No stranger to con­tro­ver­sy, a few days ago artist, Azealia Banks post­ed this notice­ably lighter post-relax­er self­ie to her Insta­gram account while in Brazil.
Azealia banks bleaching whitenicious
Instant­ly com­ments poured in on Banks’ page which seem­ing­ly point­ed out what appears to be obvi­ous bleached skin.
One com­menter defend­ed Banks’ choice to “even out her skin tone.”
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.52.40 AM
Banks, her­self co-signed the com­ment, lament­ing “I am still brown”
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.53.01 AM
Sev­er­al more pho­tos show­cas­ing Banks’ light­ened skin were post­ed to her Insta­gram account while in Brazil.
azealia banks bleaching brazil

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 8.15.11 AM
It was lat­er con­firmed through the brand page of Whiteni­cious, a con­tro­ver­sial skin bleach­ing prod­uct, when Banks was praised as #skingoals after using their prod­uct.
Whitenicious Azealia Banks

Banks pre­vi­ous­ly released a mix­tape titled Slay-Z in which she appeared sig­nif­i­cant­ly lighter on the cov­er. This too was praised on the Whiteni­cious Insta­gram page.

azealia banks mixtape whitenicious
The Whiteni­cious com­pa­ny page notes that Banks was not sent these prod­ucts for free but is a long time pay­ing cus­tomer.
Azealia Banks Whitenicious Skin Bleach
In an inter­view with Bossip, Whiteni­cious com­pa­ny rep­re­sen­ta­tive Rebec­ca Matam­ba con­firmed Banks was one of their many celebri­ty clients who use the prod­ucts:

“She loves Whiteni­cious and has tweet­ed about it mul­ti­ple times…She is one of our many celebri­ty clients but she is just one of the celebri­ties who uses it and doesn’t care who knows. She is just a beau­ti­ful woman exper­i­ment­ing and try­ing new things and she looks great. Peo­ple should focus on her tal­ent instead of her skin. After all she’s in an indus­try where every­one is get­ting a lit­tle nip and tuck here and there, the dif­fer­ence is oth­ers lie about it but she is open about it, because it’s her body not anyone’s and peo­ple should focus on her music.”

Azealia Banks first stepped onto the music scene as a seem­ing­ly con­fi­dent indi­vid­ual who was very much proud of her dark skin.
How­ev­er, just last year Banks also tweet­ed that the treat­ment she received as a dark skinned woman made her more or less want to “lay down and die.” And it is no sur­prise giv­en not just the vit­ri­ol dark-skinned women often face, but their era­sure from main­stream media.
azealia banks comments on dark skin
We can’t help but to won­der if much like her now almost unrec­og­niz­able pre­de­ces­sor, Lil Kim, these occur­rences lead to her deci­sion to light­en her skin.

What are your thoughts?

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exact­ly!!! lol


She com­plains about being a dark skinned woman in soci­ety. The way to fix that IS NOT to ERASE YOUR DARK SKIN.
She should be try­ing to be a pio­neer! If Mar­tin Luther King Jr com­plained about how black men got treat­ed, and bleached him­self, what would become of African Amer­i­cans and our rights today? Stop com­plain­ing, and start endur­ing and putting your­self out there so that your chil­dren don’t have to!!!

Jamesha Wilkerson
Amy black per­son try­ing to make excus­es for this is as lost in the head as she is. she is a self hater and if you agree with the bull­shit she is say­ing then so are you wei­ther you bleach or not. And for you sim­ple mind­ed igno­ra­mus out there. Hair which is bio­log­i­cal and chang­ing your whole skin col­or can’t be com­pared so let’s stop try­ing to com­pare them. I do agree that some women can take wear­ing weave way to far and it can be put into the same cat­e­go­ry for some but not for all. Chang­ing your… Read more »

[…] has since been using Whiteni­cious, a con­tro­ver­sial skin light­en­ing prod­uct, with fans hav­ing tak­en note of her […]


I know about that ‘evening out your skin­tone’; you even it out till you are anoth­er skin colour. I was of that igno­rant mind­set until I woke.

Nyomi DMV

I am so curi­ous as to how she man­aged to get light so quick­ly. She must of been using it for a very long time. The prod­ucts are small.


Maybe this is how so many of ‘em got screwed up in the first place with their self-hating/black women-hat­ing selves.

fred handy

Just think all along she had that nasty atti­tude because she just want­ed to be High Yel­la.


I used to like her music, who she was and what she rep­re­sent­ed, but between her com­ments and this, i don’t recog­nise nor relate.


Go back talk­ing about her when her music is any good.

? Mr. Extreme Studio
You use Brazil­ian hair, straight attach­ment, or straight­en your hair, or even sun bathed or tanned you can­not crit­i­cise her. To be hon­est, no one should crit­i­cize her. It is what it is, if she’s hap­py and there are no com­pli­ca­tions to her per­son­al health, let her be hap­py yuknw! We all only got one life to live, and hope­ful­ly we won’t spend it all liv­ing it a colour and suf­fer­ing inside just because we fear we will be hat­ed by our own birth skin colour. Gays final­ly have their voice heard, Tran­sex­u­als God bless them, final­ly they’re more lib­er­al. Let… Read more »
Jamesha Wilkerson

Peo­ple should critize her if I don’t wear weave and I love my dark skin can I crit­i­cize her? No one cares what she does to her body it’s the fact that she is still try­ing to cml­laim to love black peo­ple. When she doesn’t. How can you hate your­self and then try and turn around and claim the same peo­ple who look like you do while try­ing to change how you look? You can’t.


I can crit­i­cize her…
Her music suck.
Now, what she does cos­met­i­cal­ly I don’t care.
One can still crit­i­cize and say it doesn’t work, since I don’t under­stand an ounce about fash­ion I won’t.
But say­ing she’s racist because she “bleach­es” or “tans” her skin?
That’s stu­pid.

? Mr. Extreme Studio
You use Brazil­ian hair, straight attach­ment, or straight­en your hair, or even sun bathed or tanned you can­not crit­i­cise her. To be hon­est, no one should crit­i­cize her. It is what it is, if she’s hap­py and there are no com­pli­ca­tions to her per­son­al health, let her be hap­py yuknw! We all only got one life to live, and hope­ful­ly we won’t spend it all liv­ing it a colour and suf­fer­ing inside just because we fear we will be hat­ed by our own birth skin colour. Gays final­ly have their voice heard, Tran­sex­u­als God bless them, final­ly they’re more lib­er­al. Let… Read more »

I’ve seen “evening out” one’s skin tone and this isn’t it, and con­sid­er­ing that this com­pa­ny used Dencia’s “trans­for­ma­tion” as the tes­ti­ment or rep­re­sen­ta­tive for the prod­uct, it’s clear that this prod­uct wasn’t made to just “even out dark spots”.This is sad hon­est­ly.


Isn’t this the same lady who was body sham­ing the 14 year old?

I hope she doesn’t go into Lil Kim ter­ri­to­ry with her com­plex. How­ev­er, I don’t believe she is any more self hat­ing than some­one like Bey­once, who goes REALLY far out of her way to make her­self whiter in almost every pro­mo­tion­al pho­to. Why is it ok for fair­er women to do this and not for dark­er ones? There are black women of ALL shades who bleach their skin. Is wear­ing a weave that slow­ly rips out your hair over a peri­od of time any bet­ter than a skin cream that takes out your col­or over time? A lot of women… Read more »
Jamesha Wilkerson
Com­par­ing hair weave and skin bleach­ing shows how idi­ot­ic you and many oth­er black women are. Women can take out the hair and wear their fros the next day. A sim­ple styling tech­nique is one and then chang­ing your skin col­or is a total­ly dif­fer­ent thing. And what about weave any­way? What kind of weave? Kinky weave? Straight either way I can tell you how each one doesn’t com­pare to bleachin your skin. Not one cares how she harms her skin, it’s her hypocrisy and her con­tra­dic­tion that’s the prob­lem. Any­one who tried to stand for black lives and is… Read more »

I take it as no coin­ci­dence that Solange hasn’t reached the dizzy­ing heights of adu­la­tion (in main­stream white soci­ety espe­cial­ly) that her sis­ter has. White soci­ety rewards ‘white beau­ty’.


Well said.

Thank you. The bleach­ing creams used to seem self hat­ing to me, but then when I real­ized what a big prob­lem uneven tone is for some women I had a change of heart. When a Mex­i­can friend of mine told me that almost every face cream with a Span­ish label has some sort of skin light­en­ing stuff in it, I won­dered why we as black women are self hat­ing for doing the same when we have sim­i­lar skin issues. I hope every­one doing it knows what ingre­di­ents to avoid and is being safe, but I no longer won­der if they… Read more »
Jamesha Wilkerson

Chang­ing a few arears to match the rest of your body isn’t the same as mak­ing your whole body a dif­fer­ent col­or. You con­tin­ue to show­case your igno­rance.


Peo­ple seem to be strug­gling with the fact that their face is dark­er than the rest of them. Did you for­get about the sun? It turns dark the parts of you which are not cov­ered by your clothes!! Unless you wear a full face veil or some­thing. Just use a mois­turis­er with SPF in it.


That’s not true. The face is usu­al­ly one of light­est part of the body. Which is why when buy­ing foun­da­tion they say to match the col­or to the back side of the wrist for a ‘true match’. Match­ing foun­da­tion to the face will result in look­ing ghost like.


For some it’s actu­al­ly true. I have dark skin and my face and neck are a bit dark­er than the rest of my body but I wouldn’t go light­en­ing my skin because of that. I love my com­plex­ion. It’s sad that she doesn’t love her­self but it’s clear that she has deep­er issues.


Hon­est­ly who cares! It has noth­ing to do with any­one else, but her!


It’s still send­ing a mes­sage, as she’s up on a pub­lic plat­form.

Kiaunta Hubbard

I think she looks bet­ter. I have seri­ous rac­coon eye that goes beyond dark cir­cles so I under­stand about uneven skin tone. How­ev­er, her melanin will come back in and she may have some scar­ring. She should have tried a more nat­ur­al approach if she just want­ed her skin even and to look a bit ‘brighter’. She will also regret this as she ages because the more melanin the bet­ter the old­er you get.

Not for­get­ting the pos­si­ble tox­ic chem­i­cals in the prod­uct which may be respon­si­ble for all kinds of seri­ous side effects over pro­longed use. There seems to be an increase in can­cer in women of African descent which i believe is down to a whole lot of unhealthy and unnat­ur­al things we are doing to our­selves late­ly. My skin tone has become uneven as I’ve got old­er but I’m not that des­per­ate to want to exper­i­ment with skin light­en­ers espe­cial­ly not with all the hor­ror sto­ries I have read about and see­ing the dam­age women and men are doing to them­selves.… Read more »

This woman needs psy­cho­log­i­cal help


The girl is lost and has a lot of per­son­al demons. It’s evi­dent in her man­ner­isms and the way she attacks oth­er. Y’all pray for her


Oh Azealia, I get it gurl…but don’t give in :o( I love her music, but I loved her for being a rel­e­vant dark artist too.


She may be hav­ing a men­tal break­down. First, I read that she is sup­port­ing Don­ald Trump. Now this?!!! Well, I’m head­ed to St. Thomas, U.S. Vir­gin Islands to soak up some sun next week and enjoy Magens Bay Beach. I can’t wait!!!

Vero Icone
Is any­one real­ly sur­prised? Azealia hates her­self; and she hates hat­ed being a dark skinned black woman. Why do you think she tried to come at Skai Jack­son so hard? Because Skai is a CONFIDENT, beau­ti­ful, nat­ur­al dark(er) skinned young black woman who is hap­py the way she is. Azealia wish­es she could be as hap­py as Skai. Banks is pathet­ic, this is no sur­prise and she should just drop her pro-black ish if she hasn’t already. This whole thing would almost be laugh­able if it wasn’t so trag­ic. I pre­dict a nose job in her future.

Ugh!!!!! I can­not stand this dement­ed atten­tion seek­ing racist. She does any­thing to try to stay rel­e­vant.


i can’t with her…

Peo­ple can miss me with the “evening out the skin tone” BS because there is a dif­fer­ence between the two. All it takes is a google search of “skin tone evening” to see that this is NOT the same thing. With that being said, it’s REALLY sad to see her do this to her­self. Even after all the things she’s done, I real­ize she is what becomes of col­orism and racism in a world run by White beau­ty stan­dards and prin­ci­pals. She was actu­al­ly one to always blast oth­er known skin bleach­ers pub­licly so of all the things she’s known… Read more »

Skin bleach­ing isn’t the same as a nip and tuck, espe­cial­ly as a black woman. For the com­pa­ny to even try to com­pare the two as the same, just shows how ridicu­lous and greedy they are.

Lanatria Brackett Ellis
Lanatria Brackett Ellis
I’m not for skin bleach­ing but she is not white! she is a bit lighter.I’m so tired of peo­ple bash­ing Whiteni­cious , espe­cial­ly when Ambi does the same thing and plen­ty of black women buy it and use it.She is treat­ing hyperpigmentation.The doc­tor would give her some­thing sim­i­lar to treat it.Be glad she is sup­port a black owned business.Like a said I am not for bleach­ing, but why so much shade to our black women yet the ones who make her feel like dying are unblamed? Its time to raise black men who love black women and sup­port a beau­ti­ful… Read more »

she’s not treat­ing hyper­pig­men­ta­tion. she is treat­ing black­ness.



A.P. Millz-CT

I would rather raise a black man to love a black woman that loves her­self and her black skin! Ugh


I am a black woman who has bleached my skin in the past. My face is caramel my chest is almost yel­low and my body was kind of cin­na­mon tone I felt self con­scious about it. I did­nt want to wear a biki­ni. Then there was the hands neck, elbows and knees with discoloration.I bleached my body to even out my col­or even though I knew it was risky.Not every­one who bleach­es does so because of self hatred.

Claudette UK

So sad this lev­el of self hate that leads to despis­ing your melanin to the point of dam­ag­ing your skin.


Hon­est­ly, peo­ple are blow­ing this way out of pro­por­tion. I’m a proud dark skinned woman but my face is lit­er­al­ly 2–3 shades dark­er than the rest of my body and I would total­ly do this (not nec­es­sar­i­ly bleach, but I’m look­ing into peels, fade creams, etc). It’s called evening out your skin tone. She only used it on her face to even it out.


Exam­ple of her face being dark­er than her body y’all. It wouldn’t make sense for her to do her entire body because it was already lighter! -

Vetta Shay Murphy

Only on her face? Girl her entire body is lighter don’t play

Steve Biko

She didn’t use it to even it out though, she used it on her entire body. You can’t com­pare evening out your skin tone to chang­ing your entire com­plex­ion.


uhh she did­nt even out any­thing, she changed every­thing! She is lit­er­al­ly a few shades lighter and she looks sick. Her skin was so pret­ty before, but now.……ewww.


ATT, I total­ly agree with you. I’ve tried the creams, the peels, Vit­a­min C, etc. to find some­thing to clear up the melis­ma no both my cheeks, but it’s still there. Gyno says I’ll prob­a­bly be on the par­tic­u­lar med­ica­tion for anoth­er five years, so I guess I’m stuck with it.


Melas­ma is tough :/ I wish you luck!


That’s not the rea­son she gives in her tweets. She speaks about her treat­ment as a dark skinned women and states that men despise dark skinned women!