Leslie Jones was the victim of a vicious hack on her website yesterday, with her nude photos and personal information, including her driver’s license and passport photos being posted. Thousands have voiced support for Leslie, labeling the attack racist and sexist, using hashtags like #LoveforLeslieJ and #SupportLeslieJ. However, a new hashtag came up that may have been a bit of a surprise, but also very welcome. Twitter user @BlakeDontCrack created the hashtag #BlackMenSupportLeslie for black men specifically to show support and love for Leslie Jones.

Others began to follow suit, showing an outpouring of positivity and empathy for Leslie.



I wish I could retweet that last tweet over and over again.

Women also began using the hashtag, thanking @BlakeDontCrack and other men for their efforts and showings of love.


We are SO here for this hashtag – it’s beautiful to see black men stand up for Leslie like this.


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[…] Black Men Rally Behind Leslie Jones with #BlackMenSupportLeslie […]


Mannnn, come through Bruhs. Come through!!!! Idk y, this made me cry. I just resigned myself to believing all brothas are gone, hate us, or stereotype us. I was wrong. And I’m glad to b wrong. This is so lifting. So lifting. Thank you brothas. #leslieBEAUTIFULtalentedRealTalk I can only imagine how this touched LJ. Man. Speechless.

Sabrina black

Very special??


Thank you finally black men standing up and supporting black women.



Claudette UK

Brothers supporting their sister brings a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes! Thank you brothers.

R. Walker
Of course they support her. Black males rally around anyone who works to demean the image of black women and stereotype them. They readily embrace and defend anyone who is making black women look like mannish, sex crazed, male identified, aggressive, insane, idiots in the media, male or female. She is purposely making herself look like an ugly, distorted, mammy clown and the black male’s jealously of black women who are the opposite, makes her even more appealing to them. They won’t rally around black women who are shot down by the police (they blame these women for it) or… Read more »
But nobody deserves to get their nudes and personal information leaked. I totally stand for what these men are doing. It’s obvious that some white people can’t stand a strong black woman, so they are trying to bring her down. By rallying behind her, we are showing these racists that they can’t get away with stuff like this. And I want to know how Leslie is putting up this slave woman act? Enlighten me, because to me, she doesn’t look like a savage, or a cannibal. Don’t attack her appearance because “Massa” told you that people with strong African features… Read more »

Who on earth does she have nudes online in the first place that can be hacked?


Who on earth feels the need to hack and post those pictures out on the internet?


So the person whom leaked her shyt was white?


Yeah, Milos Yiannopolous is white, and he’s been really trying to get people to go after her

Bryan Moss

Art by me Bryan Christopher Moss

Robert Gene Norris

That’s so cool!

Kesson Keener

She was cooning though. Making herself and other women look bad on Ghostbusters and that car commercial chasing that white boy.


How is that being a coon?


Excellent! Keep up The long over due vocal support!-Thank you! 🙂


Had no idea this support from our brothas would make me so emotional. I love and appreciate them for it. And I support you too @LesDoggg.


I’m all about kicking white troll behind to defend Leslie.

It’s totally my pleasure.


And this is the way it should be; Black men standing with Black women, and, all of us standing for each other, together!

Rick Williams

Leslie, I got mad crazy love for you my sista queen! Your persecution is no different than that of Jesus…Because this world all began with you.

Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas
Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

This is wonderful to see…it’s truly heart warming…we love u Leslie


About time because tbh black men have been silent when black women are going through it. Time the stepped and be the men they claim we aren’t letting them be.

Cherubiel Cherub

very sweet. Leslie is hilarious. it was really upsetting that out of all of the Ghostbuster’s Cast, Leslie was viciously attack (with racism) on social media even though they all gained hell over a damn movie smh but Leslie stayed strong.


This is awesome. Brothers like this are who we need to focus our energy towards, not them simp, self-hating fuc boys out there. I believe that the majority of black men (those worth their salt) DO still love us. Because why wouldn’t they?!? 😉 <3



PolyEsta Wyldesage

Fuck anyone who hates on her. She’s fucking brilliant and hilarious.

Justice S

About damn time black men have finally started backing black women up.I know some of them were always there but most were not.

Sirius Black
The reason we don’t get much done as a people is because as a collective the vast majority of us, BOTH men and women don’t unite and get active. Making it a gender issue and often generalizing as I have seen incites more division. There are and always will be issues within our community as there is in ALL communities. Being sarcastic about a beautiful act sounds bitter and unproductive. Support it and encourage more. We are never like this before taken from Africa. 400 years of systemic racism designed to disunite us on all levels is the reason. Lets… Read more »

Love this.