Sun­day night, the 65th Annu­al Miss USA Pageant aired and Deshau­na Bar­ber, a black woman, who works as both an IT ana­lyst and proud­ly serves in the Army Reserves, was crowned win­ner.

While most con­grat­u­lat­ed Bar­ber on her accom­plish­ment, some that claimed the pageant was rigged in her favor or that she wasn’t “attrac­tive enough” to win the title. How­ev­er, the most scathing com­ments came from those who said Bar­ber did not “look Amer­i­can.”

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The nar­ra­tive of assum­ing one’s appear­ance must meet a cer­tain stan­dard in order to be con­sid­ered a mem­ber of a par­tic­u­lar nation­al­i­ty isn’t lim­it­ed to the U.S. Last year, Miss Japan, Ari­ana Miyamo­to was ridiculed for not “look­ing Japan­ese”.

How­ev­er, unlike Japan, Amer­i­ca tra­di­tion­al­ly prides itself on being a melt­ing pot of cul­tures. So, unless you are Native Amer­i­can, you can­not claim to have a tra­di­tion­al Amer­i­can aes­thet­ic. Also, let’s not for­get Bar­ber not only serves in the Army but is the first mem­ber of the mil­i­tary to win Miss USA. Sounds pret­ty dang Amer­i­can. Fur­ther­more, Bar­ber is the 9th Black Woman to win the Miss USA pageant, the first being Car­ole Gist in 1990. carole gist

With all that being said, we have to won­der why the 9th black woman to win the Miss USA title is met with such vit­ri­ol. There have lit­er­al­ly been 8 black women who held the title pre­vi­ous­ly of all shades. The only peo­ple who are unAmer­i­can are the folks who refuse to acknowl­edge the diver­si­ty of the country’s cit­i­zens.

Con­grat­u­la­tions Deshau­na Bar­ber! We’re proud of you!

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She is beau­ti­ful, smart, tough and she won! Get over it!

Kiaunta Hubbard

I guess her facial fea­tures are too obvi­ous­ly West African and that offends some peo­ple. Oh well. Those of us with com­mon West African fea­tures live this real­i­ty all the time.


She does look Niger­ian.

Lola Rose

whats your point. Every­one looks SOMETHING does that mean she’s not amer­i­can enough because she looks African as opposed to Euro­pean? and even if she were more direct­ly linked to Africa , she’s AMERICAN and thats all you need to be for this com­pe­ti­tion.


If a blonde woman had won, would you say, “she does look Pol­ish?” I don’t think so!

Somalia Gullette

That’s prob­a­bly from where her ances­tors were kid­napped. If you’re a descen­dant of African slaves, chances are you’ll have a (some­what) West African look. Genet­ics, man. Genet­ics.


Most African Amer­i­cans have west african ances­try sooooo.….

Courtney Banks

In which unsur­pris­ing­ly Amer­i­can is code word for “white”.. And I thought WHite peo­ple love defend­ing their troops what hap­pened now?? *crick­ets*


We all know they REALLY mean defend­ing WHITE TROOPS


She is beau­ti­ful and Amer­i­can ENOUGH! Con­grat­u­la­tions!!!

Marvellous Marv

What exact­ly is an “Amer­i­can” sup­posed to look like?

Lola Rose

They want to say an African Amer­i­can, whose fam­i­ly has been here for cen­turies, doesn’t look “Amer­i­can” yet they got a Nona from Italy and in Pol­ish grand­fa­ther LOL .


White; blond hair, blue eyes. To them, not the slight­est hint of melanin.

Reina Benoir

With these peo­ple they mean white; they nev­er mean us.

Reina Benoir

Con­sid­er­ing how these idiots think; white.

Return the Stone

Appar­ent­ly Cau­casian, but these idiots act like Black peo­ple just decid­ed to come over here and want to avoid basic Amer­i­ca his­to­ry

Andrea Culton

OK, we all know, haters gonna hate. What I don’t under­stand is why BGLH con­tin­u­al­ly choos­es to focus on the neg­a­tive nar­ra­tive. Why not post about the accom­plish­ments of this young lady and what she’s achieved as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to uplift us all? Trolls spew­ing hate on the inter­net is noth­ing new.


I AGREE,TOO. By con­stant­ly report­ing on these neg­a­tive peo­ple ‚you give them too much POWER & ATTENTION. Life is hard enough for us black folks,esp with Trump run­ning loose & spread­ing hatred. I’d like to be able to come here & see the pos­i­tive things we’re doing & liv­ing… pos­i­tive stuff that doesn’t get into main­stream news.….… instead of a steady diet of haters spew­ing insults. Why even waste time on them? let them stew in their own waste.

Disa Chantel

I came here to see if any­one else felt this way. I removed BGLH from my read­er a while back, and this is why. Every now and then I check in to see if thi­ings have changed around here. I guess not…


Good to see that I’m not alone in this think­ing either. This site has devolved straight into neg­a­tiv­i­ty- why give the trolls a plat­form? I’m pret­ty sure a good major­i­ty of peo­ple were in sup­port of this woman, regard­less of race. Why not focus on the pos­i­tive? Every sto­ry now seems to high­light the neg­a­tive- sick of it! I only come out of habit as well, but will stop com­ing all togeth­er short­ly.


Click bait, ad revenue…etc…whatever they have to post to get it… its real­ly sad what this site has devolved into. I pret­ty much come here out of habit these days. *sigh*


I have won­dered the same thing.


I don’t even under­stand the point of this arti­cle. I’m start­ing to think some of these are sim­ply fil­ters. We already know racism exist–just look at who’s run­ning for pres­i­dent. There will always be whites in Amer­i­ca that feel only they should be rep­ping this coun­try. That Indi­an lady who won (Miss USA, Amer­i­ca and ect.–can’t remem­ber) recieved the same–she’s not Amer­i­can back­lash, so this is no dif­fer­ent.


My blood is boil­ing. I can’t even go into an essay on why… smh Social Media is cer­tain­ly show­ing us the bat­tle is far from over


Unapolo­get­i­cal­ly BLACK. They can cry all they want.


Tru­ly dis­grace­ful those com­ments, but not real­ly sur­pris­ing. She does indeed look Niger­ian though, but they make it seem like its a bad thing. African Amer­i­cans are descen­dants of West Africa, so her ances­try may very well be from Nige­ria.
Maybe they like their Miss Amer­i­ca to look mixed like Vanes­sa Williams or Halle Berry or some racial­ly ambigu­ous type.

Con­grats Deshau­na, you slayed the com­pe­ti­tion, and I espe­cial­ly like the fact that like me, she works in IT :D


DEAD @ she looks down­trod­den and oppressed LOL You can­not help but laugh at these racists loool. 

With that said, most of the com­ments have been pos­i­tive. Why focus on the 10% that is neg­a­tive?? I feel like we make issues larg­er than they are in this social media age. We give these trolls more atten­tion than they deserve.


Seri­ous­ly, is there ANYTHING that one can tru­ly call Amer­i­can? (Besides the flag or the anthem.)


She’s absolute­ly gor­geous! Most black peo­ple in Amer­i­ca are admixed. There is so much prej­u­dice in this coun­try!


I’m not sur­prised I remem­ber when the lady with Indi­an her­itage won. They said the same thing even though she was born and raised right here in the US.


I had to scroll up to check the date on the column…yep 2016. When are peo­ple going to accept that we are not going any­where.