SHEA Butter Restorative Conditioner is another HG deep conditioner (if you… Read more »

Story of my life. I had 4c, high porosity hair and I suffered from all of the above, and I just decided to big chop and start over to do things right. I will be patient and do it right this time.


What method do you use to keep your hair moisturized if you don’t mind me asking?

My scalp is extremely dry and I haven’t done a wash out since my starting days because of how dry my afro would look. I find lco works better for me than loc but I’m still curious about other methods!

I use my own modified version of the max hydration method routine. I was looking for ways to really hydrate my hair rather than just moisturizing the strands and have found that this type routine works so well on my hair. The person who made the method has a bunch of rules regarding what products to use/not use and how often to do the routine but I ignore it and use whatever products have been working on my hair. Once or twice a week, depending on how dirty my hair is from exercising, I wash my hair with apple cider… Read more »