Leslie Jones was the vic­tim of a vicious hack on her web­site yes­ter­day, with her nude pho­tos and per­son­al infor­ma­tion, includ­ing her driver’s license and pass­port pho­tos being post­ed. Thou­sands have voiced sup­port for Leslie, label­ing the attack racist and sex­ist, using hash­tags like #Love­for­LeslieJ and #Sup­port­LeslieJ. How­ev­er, a new hash­tag came up that may have been a bit of a sur­prise, but also very wel­come. Twit­ter user @BlakeDontCrack cre­at­ed the hash­tag #Black­Men­Su­p­port­Leslie for black men specif­i­cal­ly to show sup­port and love for Leslie Jones.

Oth­ers began to fol­low suit, show­ing an out­pour­ing of pos­i­tiv­i­ty and empa­thy for Leslie.



I wish I could retweet that last tweet over and over again.

Women also began using the hash­tag, thank­ing @BlakeDontCrack and oth­er men for their efforts and show­ings of love.


We are SO here for this hash­tag — it’s beau­ti­ful to see black men stand up for Leslie like this.


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[…] Black Men Ral­ly Behind Leslie Jones with #Black­Men­Su­p­port­Leslie […]


Mannnn, come through Bruhs. Come through!!!! Idk y, this made me cry. I just resigned myself to believ­ing all brothas are gone, hate us, or stereo­type us. I was wrong. And I’m glad to b wrong. This is so lift­ing. So lift­ing. Thank you brothas. #leslieBEAU­TI­FUL­tal­ent­e­dRealTalk I can only imag­ine how this touched LJ. Man. Speech­less.

Sabrina black

Very spe­cial??


Thank you final­ly black men stand­ing up and sup­port­ing black women.



Claudette UK

Broth­ers sup­port­ing their sis­ter brings a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes! Thank you broth­ers.

R. Walker
Of course they sup­port her. Black males ral­ly around any­one who works to demean the image of black women and stereo­type them. They read­i­ly embrace and defend any­one who is mak­ing black women look like man­nish, sex crazed, male iden­ti­fied, aggres­sive, insane, idiots in the media, male or female. She is pur­pose­ly mak­ing her­self look like an ugly, dis­tort­ed, mam­my clown and the black male’s jeal­ous­ly of black women who are the oppo­site, makes her even more appeal­ing to them.  They won’t ral­ly around black women who are shot down by the police (they blame these women for it) or who… Read more »
But nobody deserves to get their nudes and per­son­al infor­ma­tion leaked. I total­ly stand for what these men are doing. It’s obvi­ous that some white peo­ple can’t stand a strong black woman, so they are try­ing to bring her down. By ral­ly­ing behind her, we are show­ing these racists that they can’t get away with stuff like this. And I want to know how Leslie is putting up this slave woman act? Enlight­en me, because to me, she doesn’t look like a sav­age, or a can­ni­bal. Don’t attack her appear­ance because “Mas­sa” told you that peo­ple with strong African fea­tures aren’t… Read more »

Who on earth does she have nudes online in the first place that can be hacked?


Who on earth feels the need to hack and post those pic­tures out on the inter­net?


So the per­son whom leaked her shyt was white?


Yeah, Milos Yiannopolous is white, and he’s been real­ly try­ing to get peo­ple to go after her

Bryan Moss

Art by me Bryan Christo­pher Moss

Robert Gene Norris

That’s so cool!

Kesson Keener

She was coon­ing though. Mak­ing her­self and oth­er women look bad on Ghost­busters and that car com­mer­cial chas­ing that white boy.


How is that being a coon?


Excel­lent! Keep up The long over due vocal support!-Thank you! :-)


Had no idea this sup­port from our brothas would make me so emo­tion­al. I love and appre­ci­ate them for it. And I sup­port you too @LesDoggg.


I’m all about kick­ing white troll behind to defend Leslie. 

It’s total­ly my plea­sure.


And this is the way it should be; Black men stand­ing with Black women, and, all of us stand­ing for each oth­er, togeth­er!

Rick Williams

Leslie, I got mad crazy love for you my sista queen! Your per­se­cu­tion is no dif­fer­ent than that of Jesus…Because this world all began with you.

Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas
Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

This is won­der­ful to see…it’s tru­ly heart warming…we love u Leslie


About time because tbh black men have been silent when black women are going through it. Time the stepped and be the men they claim we aren’t let­ting them be.

Cherubiel Cherub

very sweet. Leslie is hilar­i­ous. it was real­ly upset­ting that out of all of the Ghostbuster’s Cast, Leslie was vicious­ly attack (with racism) on social media even though they all gained hell over a damn movie smh but Leslie stayed strong.


This is awe­some. Broth­ers like this are who we need to focus our ener­gy towards, not them simp, self-hat­ing fuc boys out there. I believe that the major­i­ty of black men (those worth their salt) DO still love us. Because why wouldn’t they?!? ;-) <3



PolyEsta Wyldesage

Fuck any­one who hates on her. She’s fuck­ing bril­liant and hilar­i­ous.

Justice S

About damn time black men have final­ly start­ed back­ing black women up.I know some of them were always there but most were not.

Sirius Black
The rea­son we don’t get much done as a peo­ple is because as a col­lec­tive the vast major­i­ty of us, BOTH men and women don’t unite and get active. Mak­ing it a gen­der issue and often gen­er­al­iz­ing as I have seen incites more divi­sion. There are and always will be issues with­in our com­mu­ni­ty as there is in ALL com­mu­ni­ties. Being sar­cas­tic about a beau­ti­ful act sounds bit­ter and unpro­duc­tive. Sup­port it and encour­age more. We are nev­er like this before tak­en from Africa. 400 years of sys­temic racism designed to dis­unite us on all lev­els is the rea­son. Lets… Read more »

Love this.