Azealia Banks Confirms Bleaching Her Skin With Controversial Whitenicious Products

No stranger to controversy, a few days ago artist, Azealia Banks posted this noticeably lighter post-relaxer selfie to her Instagram account while in Brazil.

Azealia banks bleaching whitenicious

Instantly comments poured in on Banks’ page which seemingly pointed out what appears to be obvious bleached skin.

One commenter defended Banks’ choice to “even out her skin tone.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.52.40 AM

Banks, herself co-signed the comment, lamenting “I am still brown”

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.53.01 AM

Several more photos showcasing Banks’ lightened skin were posted to her Instagram account while in Brazil.

azealia banks bleaching brazil

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 8.15.11 AM

It was later confirmed through the brand page of Whitenicious, a controversial skin bleaching product, when Banks was praised as #skingoals after using their product.

Whitenicious Azealia Banks

Banks previously released a mixtape titled Slay-Z in which she appeared significantly lighter on the cover. This too was praised on the Whitenicious Instagram page.

azealia banks mixtape whitenicious

The Whitenicious company page notes that Banks was not sent these products for free but is a long time paying customer.

Azealia Banks Whitenicious Skin Bleach

In an interview with Bossip, Whitenicious company representative Rebecca Matamba confirmed Banks was one of their many celebrity clients who use the products:

“She loves Whitenicious and has tweeted about it multiple times…She is one of our many celebrity clients but she is just one of the celebrities who uses it and doesn’t care who knows. She is just a beautiful woman experimenting and trying new things and she looks great. People should focus on her talent instead of her skin. After all she’s in an industry where everyone is getting a little nip and tuck here and there, the difference is others lie about it but she is open about it, because it’s her body not anyone’s and people should focus on her music.”

Azealia Banks first stepped onto the music scene as a seemingly confident individual who was very much proud of her dark skin.


However, just last year Banks also tweeted that the treatment she received as a dark skinned woman made her more or less want to “lay down and die.” And it is no surprise given not just the vitriol dark-skinned women often face, but their erasure from mainstream media.

azealia banks comments on dark skin

We can’t help but to wonder if much like her now almost unrecognizable predecessor, Lil Kim, these occurrences lead to her decision to lighten her skin.

What are your thoughts?



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52 thoughts on “Azealia Banks Confirms Bleaching Her Skin With Controversial Whitenicious Products

  1. You use Brazilian hair, straight attachment, or straighten your hair, or even sun bathed or tanned you cannot criticise her.
    To be honest, no one should criticize her. It is what it is, if she’s happy and there are no complications to her personal health, let her be happy yuknw! We all only got one life to live, and hopefully we won’t spend it all living it a colour and suffering inside just because we fear we will be hated by our own birth skin colour. Gays finally have their voice heard, Transexuals God bless them, finally they’re more liberal. Let people who wish to be free to express the colour the preside from the inside have their freedom to be happy.

    • I can criticize her…
      Her music suck.
      Now, what she does cosmetically I don’t care.
      One can still criticize and say it doesn’t work, since I don’t understand an ounce about fashion I won’t.
      But saying she’s racist because she “bleaches” or “tans” her skin?
      That’s stupid.

    • People should critize her if I don’t wear weave and I love my dark skin can I criticize her? No one cares what she does to her body it’s the fact that she is still trying to cmllaim to love black people. When she doesn’t. How can you hate yourself and then try and turn around and claim the same people who look like you do while trying to change how you look? You can’t.

  2. I used to like her music, who she was and what she represented, but between her comments and this, i don’t recognise nor relate.

  3. Maybe this is how so many of ’em got screwed up in the first place with their self-hating/black women-hating selves.

  4. I know about that ‘evening out your skintone’; you even it out till you are another skin colour. I was of that ignorant mindset until I woke.

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  6. Amy black person trying to make excuses for this is as lost in the head as she is. she is a self hater and if you agree with the bullshit she is saying then so are you weither you bleach or not. And for you simple minded ignoramus out there. Hair which is biological and changing your whole skin color can’t be compared so let’s stop trying to compare them. I do agree that some women can take wearing weave way to far and it can be put into the same category for some but not for all. Changing your whole body color because you don’t like being dark is one category with one explanation that explains things for all who do it. And that’s self hate. There is no other word for it. You can not try to be for black people and black issues while bleaching your skin to be lighter. Especially in her case because it won’t make people like you anymore. The rest of the people that were still someone in here field should be gone by now. Self hate doesn’t equal up to black power and black love. Bleaching your skin is the exact opposite of black love.

  7. She complains about being a dark skinned woman in society. The way to fix that IS NOT to ERASE YOUR DARK SKIN.
    She should be trying to be a pioneer! If Martin Luther King Jr complained about how black men got treated, and bleached himself, what would become of African Americans and our rights today? Stop complaining, and start enduring and putting yourself out there so that your children don’t have to!!!

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