Black Men Rally Behind Leslie Jones with #BlackMenSupportLeslie

Leslie Jones was the victim of a vicious hack on her website yesterday, with her nude photos and personal information, including her driver’s license and passport photos being posted. Thousands have voiced support for Leslie, labeling the attack racist and sexist, using hashtags like #LoveforLeslieJ and #SupportLeslieJ. However, a new hashtag came up that may have been a bit of a surprise, but also very welcome. Twitter user @BlakeDontCrack created the hashtag #BlackMenSupportLeslie for black men specifically to show support and love for Leslie Jones.

Others began to follow suit, showing an outpouring of positivity and empathy for Leslie.

I wish I could retweet that last tweet over and over again.

Women also began using the hashtag, thanking @BlakeDontCrack and other men for their efforts and showings of love.

We are SO here for this hashtag – it’s beautiful to see black men stand up for Leslie like this.



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30 thoughts on “Black Men Rally Behind Leslie Jones with #BlackMenSupportLeslie

  1. Mannnn, come through Bruhs. Come through!!!! Idk y, this made me cry. I just resigned myself to believing all brothas are gone, hate us, or stereotype us. I was wrong. And I’m glad to b wrong. This is so lifting. So lifting. Thank you brothas. #leslieBEAUTIFULtalentedRealTalk I can only imagine how this touched LJ. Man. Speechless.

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